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Without typography, all the letters we would see in electronic devices, print, the arts – pretty much anything and everything that involves writing – would be too monotonous and therefore boring, not to mention that there would be no ways to set apart one text from another, catch people’s attention through letters and numbers alone, and establish brand identity.

Therefore, if you’re trying to promote your business, call center services, or blog, or you’re making graphic designs that need to be eye-catching, you need a wide plethora of typographies to choose from.

Unfortunately, the selection of typographies that are readily available on document-making and photo-editing programs is usually limited. Thankfully, however, you don’t have to settle with what you’ve been given, as you can find a lot of other, more varied, and more impressive ones on the worldwide web.

But of course, you need to know where to look, and scouring the information superhighway can be time-consuming. If you can’t afford to spend a lot of minutes clicking on each and every link Google will present you, follow these suggestions instead. With these websites, you will have a more varied repertoire of typographies, resulting in greater possibilities with your craft.

01. Free Typography

Free Typography

You can always rely on Google to lead you to only the most reputable websites right on the first results page. If you look up typography fonts on the world’s most popular and most powerful search engine, you’ll find as the second search result. And rightfully so, as this website offers a massive range of good fonts, and the best part is that most of which are free – proof that you don’t always have to pay for the best things in life. However, despite the fact that the site features fonts that won’t charge you anything, it also showcases a few premium fonts that do. Either way, whichever ones you choose, you can be rest assured that they’re great, one-of-a-kind fonts that answer to your wants and needs.

There are a lot of exceptionally designed typographies on the site, and here are a few of them:

  • Top Speed:

    Top Speed

    The name of this font speaks for itself, as it features a look that is moving towards the right and a “spoiler” that is swept back. If you want to create something exciting and a little bit campy, this is the font for you.

  • Reef:


    Soft, rounded, and easy on the eyes, this sans serif typeface is perfect for subtle and lighthearted sites, prints, and graphics.

02. 1001 Free Fonts

1001 Free Fonts

The website doesn’t live up to its name – it surpasses it, as there are definitely more than 1001 free fonts you can download from this site. And what is convenient about this website is that its fonts are categorized both alphabetically and according to theme, which range from something as conventional as sans serif and modern to really fancy ones such as animal and Valentine. This organization should be a great help in your search of the perfect typography for whatever it is you’re working on.

Here are a few examples from their rather huge collection:

  • Immortal:


    Whether it’s a teenage love story that involves vampires, werewolves, angels, or any supernatural being, one thing you can notice about these horror-romance young adult novels in the late 2000s is that the fonts used in their covers evoke both a sense of enchantment and fright. This serif font, which looks a little magical and macabre at the same time, gives off the same feeling.

  • Famous Fonts:

    Famous Fonts

    If you want to imitate a few movies, brands, books, and other things, you should visit the site’s famous fonts. From Jurassic Park to Marlboro, you have a lot of renowned typeface choices to choose from – perfect if you’re trying to parody something.

  • Southern Aire:

    Southern Aire

    Most script fonts are usually written in such a way that it makes you think that it was written slowly and carefully. Southern Aire, however, looks as if it was written hurriedly but still masterfully, giving the usual classic, slow, and careful notion of script typography a more modern and swifter twist.


While there are many websites that offer a wide catalog of fonts to download, is still the site to go if you’re looking for tasteful and reliable fonts. Although the site doesn’t offer as many typefaces as other sites, not to mention the fact that their fonts have to be purchased before they can be downloaded, but they’re elegantly styled, appeal to a lot of people, and can be used both for print and web.

Here are a few examples of fonts from this website:

  • Ideal Sans:

    Ideal Sans

    Thin, crisp, and no-nonsense – this font is best-suited for minimalist websites, images, and infographics. And with the mentioned theme being a trend in today’s web and graphic design, it becomes what its moniker suggests: ideal.

  • Landmark:


    Gone are the days when big, bold, and flashy typography were all the rage. However, that doesn’t mean you can no longer show off a little – or even a lot – without seeming out of place. And for that, there’s the typeface Landmark.

    It doesn’t have any small caps and, save for its Landmark Shadow style, is an outlined font with a hollowed-out cameo in the middle. This makes the font perfect as a header, as it is able to catch attention and drive a point without looking too heavy.

  • Leviathan:


    Dark, heavy, and gothic, this sans serif is a reminder of our culture’s love for all things antique, hence the name – an ancient, colossal sea creature.

04. I Love Typography

I Love Typography

A lot of people take a special interest in typography. However, the fact that you’re here means that you do. Or maybe you’re looking for typography online just because you have to. Whatever your reason may be, you should check out either way.

Think of it as a version CreativeBloq that is 100% dedicated to typography. Just like the said site, it features articles about typography. And just like your usual typography database site, it features a wide selection of fonts, which are organized according to styles, for you to download. While these fonts are paid, you can be assured that they are of good quality and can be appealing when applied in graphic design.

05. My Fonts

My Fonts

If you’ve been to, you’ll notice that the download links for the fonts redirect you to It’s a simple and straightforward site that features cool and popular fonts on its header; a wide selection of hot new fonts that are presented as square tiles, with each of them designed in the most artsy way possible; and it has a list of the most popular font tags.

Some of its most well-known fonts are the following:

  • Jazznik:


    True to its theme, this typeface is reminiscent of the Beatnik trend that rose in the late forties to the mid-sixties. With its striking, funky, and fun look, it gives off a sense of enjoyment, making it a good font if you are trying to make a poster or a site that is related to jazz or jive music or retro themes, you should go for this one.

  • Mila:


    Script fonts are usually used by those whose sites and graphic designs have literary tendencies. Mila, however, is different, as it has the feel of something a bit more dated and hipster, thanks to the way its letters seem unaligned, making it a good font for those who want to use script but want to give the site or image that is cool Instead of inappropriately over-classy.

  • Firs:


    Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian typography, Firs is a sans serif font whose nuances are unnoticeable, until you look closely and realize that it’s straighter and more rigid than other fonts of the same kind. This makes Firs an effective font whenever you’re trying to emphasize or even impose something, not to mention that it can also double for texts.

06. Pinterest


On the other hand, if you are designing font instead of downloading them, then perhaps the most fun and most convenient way to get some inspiration would be Pinterest. This site, which serves many different interests, also includes typography as one of the topics it caters to. And what’s good about this site is that it organizes your query into subcategories, helping you find whatever it may be that you want and need much easier.

Posts on Pinterest, which are called pins, can redirect you to the original site where they are posted in the first place. This is a great help, especially if you’re looking for more related materials from a particular blogger or artist. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a brand new typography favorite site if you pay this one a visit.

07. Butterick’s Practical Typography

Butterick’s Practical Typography

It’s just a plain and simple page with black serif Times New Roman-like text, a white background, and an image of a sketch of the letter “a”. Then if you look more closely, you’d notice that the headers are formatted like that of a book, and this “book” is trying to teach you the different rules and properties of of typography. It’s none other than Butterick’s Practical Typography.

This site is a must-read for those who want and need to know about the basics of typography. And if you’re looking for fonts, the site/experimental book offers three. Equity (serif); Concourse (sans serif); and Triplicate, a font that looks typewritten. Do buy them – it’s the least you can do for the extremely effective and important lessons Michael Butterick has taught you.

Don’t be content with the fonts you have been given. Heck, don’t even just be content with the previous list! The internet is a huge place full of creativity, so with the right Google search, you’re bound to find more sites full of interesting typographies.

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