10 Ebooks to Read before Choosing Website Domain and Hosting

Today a website is the must have thing for doing business. Let’s face that there is no need in hiring many professionals to establish online business today.

You don’t have to be a web designer or a programmer to create a website on your own thanks various website builders. But before website building itself, you should also choose domain name and hosting provider.

Check out this list of 10 edgy eBooks for those who are newbies in website creation process. Various authors offer their points of view on how to come up with the great idea that will transform your online business into successful brand. Learn a few tips on why hosting is essential for a website and how to make the best choice in a search of reliable hosting provider. All the writings are available at amazon.com.

01. High School Drop-out to Internet Marketer: For Beginners

High School Drop-out to Internet Marketer: For Beginners

This is a step-by-step tutorial that will be helpful in making first steps in website building. The little, but informative eBook will tell you about everything you have to know, concerning domain name and hosting choice. Read this guide to know how to reach the high level of business and earn more in the web. The book will be a perfect match for those, who would like not just to build a website from scratch, but do commercial business activity online. The author gives a promise that you can make high profits with the help of your website, being engaged with other matters. J. Stanton assures that it was worth to drop out high school, in order to make money in the web. Discover whether this view is the right one. Don’t waste your time and discover how internet can be profitable for you!

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02. Free Email and Web Hosting For Business

Free Email and Web Hosting For Business

Do you need to build a website, saving your time and money? Today this is not a problem at all with this nice tutorial. The author of this book assures readers that they will get ready-made domain name and website hosting just in 30 minutes. Read this 57-page publication to find out whether the author is telling the truth or not. Aside of website domain name and hosting, you will be able to read how to get also a business email for successful commercial activity. Mike Cunneen presents more than a few solutions for a website hosting best choice. There are examples of hosting providers with small price and without any limitations.

From now it is possible to establish online business without efforts and only in a few steps. A novice will be definitely pleased with this eBook that is aimed to assist readers in website building from the very beginning.

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03. Domain Name Secrets – Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Business

Domain Name Secrets - Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Business

Did you know that a perfect domain name is one of the key factors when you build a website for your business? Your website requires a special slogan to become the most prosperous. Discover which words and word combinations should be used for your website to become popular among web surfers. Create not just a website, but a cool and attractive brand that will be surely recognizable. Choose a name for your website that will make your rivals jealous, dram more newcomers to your online representative and allow your business to find itself online. Don’t miss an opportunity to read about “3 main requirements”, offered by the author. Gerek Allen shares his own point of view on what you must know before your website domain name registration. Read 36 pages of classy helpful information and get the knowledge that will be relevant every time, when a new website is required.

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04. Web Hosting: What Is It & How To Choose

Web Hosting: What Is It & How To Choose

Already got a domain name for your website and doesn’t know what to do next? Please, welcome another great eBook, written by Kenneth Hoffmaster. It will help you to find answers on the most topical questions during the choosing of your hosting. Find out what a hosting provider is and why it is considered to be an essential element, when you build your website. Learn quite a few tips, including information about services, provided by various hosting companies. Learn what advantages offer such well-known hosting providers as HostGator and BlueHost. Read this 23-page guide, consisting of the author’s comprehensive analysis. It is based on full description of services, offered by these two well-known companies in the world of website hosting. Find an appropriate solution to host your website, according to your possibilities and requirements. Hosting selection is far simpler than you thought!

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05. Website Owner’s Complete Guide 2-in-1: Choosing Domain and Hosting

Website Owner's Complete Guide 2-in-1: Choosing Domain and Hosting

Before a website creation itself, there are a few more stages that have great importance during building your online business. Look through this substantial guide on how to make the right choice of your website domain and hosting. In the first part you have the great opportunity to get to know why it is necessary to pick up appropriate words, when creating your website domain name. Create an original appellation that will be noticeable among internet users. The second part of this hosting and domain choice review contains literally everything what you have to know about hosting and its kinds. Learn what you have to consider, while choosing a hosting provider that meets your requirements. Do you want to know how make your website popular and successful? In this eBook you will find all the answers.

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06. Webhosting For Dummies: Register Your Own .com Domain

Webhosting For Dummies: Register Your Own .com Domain

Be sure that you won’t get bored with this web hosting tutorial due to its small size. This book contains only 7 pages, but that’s enough to get a couple of first-class suggestions about how to register your own .com domain. WG Studio puts the cards on the table and brings the latest info on how to choose a perfect name for your website without efforts. Learn how to save your money and do everything yourself without hiring professional team. Come up with a cool name for your website only in a few steps. Register a website domain and spectate how the perfectly chosen name attracts more visitors to your website.

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07. Guide For Unlimited Free Web Domains and Hosting: Free Web Domains and Hosting Guide

Guide For Unlimited Free Web Domains and Hosting: Free Web Domains and Hosting Guide

View another guide to free web domain and hosting. This eBook will show you the easiest way to become an owner of an attractive brand website name and a trustworthy hosting provider. Check out another independent view on these two important stages in website creation. John Masters presents his publication on 11 pages. There is nothing more, but tips on how get unlimited free domain and hosting. Start making website from the very beginning by coming up with screaming domain name that will become familiar to everybody. Choose the best hosting provider that meets your requirements. Find out which hosting type suits your needs. Make a website will work in the most effective way for every website user, who will certainly enjoy a visit.

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08. How To Get A Domain And Hosting Super Cheap

How To Get A Domain And Hosting Super Cheap

Read this six pages eBook with promising title “How to Get a Domain and Hosting Super Cheap”. It is written especially for those users who got used to save money and search for alternative ways in this or that situation. Brian Graves tries to prove the fact that cheap doesn’t always mean bad. Discover the recommendations of the author, including issues in terms of domain name and hosting selection. The book is familiar to others in this list, but surely contains useful information that is still different. What are the distinctions? Read and get to know yourself about best domain name servers to your hosting. Discover what domain you should get and why. The last chapter of this online publication will tell you how to set up your domain name for WordPress. Enjoy the reading and become a skilled website owner who will be able to do everything singly.

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09. Start a Home Business: Sell Web Hosting & Domain Registration

Start a Home Business: Sell Web Hosting & Domain Registration

It is always more comfortable to work at home for some people. Don’t miss this chance to read about everything related to hosting and domain registration for home business website. Gerhard Homveld knows a few key solutions on how to start up online business readily. The author will not only help independent entrepreneurs to find domain name and hosting from home, but tell you what it’s like to become a boss, who has a full freedom to run own enterprise in the web. Check various free methods and techniques that can be used to make your website original, effective and well-known. Make profit online without leaving your own bedroom. Learn how to work in the pajamas, receiving constantly growing number of orders.

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10. The Beginners Guide To Website Hosting And Domain Names

The Beginners Guide To Website Hosting And Domain Names

The last, but not the least eBook is “The Beginners Guide To Website Hosting And Domain Names”. Read this website hosting overview with suggestions about the perfectly chosen domain name for your business website. Learn the difference between dedicated, virtual and shared servers for your hosting. This eBook will help you to find out what is the real cost of website hosting these days. Look over the most popular services that will assist you in creation your website domain name. Stephen Cope names and discusses frequently asked questions, concerning the two essential stages for you to find yourself online by establishing brand new and catchy website.

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Don’t wait any minute! Start reading these eBooks and don’t forget to leave a comment with the eBook title you found the most useful.

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