The Must Have Tools For Web Professionals This Autumn

If you’re on the lookout for the best tools and resources to help you with your work this autumn, then we’ve got great news for you.

We’ve decided to look up some of the must have tools for both web developers and designers and we’re going to tell you all about them.

1. Muffin Group – BeTheme


There are a plethora of themes and templates out there to choose from, but few of them can rival the BeTheme by the MuffinGroup. What is BeTheme? It’s a multi-purpose, responsive WordPress theme that comprises dozens of outstanding features, stunning layouts and excellent customization possibilities. The brains behind what is also known as ‘the biggest WordPress theme ever created’ is a team of talented creators based in Poland. Their main objective is to deliver high quality products to their customers, without sacrificing reliability or creativity.

BeTheme is proof that the group members are passionate about their job and are not about to run out of ideas. It has over 200 shortcodes ready to go, it is E-commerce and multilingual ready and its over 150 pre-made layouts are 1 click away from use. Moreover, BeTheme is fast, light and comes with 19 customizable header styles. Feel free to upload your logos, play around with fonts, colors and much more. With an intuitive admin panel that will keep you up to sped with everything that’s relevant and a built-in mega menu, it’s easy to understand why it has become so popular. Also taking into account that Muffin Group are offering outstanding support and lifetime updates, you’ll see why BeTheme is the perfect tool for all your needs.

2. Artbees


Jupiter is a website builder created by Artbees, an independent digital company whose members are fascinated by visual perfection. And its latest version, Jupiter V5 is being released this November. Here is what Jupiter V5 promises: massive performance enhancements, theme restructuring and deep codebase refactoring, to begin with. Next, many new features are being introduced, such as add-ons, timeline, shape dividers, shape icon boxes, new button styles and fancy title ornaments, as well as additional header styles.

In order for your website to keep up with today’s booming social media, Artbees has also added Instagram blog post, Twitter blog post and Quote blog post. Additionally, you can edit page elements and page sections with features such as gradient coloring and blending effects. If you are running an E-commerce website, you will be happy to hear about features such as pricing table builder, improved WooCommerce capabilities and new contact form styles. No matter how you will customize your website, it will still look great and function seamlessly on all browsers, on laptops as well as on mobile phones, as Jupiter is mobile friendly and SEO optimized and it also supports retina display. Lastly, you can count on Artbees’ quick and reliable support for any help that you might need.

3. Argento


Whether you’re just starting off an E-commerce store or if you want to give your existing one a face lift, you’ll love everything Argento has to offer. In a nutshell, Argento template is the most powerful Magento template ever created. It’s responsive and is ready to increase conversion right out of the box. Built with CSS3, Argento is fast, powerful and reliable. Impress your users by giving your site a boost and making it more user friendly. Worried about how your E-commerce store will look live on various devices? The team behind Argento is already a step ahead of you. Argento will look flawless on Windows, Android and iOS, regardless of whether your customers use smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Argento has been optimized for speed by a team that emphasizes high quality and impeccable responsiveness. Setting up the template is easy, but should you need any help, the staff will gladly help you free of charge within 24 hours.

4. Metronic – #1 Selling Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Theme


Metronic is a responsive admin dashboard template that suits small businesses and larger enterprises with minimum effort. With over three years of constant development, it is now the number one all-time admin theme choice, and is being used by more than 30,000 customers. Here is why you should be one of them: this quality-checked by Envato theme comes with six-month support from KeenThemes and seven unique layouts that are elegant and professional. By purchasing Metronic, you’ll save a lot of money by significantly reducing development and design costs.

This admin theme is based on Bootstrap, the most popular framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. Moreover, it comes packed with thousands of templates, components and plugins, dashboard applications, CRM applications, SAAS services, custom backend with full support for SASS, Angular JS, material design and RTL writing. To top off all this, Metronic has an intuitive and sleek metro and flat balanced design, so all of your future projects with Metronic will look great and be user-friendly at the same time.

5. BugMuncher


In a perfect world, our users would be able to accurately describe their problems and send us comprehensive feedback reports. But, unfortunately, this almost never happens. That is, until BugMuncher was created. BugMuncher completely eliminates the need for you to ask your clients dozens of questions over email, which can take up to days. Instead, you will receive all you need to know in an email straight from BugMuncher. The accurately annotated screenshots will help you pinpoint and fix the bugs faster than ever before. What is more, BugMuncher will log and save any Javascript errors or AJAX requests, as well as include essential data about the browser, installed plugins, operating system and the path the user took through your site.

Ready to implement BugMuncher? You’ll be able to fully customize the feedback button so that it blends in with the layout and theme of your site. And since it supports most browsers, you’ll be able to do cross browser testing. Moreover, you’ll be able to keep better track of your tasks, seeing as BugMuncher can integrate with a number of 3rd party tools including: Trello, Zendesk, Jira, GitHub and Zapier.

6. Icons8


With one of the largest icon collections in the online world, the minimalist app for Mac and Windows from Icons8 is definitely a tool you need. So far, this app contains more than 17,000 icons stored offline. And counting.

The team behind Icons8 is made out of dedicated developers who emphasize versatility and take the time to stop and listen to what the community needs. Most of their icons were inspired or suggested by website owners or app developers. Their extensive icons collection has dozens of categories to make sure they cater for all expectations. You’ll find anything from the bare essentials to quirky objects.

Icons8 products come in a variety of styles like Windows 10, Windows 8, iOS9, Android 4, Android 5 Lollipop, Flat Color. They are easy to export in Photoshop, can be recolored and resized at will and you’ll be able to choose the format you need from SVG, PNG, PDF or EPS.

7. FastWebHost


A great web hosting service must provide much more than space on a server. In exchange for your investment, you should get good website building tools, deep control options and great customer support. FastWebHost provides all this and more. By choosing one of their hosting plans, you’ll invariably get reliable, flexible and business-grade web hosting. On top of this, you will run your website from a superior platform, as FastWebHost gives you cloud storage for your websites.

You can choose between Value Plan, Business Plan or Enterprise Plan, depending on your goals and needs. All three plans come with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited e-mail accounts. With the first plan you’ll get 50 GB web space, one domain and cPanel Hosting Panel. The second type of plan will provide 80GB of web space, unlimited domains and cPanel Hosting Panel. Lastly, the most encompassing FastWebHost hosting plan will deliver 100GB web space, unlimited domains and a free IP address. Irrespective of the plan you’ll choose, you’ll get constant 24/7 support from the FastWebHost professionals, as well as other great features that are provided for free, such as domain transfer and domain parking. Site management features include FTP Accounts Unlimited, Dreamweaver Support, Webalizer Statistics&Logs, Cron Jobs etc., while the scripting languages and software range from PHP Web Hosting Support, Flash/Shockwave Support and Preconfigured Script to Ajax, XML, HTML Editor and many more.

8. Fire Checkout

Fire Checkout

If you’re running an E-commerce website and you need to improve the conversion rate of your store, you need to find out about Fire Checkout, the Magento amazing one-page checkout extension. Fire Checkout has been optimized for laptops, mobile phones and tablets, which means that your checkout will work and look its best whenever a client accesses it.

This innovative tool is highly customizable right out of the box, so you can adapt it to the specifics of your business. You can easily modify your checkout and checkout success page layout with custom content blocks, change the sort order of customer address fields via extension settings, enable or disable customer fields and define default shipping and payment methods. Not only will your clients love how quickly they’ll be able to finalize their shopping spree, they will also appreciate features such as delivery date option, and the order attachment module for customers to easily attach files to their orders. All attached files are protected from public access and are accessible via private generated links. It only takes one minute to install Fire Checkout; in exchange for it, you’ll get three months of free support and one year of free updates, as well as an increase in sales thanks to your happy customers.

9. actiPLANS


Multitasking as a manager is hard enough on its own, but it’s even more difficult when you have to keep track of your employees’ leave time without specialized help. actiPLANS is about to make your life much easier by eliminating the need for you to juggle with spreadsheets and keep tabs on the paperwork. This leave time management software is a simple, yet highly efficient tool that allows your employees to send leave time requests with a simple drag and drop motion. Managers have it equally easy. With a perfectly organized dashboard, you receive email notifications and you can approve requests, modify or delete them. In addition to this, you’ll be up to speed with everyone’s leave time at any given time. The PTO rules make actiPLANS a flexible and versatile tool that can be used both by startups and larger firms.

What is more, you benefit from automated PTO balance calculations, a leave time history for every employee and integration with a timesheet. On top of all of this, there’s an actiPLANS app for Android and iOS coming this November. Using this app you’ll be able to notify your colleagues of when you’re running late or need a sick leave straight from your phone.

10. actiTIME


We all know the importance of good time and resource management in a company. They are key factors for profit, productivity and stress-free efficiency. Finding a right time and project management tool to help you isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have time for a series of trial-and-error with various apps. Luckily, you can opt for actiTIME right away and know that you have chosen well. Here’s why: it’s equipped with project management features such as deadline reminder, task estimate, payroll, overtime/undertime control and budget control notifications. On the base of the billable data entered in the system, actiTIME will create 100% accurate invoices for your clients in PDF format to which you can add your corporate logo and address. Time-tracking is done with the help of a weekly timesheet with a cool interface where you and your co-workers can add time spent on tasks and comments. In addition to this, actiTIME allows setting up cost of work rates for users and billing rates for tasks, and then compare your expenses and profit with the help of Profit & Loss report. actiTIME can be used both in-cloud (with security and back-ups guaranteed) and on-premise, as well as on laptop or on mobile devices via the actiTIME app.

This is an amazing all-in one tracking, planning and estimating tool that your company will benefit immensely from. What’s more, if you’re running a small company for up to 5 users, actiTIME is completely free for your use.

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