Web Design, Fonts and Effective Use of Typography in 2015

2015 has been a year of profound advancements in the technology sector. The world witnessed some extravagant changes that happened in the mobile and web design & development technology.

In this piece of information, we will mainly talk about the latest trends that are being followed in the web development sector in terms of fonts and typography.

Typography is the art of putting together your message into a communicative, visually pleasing and balanced layout that is understood by your target audience. New media technologies like websites have given power to the user of today to modify and amend web typo as per his likings. For e.g. they can increase size, change colors and even modify the fonts for better readability. Web typography is completely different from usual print typography. In print designs, the typography ones printed can no longer be amendable. The case is just opposite in terms of websites and related media.

But by saying this we simply do not mean that the leverage of modifying typography in web allows the designers to run away from their responsibility to create artfully and logically tackled pieces. Many rules remain similar to what apply on print designs. A little difference resides in the selection of fonts. The fonts that are used for website designing are known as “web fonts” which are different from print fonts. Let’s read about them in detail.

Web Fonts

Web fonts are common fonts that are recognizable by all the web browsers, and same is the reason for using them. No one wants their website designs going haywire on different browsers. Lately designers had few choices of fonts, namely; Georgia, Times, Verdana or some version of Courier. The repeated use of same fonts has led to rather depressing depictions of concepts and homogeneity in designs.

Thankfully, with the arrival of new web fonts like as Type kit, Google Web Fonts, and Font Deck. For the first time, a wide range of fonts is available for use on the web, and web design is evolving to take full advantage. But since choices are more now, it has gotten even harder for designers to choose which font to use in their web designs. Here we present to you few pointers that will help you in choosing an appropriate font for your web design.

Do Not Clutter

Recruit base and display fonts at the beginning of your design process. Recruiting fonts that are to be used in the web design process not only eases the entire process but also restrict you from overcrowding the design with multiple fonts.

No Deviation

Now that you have selected the base font and display font, you need to stick to this selection only. There is no logical reason for swapping the fonts as display fonts are large and are ideal for headlines only, until and unless the fonts that you are using is same, we suggest, stick to the selection only.

Select Appropriate Fonts

Make sure you choose an appropriate font before starting the design process. A script form might work well for a hand written letter but if you are creating something corporate we suggest you re-do your selection.

Now that we know what to do at the font selection process before you start designing you web page, let us have a look on different new fonts that are trending among design experts globally in the year 2015.

Since typography/fonts are the major role players in creating an engaging user experience, creators spend a good amount of their time and efforts in selecting the right fonts for their designs. Below is the list of fonts that are trending this year and many designers are preferring to use them in their creations:

  1. Brandon Grotesque

    Brandon Grotesque

    This clean, modern and legible font is been used in many web creations these days due to its cleanliness and simplicity. It is inspired by geometric sans-serif style and gives the web design the clarity of communication along with multiple weights to choose from for a perfect visual hierarchy.

  2. Museo sans

    Museo sans

    Museo sans is one of the popular fonts based on a well known museo. It’s a powerful, low contrast and highly legible sans serif typeface that is well suited according to the requirements of multiple display and text usages.

  3. Raleway


    An elegant font that belongs to the Google family that was initially designed in one weight but later due to its versatility and popularity got expanded to nine weight families. It’s yet another font that is inspired by the geometric sans serif style. Some designer say they love to use it because of its personality; chic, clean and elegant.

  4. Playfair display

    Playfair display

    As the name suggests, this font is good to be used for titles and headlines. Play fair is a trendy Google font that easily pairs with sans serif fonts like raleway, roboto, lato and many more.

Now that we have briefly discussed fonts and their usage let us move towards the web design process.

Professional website designing has gained much importance over past few years. The latest estimated time for a visitor to stay on your website is only 4 seconds today; it was 8 seconds some time back. The visitor makes instant decisions and the most important key to persuade him in these 4 seconds is to have a profound website design that will induce him to stay more and lean about the services you provide. Chances are if you manage to hold him for more than 10 seconds then he the probability of him turning into successful sale increases by almost 50%. In order to make them stay your website should capture their attention almost instantly.

So with that thought in mind to make your visitor stick to your website let us discuss some important factors which if kept in mind induce visitors to spend more time on your web pages.

The customer of today is learned. Before looking for a particular service people normally take time out to research about it. So whenever a customer lands on your website more than 90% chances lies that he got to know about you on the internet, any search engine to be precise, and since the customer know exactly what they are looking for they want to get to the point without wasting time. If they do not find what they are looking for in initial few seconds they will be gone, forever. We are sure no business would want to experience such a situation. You should imply testing techniques in your website so as to know what happened when!

Digital marketing experts around the globe suggests that any website that is meant for selling products should load top to bottom and from left to right. Your website should also have quality content in it for the readers to read through it and find vital info that they are looking for, and this content should be optically optimized with the help of design. Right content, rightly designed makes maximum impact!

What Graphic Formats Should You Use?

This question is probably the most important in terms of web designing. I would like to ask you. How many times have you visited a website that is taking too long for the pictures to load? Did you wait for the pictures to finish loading or moved away? We bet that you must have moved away. Slow loading websites are considered a big failure in the website design and development industry. The answer to this is to hire a professional website design and Development Company that keeps in their mind the load time of the website even if the client forgot to mention it should be low.

.JPG format:

.JPG format

.JPG configuration permits pictures to contain up to 16 million hues. It additionally bolsters Variable Compression, which permits you to diminish the measure of the picture at the expense of a percentage of the subtle element. So as to exploit this element, you will require a design program which will permit you to see the picture after you have optimized it.

JPG is not a suggested format for pictures with just a couple hues or for content made as a picture. The completed picture will be of low quality.

.GIF format:

.GIF format

.GIF supports up to 256 hues. It additionally bolsters “straightforwardness” which permits you to indicate the foundation of the picture to be imperceptible, along these lines letting the website page hues show through.

Designs that have this format infused in them are almost unaffected, which means that their quality will not be affected much when you compress the image.

Generally, here is a decent approach to figure out what group you ought to use for the representation on your site:

  • If your design has numerous color, (for example, a photograph) use .JPG as the configuration, however, verify that the record size is not all that expansive that it keeps the website page from stacking rapidly. Locate a decent harmony between picture quality and document size.
  • If your design has just a few colors, (for example, a graph) use .GIF as the configuration.

Obviously, this is to some extent distorting the vital part of illustrations in your site plan. On the off chance that you employ an expert web outline organization to make your web vicinity, he or she ought to take after these rules amid the configuration process. You ought to verify that the works in progress you get from the creator hold fast to great configuration models.

Make Them Want More

Obviously, regardless of how very much sorted out your site is and how successful it is at snatching the guest’s consideration, they need to see your site as informative and relevant. You need to give them motivations to stay and scan your site, to bookmark your site so they can allude to it again and to inform others concerning your site so you can construct new guests.

This is all for today’s article. In the next article we will discuss in detail techniques to search engine optimize your website and its related issues and their resolutions. Search engine optimization has proved its efficacy over the years for emerging and sustained businesses and with these technique businesses actually flourished a lot. It helps you in gaining organic results over the search engine and that require unique content inclusion and link building on the internet. SEO is also considered as a much acclaimed profession across the globe.

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