How To Generate Creative Blog Post Topics

Any writer, who has little expertise in the art of writing, is aware of the hardships faced to spread the piece of content amongst the rabble. In contrast to this situation, certain writers being aware of the nature of populace adopt simple techniques to attract them.

Among such methods, formulating a title for the article or other written content occupies an important position. Unfortunately, most authors overlook this procedure and scribble a menial title, which is neither impressive nor attractive. This results in driving away of readers by looking at the unattractive base headline.

It could be difficult for writers or bloggers to produce effective headlines for every work they produce. The following content categorized in two ways can help writers who want to phrase a headline on their own or looking for suggestions.

Independent ways for creating excellent headlines

creating excellent headlines

There are several methods to gain inspiration to compose good titles, which are relevant to the content and catch the eye of the reader. These methods will help a writer to understand how to create headlines easily by having little awareness of what is going on the concerned field and how professionals mesmerize their readers through brief yet effective presentation of headlines.

1. Concentrate on readers

The primary focus while composing an interesting headline is keeping in mind the interests of readers. It does not matter if the title is rich in vocabulary and SEO friendly, it must be able to connect to the psyche of the person looking at the title. It should not be overstuffed with keywords and be monotonous. Readers are easily motivated if the headlines appeal directly to their senses, thereby portraying your interest in the reader through a beautiful title would create a great impression. In addition, the reader would feel as if the article is oriented specifically for his/her own confusion and they can acquire clarity by going through the content.

2. Let the headline radiate the potential value of the content inside

The attractiveness of a headline hugely depends on the way it is displayed. For instance, if the content is targeted at creating an artifact instead of writing simple titles like “Create an artifact easily”, an interesting title like “8 simple steps to create an artifact” would appeal to the public more. This headline is indicating how the author has gone about the process of presenting the article which is simple to adapt and try out by anyone. Furthermore, the addition of adjective ‘simple’ makes it look as though the content provides knowledge which is formatted to suit the readability of all types of readers.

3. Frame the headlines by using unique rationale and adjectives

Fortunately, there are no rules whatsoever for creating a title and the author needs to understand this while writing. It could be a positive or negative declaration as long as it suits the content inside and urges the reader to enter the writing with necessity.

There are certain adjectives like fun, strange, free, effortless, etc., which provide greater force to the headlines while inserted in the title. While targeting a specific audience, rationale words which relate to the psychological aspects of the readers must be employed. Words like secrets, ideas, facts, principles, reasons, ways, etc., send a direct message to the relevant reader by creating interest and general curiosity.

4. Show a sense of urgency in the headlines

By creating a sense of urgency the reader might want to have a quick look at the content inside and if the article is interesting he/she will carry on with it until it is completely read. However, this may not be appropriate for all circumstances and writers have to use them effectively in credible situations only. As alternatives use of call to action words or promising words would also make the reader develop interest.

Interestingly, insertion of words with disqualifying factors also increases the popularity of the content. As mentioned before, all these strategies should be employed with discreetness and for appropriate content only.

5. Follow what’s happening around various platforms

For any writer it is of utmost importance to know about the conditions surrounding him. Further, by understanding the surroundings, it becomes easy to realize the order of the day and compose numerous attractive headlines without much effort. Researching different books, magazines and social media platforms can enhance the perception ability of a writer as to how headlines are processed today. After thorough research and following different sources, the most effective headlines come to mind without having to apply much pressure on the mind.

6. Know about different types of headlines

Finally, having a clear understanding of what is followed and which title gains more attraction enables writers to create catchy titles. Once the correct formula for the headlines suitable for content written is identified, there is no stopping it from going viral across all media sources. So, check and use the following headline types:

  • Know it all” headlines provide useful tips or guidelines regarding a topic and the author acts as an expert in dealing with the problem.
  • Gossip” headlines are targeted to create controversy, thereby grabbing attention of people. As the content is intended for popular gossips, there are high chances of circulation among gossip mongers.
  • Teacher” headlines gives out wisdom and insights into matters which are previously untouched by others or known rarely to public.
  • Campaigner” headlines are useful in provoking the readers to read through the content as the title relates to them with similar issues or problems.
  • Connector” headlines create rapid interest by connecting two entirely different poles by showing a common relation.

In addition to these there are many kinds of headline ideas which can elevate the grandiose nature of the content. By understanding and following these essentials, working on headlines will become very easy for writers or bloggers who are looking for some inspiration. Furthermore, adaption of the above mentioned techniques would make life easy for writers who prefer independent working and avoiding wastage of time surfing through various internet sources available.

Alternative (Easy) ways for having catchy headlines

Time is a factor which affects writers drastically. Spending valuable time on creating a small one-liner would appear a waste for those who are eager to present their work within the deadline. However, they do realize the critical nature of a compelling title and to fulfill the requirements, they approach several headline generating tools, writing tools and proof reading tools.

These tools will ensure a title is appropriate, useful, intelligible and rich in attractiveness. As a result, in a short noticing period of the reader, his/her attention is gained by the headline. The following tools and websites provide a great deal of support for writers who are seeking for catchy headlines in a quick succession.

1. Blog title generator by Inbound Now

Blog title generator by Inbound Now

This tool not only tends to the problem of generating an excellent title but also takes care of writing blocks. It is unique in this context as it does not provide prompts or ideas about content, but gives pages of previously written articles. By studying these one can easily write numerous contents that are unique and impressive. It is best suited for bloggers as the random ideas suggested through the tool are completely commercial, SEO friendly and catch the eye of the reader. A simple insertion of keyword is enough to create a headline of a whole new level.

2. Portent’s Content idea generator

Portent's Content idea generator

The title maker tool offered by Portent is highly beneficial for those who are seeking new titles for their content. By the input of a single keyword, a title is displayed on the screen. If that title does not please the visitor, there is an allowance of refreshing the title and every time refresh button is pressed a new and grammatically appropriate headline is generated. Interestingly, the website is designed in a humorous and aesthetically pleasing way which motivates the visitor to write effectively. The ease of maneuvering is excellent when compared to other headline generating tools available.

3. Title generator by Impact

Title generator by Impact

Writer blocks are quite common and any writer would have experienced this situation many times in their life. Unfortunately, creation of titles is not an exemption and frustration creeps in when all the work is complete and there is no appropriate title is set for the content. Unlike other headline generating tools this tool created by Impact works in a two way manner. Based on the type of keyword inserted, the tool randomly selects a fill-in-the-blank title which can be molded according to the requirement of the individual. This ensures uniqueness and stirring of the imagination which might get the writer out of their stagnancy.

4. Tweak your Biz title generator

Tweak your Biz title generator

This tool concentrates more on gaining impressiveness through providing titles that are suitable for social media platforms. TYB claims that the titles they provide alone can stir the audience to tweet or share through Facebook. The process of acquiring titles is a bit complex and subject entered for search should be specified as noun or verb. Unfortunately, titles are generated for these two parts of speech. However, the interesting part is the display of hundreds of titles with categorization and uniqueness.

5. Hemmingway app

Hemmingway app

The readability quotient is another aspect which needs to be dealt with care and clinical precision. Most bloggers ignore this rule and write lengthy illegible sentences which make the readers to avert from the post. This is the best proofreading tool there is for suggesting alternatives for hard high-end vocabulary words, highlighting the part that is difficult to comprehend and showing the presence of unnecessary adjectives. Fortunately, there is no word limit and irrespective of the type titles and contents alike can be checked thoroughly through the application. Interestingly, there is a provision to edit the file and make required amendments.


There are other tools in the market, which serve the same purpose, but these are the most renowned services which caters the needs of the writers. By utilizing either of the ways explained above it becomes easy for blogger or a writer to create unique headlines as well as generate creative blog post topics without a sweat. This will increase productivity as the time taken trivial aspects are zeroed down, thereby ensuring complete concentration on the content which is the primary requirement for success.

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