How to Be a Jack-of-All-Trades SEO Content Writer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content writing has become immensely popular in today’s Internet-influenced marketing industry. When it first hit the online industry, it was basically about being on top of the search list with the use of a string of words that basically did not make much sense. But due to algorithm changes, the contents (articles, blog posts, press releases, etc.) that are posted on websites and blog sites need to be well-written and basically enjoyable to read.

Because of the mentioned requirements, to be effective, SEO content writers need to possess a unique ability to come up with contents that include useful keywords that are properly placed. In addition to these, the output should be informative and should captivate the thoughts of readers.

If you wish to succeed in SEO content writing and be a jack-of-all-trades writer that can cover a wide array of topics, you need to get out of your comfort zone and take note of the following pointers.

Be original

Be original

Originality is essential in the writing industry. This is most true when it comes to SEO content writing because plagiarism is a sure way to become penalized by Google and other search engines. Putting this factor into consideration, it should be avoided at all cost.

Also, it is your reputation that’s on the line each time you produce contents that will be dispersed into the information superhighway. Thus, every post that will be produced under your name should be original. This is important because you need to make sure that your reputation is protected from potential damages that can be detrimental to your career.

How can you do this? You ask. Utilize tried and tested online programs that are specifically designed to check for plagiarism. Remember, with all the content that you produce on a regular manner, it’s relatively easy to duplicate outputs.

Master different writing styles

Yes, each and every one of us has his/her own writing style, but if you want to be a competitive writer, you need to master different writing styles. News are delivered in a formal way, blogging in a more personable and laid-back style, and ad copies in a more persuasive manner.

Since you can’t choose your clients, it would be best to master different styles to make sure they would be more than happy with your service.

Understand your audience

Understand your audience

Regardless of the topic that you would write, you should plan to write for a specific audience. Audience analysis is a must if you want to understand what your content should include and what it should not. In the process, you should consider your audience’s needs as well as their preference. Also, take note of your tone, style, and terminology, among other things. Putting a premium on the above mentioned factors is essential if you want to capture the attention of readers and at the same time maintain it.

Be social media savvy

Social media is not just a tool that can help connect with friends, peers, and other individuals; it is also a medium that can help you become a topnotch writer.

How is this possible? Well, social media pretty much puts everything you need within your reach. With it, you can find potential topics that are worth writing, build your audience, and even talk to industry experts.

It would also be best to be active on social media as soon as your piece is published online because chances are your contacts and followers may recommend your content to their friends and peers.

Simply put, successful SEO content writers are not only keen on details or diligent in their craft, they are also social media savvy.

Learn SEO, WordPress, HTML, and CSS

Learn SEO, WordPress, HTML, and CSS

Successful SEO writers are not only well-versed in writing, they also know SEO, WordPress, HTML, and CSS. Don’t push the panic button because you don’t have to meticulously learn them, you only need to study the basics. This is essential because if you really want to become a jack-of-all-trades SEO content writing, you need to cover the other necessary aspects.

For instance, an updated SEO knowledge is crucial because search engine algorithms change every once in a while and writers like you need to adapt and keep up if you want to make sure that you’re making the right moves and pushing the right buttons.

Furthermore, if you can produce in-depth contents that are inclined to a SEO perspective, then you’ll have a great chance of signing up a myriad of clients.

On the other hand, when it comes to WordPress, themes come with changeable automatic features and in some cases, the only way to use them efficiently is by learning HTML and CSS.

You shouldn’t have a hard time learning them because of the availability of different online resources out there.

Formulate eye-catching headlines

Headlines are attention grabbers; as such, they should be strategically formulated to attract readers to read the entire write up. So come up with headlines that are clear and interesting, in addition to this, make use of certain keywords so that your piece can be easily found on search engines. This can be a bit challenging and this is why you need to think outside the box and stretch your creativity.

Use compelling meta descriptions

Use compelling meta descriptions

Aside from eye-catching headlines, you also need to make sure that your meta descriptions are interesting and properly elaborates what your write up is all about. This is important because they show up in search engine results, so make sure that they are properly composed and SEO-friendly.

Again, this can be quite a challenge because meta descriptions should be written in such a way that they won’t take too much space because they should only contain a maximum of 160 characters.


In order to produce thought-provoking contents on a regular manner, you need to set aside a substantial amount of time to do research. Bear in mind that this aspect should not be exclusive for planning as well as writing sessions and you need to do as much research as you can. With this, the quality of your content may gradually increase, as popping ideas into your head can be a breeze.

Jot down ideas as soon as you get an idea

Jot down ideas as soon as you get an idea

In general, writers wait until it’s time to produce articles, blog posts, etc. to think about what they want to put in writing. It should be noted that there’s a better way to do this: develop ideas before writing them down.

Which means that as soon as you get an idea, start looking for the following: primary points that you want to be included in your topic, websites that provide extra information and illustrate your points. By jotting down ideas as soon as you develop one, you can have a whole outline finished in no time and therefore avoid cramming.

Don’t exaggerate

Exaggerating things is never a good idea because it makes readers feel that they are manipulated and outright lied to. Nobody likes this and readers, in general, don’t want to be played with and waste their time on articles that are hyped.

Putting the said factors into consideration, it would be best to tone things down when writing so that your readers won’t be turned off. Also, make it a point to come up with contents that will help people and somehow improve their daily lives at the same time.

In addition to all these, if you’ll present facts or figures that are, say, too good to be true, make sure to back it up by quoting the source or including a link. Address these precautionary measures, otherwise, your readers will stop reading your piece and move on. Also, by doing so, they may identify you as a reliable source that offers dependable information.

Gather resource materials as you browse the Internet

Gather resource materials as you browse the Internet

Perhaps you’re one of those peeps who browse the World Wide Web every once in a while to check out current events stuff and a myriad of other topics to keep themselves entertained.

Then you should also do a little research along the way and always be mindful of interesting materials that can help you deliver your message—no matter—how simple or complicated they may be.

For instance, if you’re in social media and you encounter a post or article that pretty much complements your topic, bookmark them or note them down. By doing so, you’ve already done much of your research.

Use images

People, in general, are more visually inclined and for this reason, it would be best to include an image or a couple of images on your post to make a better impression and attract as many readers as possible.

You can also create a Pinterest account because aside from promoting your posts across social media channels, you can also post pictures that can be shared by other individuals who use the said platform, therefore adding another medium that can bring traffic to your website.

Make sure that your write up is organized

Yes, you’ve come up with a great and informative piece, but it’s written in an unorganized manner. This is a “no-no” since it may cause your reader to stop and become uninterested as soon as they get a glimpse of it. Have no fear because you can easily fix this by breaking your write up into smaller paragraphs that come with headings. This can make your content become more appealing and more engaging.

Check activity on a regular basis

Check activity on a regular basis

Simply posting your content is not enough and you should religiously monitor your efforts if you want to make sure that they won’t go to waste. How? By utilizing Google Analytics, which is an online tool that can help you track your page views, average times that are spent on a page, and bounce rates, among other things. If you notice that there is a drastic drop on the average time that are spent on a particular page, then it’s a sign that your content does not fit you’re the preference of your readers.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, also check your social media activities to have an idea of the exposure of your posts. By analyzing these metrics, you’ll have an idea which contents are liked and which ones are not. Afterwards, you can make adjustments that are appropriate for your target audience.

Summing up

In today’s Internet-influenced marketing industry, content is king. Since high-quality and original contents (articles, blog posts, press releases, etc.) are crucial when it comes to trumping competition and maintaining a competitive edge.

If you want to make sure that you’ll be able to produce them on a regular basis, read the tips and pointers that were elaborated above. By doing so, you’ll be a jack-of-all-trades writer whose outputs are of highest quality and consistency.

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