Writing A Good “About Us” Page – 12 Must Follow Tips in 2015

Your ‘About Us’ page is the one territory of your little business site where you truly have an opportunity to recount your story—who you are, what your little business is about, and what makes you one of a kind from your rivals.

Tragically, it’s one range where considerable measures of little organizations truly come up short.

They either concentrate completely on the wrong things, incorporate a bundle of absolutely arbitrary data that doesn’t stream together, or do exclude enough content to include any genuine quality.

Need to capitalize on your “About Us” page? Here are 12 tips on how to write a good about us page.

Write a Good About Us Page: 12 Easy Tips

1. Build up a Conversational Tone

It all begins with convincing substance and a conversational tone. As opposed to treating it like an exhausting written work task, consider how you would recount your story to somebody in the event that you were talking with them eye to eye. What might you say? How might you say it?

Would your conveyance be solid and scholarly, or would your face light up with energy when you discussed opening your entryways interestingly? Spoiler caution – I’m trusting you addressed the last. As a component of their story Hiut Denim chose to concentrate on their town and the key part pants and assembling played there for a long time. Thusly, they made something as regular as a couple of pants and made them into something more- – something that could inhale new life into a residential area of 4,000 people. You can’t resist the opportunity to pull for them…

2. Recount Your Small Business Story

Here, Glitter and Grit utilizes their “About Us” page to share the story behind their name, their inspiration for beginning the business, and what clients can expect when they visit their boutique.

3. Demonstrate Some Personality

Demonstrate Some Personality

I need to concede I have a colossal weakness for any and each little business that takes the additional time to compose an one of a kind “About Us” page. As opposed to concentrating on exhausting subtle elements or simply mailing it in, they utilize their substance to catch their interesting little business vibe.

As you make new “About Us” content, dependably verify you read it over from start to finish so everyone can hear (this is truly essential) to check whether everything streams together and on the off chance that you caught the identity of your little business.

Keep in mind, the tone of your substance ought to commonly read just as you’re having a vis-à-vis discussion with a first-time client. On the off chance that it does, you’re well on your way. On the off chance that it doesn’t, it’s chance to make a few changes.

As opposed to running with something absolutely insipid, Sapling Press chose to have a fabulous time with their “About us” page by sharing tips they found in an article titled “Would you say you are Making These 7 Mistakes with Your About Page?” They begin off by reacting to every one of the missteps including what they’ve done to attempt to stay away from them. They wrap things up by sharing a rundown of their business that is straight to the point – and all under 200 characters.

4. Use Facts, Not Hype

At the point when composing your About Us page, you would prefer not to say the same things that show up on your Home page, and a since quite a while ago, nitty gritty, chronicled rundown will exhaust the peruse. You additionally would prefer not to sound like you’re gloating. As in many things, the best answer is to locate the center ground.

Much like a resume you’d use to find a vocation, your About Us page is the spot to boast. To abstain from boasting or seeming pushy keep away from build-up. Rather offer a clear presentation of the statistical data points. Dodge superlatives.

For instance, clarify why individuals ought to work with you. What advantages would you be able to give to your clients that your prospects will esteem? On the off chance that you can, measure those advantages. Saying your item builds profitability by 18% is a considerable measure more powerful than basically saying it enhances efficiency.

Let them know what issue you comprehend. Portray your abilities and why you’re interestingly qualified to offer the administration or item you offer.

5. Rouse Trust

Prior to the web started to be, most business exchanges happened after an eye to eye meeting. The forthcoming client would chat with a salesman or entrepreneur to find out about the organization and figure out whether he felt open to working with them. Obviously, that is not the case today.

A lot of today’s business is executed over the web and without an in-individual meeting. Hence, your About Us page must accomplish more than convey what’s extraordinary about your organization’s items or administrations; it additionally must rouse trust on the grounds that without trust, you’ll never get the prospect to go after his wallet.

6. Consider Your Audience

Consider Your Audience

As you compose your About Us page, envision who is well on the way to be understanding it. Picture your planned clients. What are their needs and needs, their protests and hot catches?

Is it true that you are conversing with another mother with an infant? Is your guest an IT proficient with abnormal state PC aptitudes or a layman with restricted comprehension of innovation? Is it true that he is a senior national or a school-age kid? You can perceive how focusing on each of these demographics would oblige an alternate methodology.

7. Lead with Your Best Information

Consider what is most essential to your planned clients and make those certainties the most unmistakable. Maybe it’s your expert qualifications, for example, your training, licenses, grants and profundity of experience. All things considered, lead with specifics that address your capabilities and will give you moment validity in their eyes.

In any case, if having the capacity to identify with your clients and great relational abilities are what situated you separated from the opposition, then begin your About Us page with your organization’s meaning of these traits. You can even incorporate a brief tale that exhibits your corporate logic.

8. Get Personal in Your About Us Page

Get Personal in Your About Us Page

A few individuals decide to compose their About Us page as if a goal outsider has given the data. That approach regularly appears to be hardened and deceptive. As it would turn out, everybody knows the About Us page is composed or possibly affirmed by the site’s proprietor. So proceed, utilize first individual (I) or first individual plural (we), contingent upon which is more proper for your circumstance.

Corporate-talk duplicate is exhausting. A guest to your site needs to know a genuine human is behind this business. Be conversational in your copywriting. Compose just as you’re talking vis-à-vis. A well disposed tone will make you more affable.

Pass on the enthusiasm you feel for your organization’s main goal. Be genuine and individual as you recount the narrative of your image. What’s more, let your identity radiate through. You can in any case seem proficient while being easygoing, even amusing, in your composition. Stuffy, formal duplicate can be dull. Rather, give them a chance to see your amiable, excited soul.

Make sure to compose just as you’re conversing with an individual, not an organization or gathering of individuals. To the extent your guest is concerned, he or she is the one and only perusing your About Us page and the stand out with whom you’re constructing a relationship.

9. Fashion a Connection

Individuals need to unite with other individuals. That is anything but difficult to overlook when composing a corporate site. However, consider the extraordinary accomplishment of Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. These long range interpersonal communication destinations are basically a goliath accumulation of About Me pages.

As you specialty your About Us page, consider producing an association with your guests, much as you may on the off chance that you were meeting them in individual. What do believe it’s imperative for them to think about you? What will they best have the capacity to identify with?

10. Portray Your Values

Portray Your Values

Your About Us page ought to be more than a corporate resume. It ought to portray who you are. Clarify your qualities and why the item or administration you offer is critical to you.

In the event that there’s an altruistic segment to your business, this is an incredible spot to specify it. One of my customers is a gems architect. Her organization gives 10% of all deals to different compassionate endeavours far and wide. On her About Us page, she depicts how expressly satisfying it is to have a business that permits her to be so magnanimous.

Another customer, a maker of plastic compartments used to convey crisp water to individuals in emergency, was instrumental in salvage endeavors in Haiti after the seismic tremor in 2010. The organization recounts that story and incorporates photographs, and references some of its current magnanimous tries in Africa on their About Us page.

Can you perceive how specifying corporate missions like these will help guests to know your organization and need to work with you?

11. Be Interesting

No one needs to peruse an About Us that is what might as well be called a resume. Resumes, due to their uncovered boned posting of realities, are exhausting. While proper for employment chasing, you need something all the more captivating for your About Us page. Discover a snare to catch the consideration of your guest. Case in point, does your organization have an intriguing name? Tell its history and what the name intends to you today. One of my customers began his business as an approach to put something aside for his two little girls’ school training. It was just characteristic then, that the name of the organization is a mix of both young ladies’ names, and that story is told alongside a photograph of the proprietor and his two young ladies on the About Us page.

Do you have an intriguing leisure activity? One of my customers, a land merchant, is additionally a marathon runner. In composing her About Us page, we drew a similarity in the middle of running and offering land – it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon. We even incorporated a photograph of her intersection the completion line at a race, which added visual interest and believability to the page.

12. Test for Clarity

Test for Clarity

At long last, another customer, a spouse and wife, had an online business offering outdoors products. They were ardent campers and climbers. Their About Us page portrayed their affection for the outside and their trust that the items they sold would help other people to appreciate open air enterprises as much as they did.

It likewise depicted their dedication to just advance items that were earth protected and made by producers who had comparable qualities. Guests acknowledged listening to the purposes for the establishing of the business. They could identify with the proprietors.

Is there an intriguing tale about how the business began? Offer it. Everybody adores a decent story.

Once you’ve accumulated all your data, you may locate your About Us page is protracted. On the off chance that it’s more than a couple passages, you’ll need to present some visual hobby. Take a stab at separating the duplicate with clear subheads, much as I’ve done in this post. It will help sort out the duplicate furthermore make it scan able, which is what number of individuals read on the web.

At long last, incorporate applicable connections. In the event that you reference particular items or administrations, connection to the pages where they’re portrayed in subtle element. Toward the end of your About Us page, incorporate a connection to your Contact page so guests can make the following stride in the purchasing procedure.

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