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Getting custom stickers or labels made for your business or projects can be a sticky- business (pun intended). It can be difficult to run down the street to your local print shop or find a trustworthy online vendor who can supply within a reasonable timeframe, in the quantities you need.

These barriers encompass the exact reason why StickerYou is being hailed online as a sticker-savior. StickerYou’s user-friendly platform allows for fast turnaround of completely custom sticker, labels, temporary tattoos, iron-on transfers and more.

Their slogan “Make It Stick” really means make it stick anyway you want. The variety of material and flexibility in the design process really help the end-users and customers get exactly what they want.

Make It Stick with StickerYou

How they different from the competition:

There are a lot of different sticker and label printing companies out there. Some do custom swag stickers; others are more specialized towards business labels. However, no other company does what StickerYou can, for swag, business labels, or other applications too. Here’s what we mean:

  1. StickerYou has patent die-cut technology which allows them to create custom contour die-cut paths right around the edge of your design. This is done to every order, regardless of size, shape or quantity. The die-cutting is all done digitally so the customer does not incur the added cost of manufacturing a custom die. Which means it’s no extra cost regardless of what crazy shape you want your stickers or labels to be.
  2. StickerYou does not charge for the number of inks you wish to use. Whether your design is 2 colors or 30 colors, the price will be the same.
  3. StickerYou has no minimum order quantity, which is ideal if you are ordering products for a small project or event or just want to test things out. You can order as little as one page of stickers or labels and it will only cost $9.99.
  4. Variety of quality products. Quality being the key term. Many companies have 1-2 core products they do really well and a few others they do not do well but offer anyways. StickerYou has a vast product line providing high quality, durable products for many different areas of your small business or home. From wall decals, floor decals, iron-ons, roll labels, temporary tattoos and more- All have been quality tested and approved by the StickerYou team.
  5. Full creation control. The StickerYou platform offers many templates which you can customize to your own liking, however you also have the freedom to upload your own custom designs, be it your logo or a photo, to their editor platform and have that printed as a custom sticker or label in whatever shape, quantity or material you choose.

How StickerYou different from the competition

The User Experience:

StickerYou’s user platform is very hands-on and intuitive. Even first time users will be able to navigate the website with ease and will enjoy all the design tools and features built in for customers. The StickerYou crew is constantly evaluating and making adjustments to their platform to improve the user experience and make the ordering process easier. More recent updates include the expansion of their product line to include other “sticky” products such as custom printed packing tape, and large format wall decals. The platform also is designed in such a way that it inspires new ideas for customers. If you visit StickerYou’s Shop By Interest page, you will see interest categories such as “Health and Beauty” and “Parents & Kids”. Each of these categories has products that these users may find interesting, inspiring visitors with new ideas.

Most products can be ordered by the user right through the website. However for those looking for a newer product or something a little more special, a full team a sales and customer support is available through a LiveChat feature on their website, or through their customer support hotline. For those looking for a quote before they get started, there are quote forms easily accessible from every product page. Simply fill in the information and a sales rep will get back to you with a custom quote within 24 hours. StickerYou also believes that seeing is believing and that once you have a chance to test out their products, you will be happy with the print quality and material. They do not expect everyone to just trust their word on this though. They offer free sample packs on their website for anyone who requests a packet. The sample packs contain a catalog with specs for all their products as well as a small booklet which has all their different materials. Users can actually see, touch and test out the product material themselves. Each sample is printed so users have a good idea of how their end product would look on each material. Through the sample packs StickerYou is working to inform and help future customers so they know exactly what product they should order and what to expect when the product is delivered.

Popular Products:

Some of StickerYou’s most popular products are their white vinyl decals, large format decals and temporary tattoos. The white vinyl decals are a very versatile material that is used by their customers for many different applications including labeling, for bumper stickers, as swag giveaways at events, for product labeling and more. The white vinyl material is durable, waterproof, UV fade resistant, applies bubble-free to any smooth surface but is also removable without leaving any adhesive behind. For these reasons, it is a very popular product to order and work with.

The white vinyl decals

Large format decals are frequently ordered for creating custom décor in homes, for adding signage or branding to the walls and windows within in businesses, or for short term events like weddings or parties. Large format decals are available in a variety of materials for different surfaces. Customers can order clear vinyl decals for windows, mirrors or to give a seamless effect on walls. Or you can choose from a more durable wall decal material or street decals. Street decals are made of a unique aluminum based material that allows it to adhere and mold to the rough surfaces of sidewalks, cement, asphalt or brick. It is also waterproof and has a non-slip surface making it perfect for outdoor signage on walls or the street.

Large format decals

Custom temporary tattoos are a very popular product among StickerYou’s customers during the summer. Customers can create their own temporary tattoos for parties, events or just to wear out and about. This year StickerYou reported a record number of temporary tattoos being ordered specifically for weddings and music festivals taking place during the summer.

Custom temporary tattoos

Whatever your end use, or “sticky idea”, StickerYou has products that are right for you. Their order flexibility is unlike any other company and the self-serve online platform simplifies the ordering process, though friendly staff is there to help should you need assistance. Make It Stick with StickerYou!

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