5 Reasons Stock Videos Will Improve Your Website

Ten years ago, websites lacked any interaction between the website and the user. A website offered basic information and its images were poor quality.

As image quality improved however, websites became more engaging and interactive. One of the common elements of today’s websites is multimedia, especially the use of videos. As a result, we have websites with video backgrounds that are well-liked by users.

According to CISCO statistics, by 2019, 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content. Read on for 5 reasons stock videos will improve your website.

The information presented via videos is better received by website users. There are some serious advantages of using videos for your site.

1. Video is very attractive

Video is very attractive

Using a quality video makes your website attractive. An interesting video will captivate the user’s attention; it will reduce the bounce rate and will increase the time spent on website. These factors are taken into account in the complicated Google algorithms, so a good video may improve your search engine ranking position!

How do you find the right videos for your website without access to specialized software? Your best bet is to buy video clips from stock websites. Bigstock is a stock image & video royalty-free website that has a repository of 26 million items. The videos from Bigstock are world-class and any of them will attract the eyes of the viewers.

2. Video is more expressive

A wisely selected one-minute video may express an idea better than pages of text or even a series of images. An original video that has a powerful message may attract many viewers and become viral.

Bigstock provides access to tons of videos, with a similar search feature to Google for finding the right content, with the option to filter the search results. Another major advantage of the Bigstock interface is the ability to instantly switch the results from a video search to an image search.

3. Video is affordable

Video is affordable

It may come as a surprise to you, but top-quality videos aren’t always expensive! Bigstock images and videos are affordable, and offered to the user through multiple pricing plans. Choose from video credits to subscription packages to find the best fit for your project.

Want to try it out? Bigstock offers a 7-day free trial, where you can download up to 35 video clips!

4. Video strengthens the relationship with the viewers

Video strengthens the relationship with the viewers

Video is a more “personable” way to relate to your audience. As an example, a video showing an average working day from a web design agency, where the manager wears a funny t-shirt and a designer is taking a nap on a couch, may be golden. It reveals that even though the products are almost perfect, the crafters are relatable and have the same behavior as everyone.

Bigstock’s video database contains many engaging videos, with a user friendly interface. There are 20 language options on Bigstock, and they are very active on social networks as they post design tips and tricks on their blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

5. Video improves sales

Watching a video description of a product builds a stronger level of confidence in the customer and the result increases sales. More sales mean bigger profit, which is the ultimate goal for an entrepreneur.

Intensive use of videos will engage website users and boost sales. Bigstock can provide you with the video clips to get started. Check out Bigstock yourself and download up to 35 free video clips for 7-days.

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  1. This is a total JOKE! The stats are skewed and the idea that everyone that has a website should be using any video let alone stock video as something that is practical is something only a moron would believe! All I see is just one more bloated way in which Instant Shift is trying to generate money with their affiliate add to to Bigstock.

    I am sure there are some elements of a select set of websites that can benefit from some sort of video but of the 1200 websites that I have built over the last few years I can count only 3 that would have any use at all for using a video, let alone some generic stock video. The statistics from Cisco are not saying anything about web content, they are talking about the number of people that will be watching video in general.

    You would be hard pressed to prove that a website is going to somehow magically improve itself by using video!

  2. A wonderful post. It was interesting enough to read it through the end. And I am definitely going to try this for my own website. Thanks

  3. I agree that video is more interactive but when you’re trying to reach a global audience, then you have to consider the types of Internet connections that everybody has. First world countries have great access but other developing nations don’t have really fast Internet access, therefore adding an auto-playing video is just going to slow things down for a fair percentage of users.
    Cheers from Garry

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