XPRS – A New WordPress Beating CMS?

The Internet has changed beyond recognition since WordPress was first released back in 2003. When the WordPress CMS was first released it was hailed as the answer to everyone’s prayers; a free content management system with hundreds of free visual themes to choose from.

Hindsight is always 20/20. We now know that free themes rarely have any support beyond a users’ forum. Their speed is often unacceptable and sometimes themes are incompatible with new WordPress releases.

Progress is incremental. Today’s software designers build on the mistakes of the past, learning from them and offering a better user-experience.

What mistakes?

Even the most fervent WordPress supporter will admit that there are problems.

WordPress is a committee-driven project. There are always compromises whenever a group of people with different opinions and priorities is working on one piece of software.

Third-party plugins have both advantages and disadvantages. They extend the functionality for users who need additional functions, but there are often compatibility issues. The core WordPress program has everything you need to build a basic website, free plugins can fill in some of the missing features. Support via forums for free themes and plugins is adequate in most cases, but users who want to speak to a real support person are often going to be disappointed. Finding the right plugin amongst the host of similar ones can take time.

Security continues to be a major issue with WordPress, partly because enhanced security is not built in as a core feature.

WordPress might be free, but if you try to build a website using free themes and plugins you will soon run into problems unless you are code-literate. To get the site you want you will need to pay for premium products and to pay a designer to personalize your site.

XPRS – a New CMS

XPRS is the new de facto standard against which all content management systems are being judged.

Everything in XPRS is unified into one seamless simple-to-use website design program that is so simple a child could use it. There is no need for any coding knowledge whatsoever because you build your website using blocks called Polydoms (patent pending). In the same way that your children use Lego© bricks to build cars, houses and spaceships, you can use polydoms to build websites.


There is no need for third-party add-ons such as themes, plugins or widgets, because everything you need is built into the program. You will never have compatibility issues or clashes because everything has been built by IM Creator to work together.

You never need to worry about how your site will look on tablets or phones because XPRS is fully responsive and always looks good.

Website Building Fun

Code is definitely NOT poetry to most people, so modifying a WordPress theme is not something most people are happy about trying. Even changing fonts and colors requires knowledge of CSS that most people do not possess. In contrast XPRS allows you to build a site just by adding pre-made blocksand to change colors and fonts very quickly and easily without getting into CSS or HTML.

Building website is fun with XPRS

You can build a professional-looking page in a few minutes using XPRS much more easily than when you have to code every slight change.

Anyone can build an awesome spaceship using Lego© bricks without any special aeronautical engineering skills or knowledge. Anyone can build an awesome website using XPRS without any special knowledge of HTML, CSS or Javascript.

XPRS – Bottom Line

XPRS is free to students, artists and non-profits. Any school could source a new website design by holding a student design competition using XPRS. Even the hosting for the site is free using XPRS and the only on-going cost would be the domain name.

A single commercial-use site on your own domain costs $7.95 per month including hosting.

Website designers and others who want multiple sites can pay $250 a year for unlimited site licenses, including clients’ licenses. Again, this includes hosting for every site.

Every plan includes an e-commerce facility without the need to pay extra monthly fees. Schools can sell uniforms or sports kit, students and artists can sell their work and businesses can sell their services without any further expense.


“But WordPress is free,” you might be thinking. It is only free in theory. Nobody ever built a professional-looking site using a free theme and free plugins. Hosting is also an ongoing expense with any WordPress site and the cost of your hosting alone will be around the same figure as an XPRS Commercial Use Plan.

XPRS unleashes your creativity and removes the need to code whatever your designer mind creates.

XPRS really is a Do-It-Yourself solution. Most coding amateurs who try to design their own site using WordPress or native HTML end up having to pay a designer to fix the mess they make of it. With XPRS you know that there are no other costs.

WordPress sites also need weekly updates of core WordPress software, themes and plugins. Every time you update any component of your site you need to back it all up to disk, just in case the updated component crashes it and you need to go back to the way it was working before.

Your Input

Have you tried XPRS yet? How easy did you find it to use? Please share your thinking using the comment box below.

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  1. Well… while it sounds promising… but I didn’t like what they did at the end of the page:


    And the BYE BYE takes you to WordPress. It’s like ‘Oh, you don’t like it. Then get the $%^& OUT!’. I think it is not professional at all.

  2. Any developer can add their own plugins to tweak WP security or any other such issues easily across multiple sites.

    Only one trick ponies and know-it-all clients go for these “no coding” solutions, be no mistake this is no standalone CMS, more like a WIX clone

    • JHere speaks yet another frightened man who has been found out!

  3. I disagree with this article. WordPress in my opinion is better to use then XPRS.

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