Web Design & Development Predictions For 2016-17

In these days, web design gets enhanced very swiftly as well as several amazing things are being presented on a daily basis. Yet everybody is forecasting about the next design trend is going to be adopted for the upcoming year.

If we analysis the at the year 2014-15 then it doesn’t truly make any accurate sense, because every website looks like a same as they taken similar template from the platform of WordPress and just change a few things in it.

Additionally, just want to say that those companies that take their websites very carefully for their business, the updating or the creation of a newer style website is the only way to get the favorable remarks from their audience.

Nowadays, the style of designing a website is rapidly changing, developing as well as becoming more advanced than before. Every next year carries the latest trends, while several trends to become applicable for the next coming year, while another may ignored.

Additionally, if your website does not accommodate effectively to the mobile users, then the pictures on your website seems to be unclear on a retina screen, as well as your company does not work together properly with the social media then your online presence and website is old-fashioned. Additionally, it is very necessary for the companies those take their website extremely seriously, to hire the competent designers on board that design your website according to the most modern trends.

However, if you wish for to start structuring your site again, then you surely have to follow this trend again. Additionally, if you wish for your site that will appear good as well as be appear modern in the coming year as well the next two years, then you require to implement workable techniques and strategies that your website need for the future. Following are some web design prediction for the future years.

Transformed into Originality

The huge setback into the present design trend is that it’s extremely complicated to be original. In these days, mainly large number of websites are having the same pattern, regardless of the images and few color differences. However, this is the enormous side effect of the mass adoption.

Our views related to the latest trend are that the originality is going to move toward in the form of a raise in the custom drawn elements that combined circumspectly with the marvelous produced animations. During the short-lived from the style of a flash, a dearth of CSS3, JS and HTML5 animation libraries have bounced up to assist with this. Additionally, there is not at all the one size to fit in the all technique for accomplishing the latest web designing goal. However, the majority of the congratulations implementation will engage a good deal of planning and efforts.

Species in Pieces

Originality website is the feature of newly invented or created works, that’s far away from the clones, fakes, reproductions and copied works. An original website design is one that may not take the ideas from others. However, it is a work that generated through the exclusive style and base on originality stuffs like page content, design, navigation system, business strategy, pattern, images, colors and more are truly reflecting the real world and connected with each other. The originality of the thinker, designer and the writer should be working together for creating the original website.

The Evolution of Flat Design

The world waterway took a few time ago to switch over to the flat design. Regrettably, not every site was inserted into that switch. Habitually it’s just the case where the gradient is eradicated through selecting a color from one end of the range along with using it from the corner to corner within the entire element.

Additionally, after the introduction of Android 5.0 and iOS 7/8, the flat design get the concentration along with the execution it deserved, mainly on the mobile. Moreover, android delivers the wonderful treaty for the enhancement of a flat design by using its references along with material design pattern that broaden a head of mobile and onto the desktop as well. Furthermore, the card model is the excellent one as well as the use of shadows, motion, white space and intentions work together satisfactorily to present the layered approach into the 2D/3D design.

The present execution of design is marvelous for the mobile but less effective for larger screens. However, we think the white space playing an enormous job in the future. As we also imagine that the minimal and classic designs will win through to the next harvest of the modern websites. Additionally, we expected that the parallax style to fall down as well as the gigantic background images to be fashion the back. Alternatively, the clean site along with the consistent and clear color selection get much more popularity than a loud, disorderly one.

Fiber Sensing

The flat design contains the simple graphic style that has the common user interface (UI) or software. Moreover, the flat style contrasts with the skeuomorphism, a design tactic that represents the real-world effects into the objects.

The flat design is normally like an image that looks like a physical phone, which is full of highlights, shadows, along with includes some details about the functions. Flat design is usually a humble graphic image that’s descriptive and noticeable but not included any of the copycat 3-D effects.

Longer Scrolling Sites

Nowadays, it hasn’t overlooked that the new website designs are presented today have a feature to scroll longer when looking through the page. Additionally, the mobile devices have turned out to be more mainstream, it’s turning out to be more common for the websites to select for scrolling to connecting as a intends to show content, mainly on their home pages.

Moreover, it is simpler for clients to just look through a page to get their data than it is to always snap to discover data. However, the landing pages are not the main spot where the long scrolling pattern can be spotted. While the long scrolling websites are good for the one page websites that’s made for hello or giving a long introduction in one page and that’s only a one page website. Additionally, as discussed about the advantages of scrolling over have to reproduced along with ended up in different spots other than the landing page, for example, the about pages and even item pages as an intends to exquisitely show a wide mixture of text material.

The Boat

Long scrolling is a technique in the computer graphics, wherever the background images shift through the camera slower than the foreground images. Additionally, producing an impression of seriousness into the 2D scene along with adding into the dipping. Moreover, the technique cultivated out through the multiplane camera technique that’s used in old-fashioned animation.

Long scrolling websites have come out with only two-layered site. Additionally, it’s programming contains CSS3, HTML5, and the usage of the modern browsers. However, there are a huge number of the long scrolling sites that use multiple animation that present latest elements along with produce the motion beyond the y-axis by using scrolling technique.

Shortest Experiences

The app within an app is a wonderful way to offer easy navigation for the user. The exactly predicting at here are the autonomous workflows that develop as they are interacted with. For example, the homepage likely to have 4 or 5 call for areas that have a noticeable intention like product offers, tour or a registration and more. At the start they will contain the small amount of text equip in the direction of the pleading of interaction. Alternatively, once you trigger out the point, then further launch a mini application that will finish its planned purpose. Alternatively, clicking on the registration section will change that area into the registration wizard moreover straightforwardly in that part, optionally altering its modal window, size and location.

Moreover, these experiences likely to be or easy, but they will enclose the main objective of make things easier in to the opening navigation paths whereas also presenting the wide range of options without being devastating. Additionally, They also contain some side effect of sinking page modifies along with scrolling for the responsibilities that can be accomplished in just a few clicks. In its place of the omnipresent scrolling header image, these micro experience cells or cards can be an independent platform for the particular part of a business.

Moreover, this technique likely to be extremely helpful within the web applications where, in its place of removing into the latest screen to enter a few data or finish a task, additionally the cell has merely adapted to permit the task to be finished right there on the main spot.

Blitz agency

Shortest experience websites are those that offers easy navigation system to the users. It contains the app within the app that’s intelligently designed by the developers. The homepage is likely to contain four to five menu bars that cover the entire website through the single functioning page. Once you trigger out on any single point, then several mini apps will appear for providing solutions to you. Moreover, these types of website may also contain some special effects for the views attraction and users can easily accomplish into their objective in just a few clicks.

Decline In Page Height

This is even more a trust than an expectation. The ordinary conviction out there right now is that this pattern of more vertical scrolling and less clicking will keep on growing. Moreover, actually we feel that is a terrible issue. I like the way scrolling, but for the approach to stage in little partitions of substance or trigger movements, we don’t care about for it as a intends to view a whole site.

If the websites somehow happened to consider their page content and the objectives of the communication somewhat more, then clicking to the trigger a drill down within the site wouldn’t be such an unpleasant thing. Consolidated with smaller scale encounters and current front end programming, with just a mouse click or screen, tap doesn’t require to mean a bumping page refresh any more. How individuals got to a point out where you require to swipe or scroll many more times to view the primary website content is past with us, however we think that we will win in the following cycle.

Dream team

These short length website are user friendly and it contains the horizontal scrolling function that’s very easy to use. These type of the website shorter in the length and longer in the weight as well as the user can horizontally scroll the webpage via mouse or screen scrolling option.

Additionally, individuals just arrive to the point from where they require to swipe or scroll several times to view the primary website content and can run this cycle again and again.

Focus on typography

The web design has been getting various available typography, now give many thanks to designers, developers as well as the Google Fonts that are no longer forced to use the Comic Sans and Arial into their designs.

Just want to say that the additional care is taken when the time reach to select the font and font sizes. Moreover, this work has already in progress to take place in the superior maintained sites, but now has to create its way into the majority of the websites. Additionally, it’s difficult to alter that makes an enormous impact on the sensitivity of a website. As well, yet some of the darling sites have chosen the unsuitable font that may damage its attraction.


Everyone knows that the first impression is the last impression. Whether you appreciate it or not, your typography website may assist you to capture the online user’s to visit your site many times. With the one single click a typography based website tells you the entire story in the readable or a video form. Moreover, it demonstrates the user who is at the back of the website along with what you’re talking about. This form of style creates an atmosphere to telling you the story about your mission as tone of voice and writing does.


These are the above likely to be the hopes for the future of web design. Yet we are so much eager to see the present style fade, but honestly, it was a huge enhancement along with walk forward into high resolution photography, interactivity and mobility.

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  1. Sorry Saleem but your English writing skills are terrible and it was painful to try and follow what you wrote. I would suggest that you either have someone translate your thoughts, or just write in your native tongue and let Google translate do the rest. Not that it would end up any better and that is probably what you did, but combine the wrong mix of words with poor spelling and overall grammar and this is a disaster. Thing is I found this to be a terrible article and not because of the content overall, but the poor execution of your words made it to difficult to keep pace with the conversation and as a result that is the only comment I can share here.

    Couple all that with Instantshifts insistent abuse of their media and advertisements this site is surely going to go straight to the gutter. I know I don’t come here anymore unless the topic really, really strikes a note with me. I refuse to go to sites like this that abuse the privileged of my visit!

  2. Despite the grammar your predictions so far have been accurate. I think you should put in a disclaimer that you’re not fluent in English but still going to try.

    I think people would be a little more patient when they read your post.
    Really appreciate your effort in communicating your thoughts.

  3. Sorry, but couldn’t you re-write your article? Your English is really awful. It’s unreal to get the topic because of language issues.

  4. @Kerlan – how have the predictions been right so far? It has been less than a MONTH since this was written? If that is the case then anything that is right to this point then would not have been a prediction but rather a statement of fact, would it not?

  5. This article is a direct rip of my article here: itworld.com/article/2900889/web-design-trend-predictions-for-2016-2017.html

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  6. Agree with Kerlan, that some predictions or facts are right. Nevertheless mobile design becomes more compulsory, especially for e-commerce.

  7. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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