How to Make Your Business Go Viral on Social Media?

It is no news that today social media is one of the strongest medium that allows to spread the word about your business in no time. All of you want results out of social media and it is obviously because what it can do to your business positively.

The following article talks about the benefits of social media and what you can do to make your business viral on social media.

What started as a way to stay connected to family and friends, today has broadened its use for all types of businesses, from a next door cafeteria to an IT firm. Talking facts, today 62% of the adults use social media in one or more forms.

Before anything it is worth making a note of the following statistics:

  • There are more than a million people on Facebook today.
  • Twitter has 500,000 users daily.
  • Google’s +1 button is used almost 2 million times daily.
  • Instagram has a million users uploading 5 million photos daily.
  • YouTube has almost 3600 hours of video getting uploaded daily.

What is Social Media?

A group of internet based application that allows the user to generate and share content through web. In more simple terms it is a platform which a user can use to create content that can be in regards anything that is permissible by the application and share it. A lot of businesses today are making use of this platform to promote and market the business. But not everyone makes use of every benefit that these mediums provide. Before knowing about How to make your business go viral on social media, it is first required to know the benefits that the social media can bring to your business.

Here is a list of 8 benefits that every skeptic should know about social media.

#1 You Can Easily Learn About Your Audience

The key to success for any business is the knowledge about the audience that they target in order to sell any products or services they have to offer. Social Media makes this possible and in a way that is easier than ever before. With a number of tools to analyze social media, you can learn about a number of things including the dominant languages, gender and age of the users. This knowledge will help you pitch the right customer for the right product saving time and increasing your return on investment.

Learn About Your Audience

#2 It Helps To Target the Audience More Effectively

Social Media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have tools that let you communicate to your audience with the right type of content. The method is called geo-targeting and helps you target a specific kind of audience that you can differentiate by different demographics. Some of the filters that you can use of social media include age, gender, interested in etc. Similarly, in twitter you can filter your audience through country search and continue to pitch your products that meet the needs of the audience.

#3 Receive Instant Feedbacks

The medium is an instant access to positive or negative feedback to your products. With the instant feedback either you can go forward building a stronger customer base if your product is being appreciated or make the necessary changes if the customers did not like what you presented to them. Another useful use of these mediums is to educate your customers about the product and how to use it.

#4 Allows Competitor Information through Social Media Monitoring

To keep yourself about what your competitors are doing, you can use social media monitoring as a tool to know this. This information helps you in making better business plans that can keep you ahead of your competitors. So basically it lets you keep an eye what the competitors are doing in your field and what you can do to be a step ahead of them.

#5 Helps Increasing Website Traffic

One of the best use of social media is that it helps a larger number of people to reach to your website. Also, the larger number of shares your post will have, higher your search ranking will be. For example, if every person that follows ABC Company on twitter, retweets its post the chances are higher that the company will have a greater Google search ranking for a particular field the company operates in.

#6 Generate Leads without Investing Much

Earlier days where database companies used to sell leads to the companies further who sold their products to the customers. Looks like a process that will consume a lot of time and money. Generating leads through social media is 3 times easier than the earlier described process. The most useful way of generating leads on social media is to share gated content.

#7 It is More than Traditional Marketing

Social Media is more than traditional marketing that included only promoting and selling. The social media mediums are such that allow to build a relationship between the customer and the business. For example if you are a tourist company you can create dialogue with travelers that helps you build a relationship with you before, during and after they have made a booking with the company. This is something traditional marketing practices can never achieve.

#8 Increase Brand Awareness in No Budget

As said earlier, toady social media is the fastest medium through which information travels and too at a little or no cost. Social media fir business is the strongest way that businesses can use to spread awareness about their brand. Not only it reaches millions of people using the platform, it saves your marketing budget and allows you to invest in other areas that require money. It helps the business to expand time to time as and when required.

The ROI of social media is that your business will still exist in 5 years

– Erik Qualman

This is how social media can help the business. In order to use it right you will have to do somethings very carefully and keep in mind precisely some points.

Social Media Tips

Here are some social media tips for businesses that helps the business go viral in no time:

1. Talk About Your Uniqueness

Before you start using social media for your business, remember that you are not the only one doing that. There are too many businesses doing many things. To create a value proposition with your customers, you definitely have to do something different from your competitors but even that has to have a uniqueness. If your company is using social media, it is always better to add personality to your posts by creating editorial guidelines and an editorial voice that feels real. Work towards it in such a way that everybody in your team, can understand this voice and bring life to it. As lively your content will be, the chances of it getting it shared increases automatically bringing benefits to your business.

2. Do Not Sell on Social Media

Do not use social media strictly to sell even though you can. Simply sharing what you to sell on any of these mediums will not get you customers as there is nothing unique that you are doing. For example if you are a real estate agent and you create your Facebook page with only listings of available property in your community, the chances are less that you will make a new customer there. In fact making a post that is engages the locals and displays the knowledge about the community or why should one buy a house there, will still add to the number of customers that you already have. Give advices, ask the users what they need and then sell them houses that meet their needs.

So, it is important to create user engaging content.

3. Stories with Images Work Perfectly

You can break the clutter of social media by using the secret weapon of images. They say a lot easily, quickly and are easily accessible to the users. Images and collages are meant to say a lot without words. For example the do it yourself images educates the user without a long content. It works like:

Stories with Images Work Perfectly

4. Use Videos

It is another way of communicating your uniqueness. Like the images do the talking, videos are another way that do the talking. Including a video in your post adds a human feel to your content. Adding human feel will make your customers remember you and you will gain instant credibility. And you know the value of credibility for your business.

5. Experiment Often

Do not use the same type of content/posts for a long time. Always experiment with something new. There might be chances that A might not work, switch to B. But a single time, use only one variant. Just know what makes difference and get back to when required.

Conclude By Saying

Consumers are online and it is on the social media where you can listen to them. Each day there are millions of conversations happening on the social media and your presence on the net makes it possible for you to hear them all. Listening will let you potential customers and nurture a one on one relationship with them, monitor your competition and enables you to see what is working in the market. Other than this it keeps you updated with what is working on the internet and helps you generate new ideas.

So, in order to go viral, this is something that everyone should do today.

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  1. Thanks for sharing good tips for making things viral. You know, I have tried many of the things to make my content viral, but I guess I have missed few of the things. Lets Start following them.

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