Top 20 Social Media Tools to Promote Your Brands and Business

Social media can be the best marketing tool for all kind of businesses and industries but there is cutthroat completion that is making it extremely difficult to compete on social forums and networks.

If you want to promote your products and brands on social networks, you need to utilize everything that can help you get your content noticed. Fortunately, marketing mavericks and industry experts have singled out some great tools which are designed to supercharge online marketing strategies.

Some of those tools are described below:

1: Rebel Mouse

Social Media Tools - Rebel Mouse

You need to access publishing platforms to display specific content, Rebel Mouse is one of the best places which work as content aggregator and display customized layout of the content. You can get the most from rebel mouse only when you have created high quality and stylish pages that contain variety of things such as articles, images, videos etc. Once the pages are created, you can use them as part of your blog or as newsletter etc. If you have time to invest in Rebel Mouse, there are a lot of things which can be achieved with this digital publishing platform.


Social Media Tools - is one of the best tools to create infographics just in minutes. Though, this will not allow you to have a huge customization, it still has a wide range of graphics along with vector art which you can utilize to create high quality and great looking infographics. The paid version will enable you to get maximum advantage but you can also use free version to share infographics and can also get them embedded for your site.

3: Mention

Social Media Tools - Mention

Mention is a useful tool to monitor keywords all across the web and you can use it to track down references to specific brand names or keywords and when you do this, the Mention will show up a feed with mentions. The monitoring can be done in real time with 42 different languages which means whatever is published on internet in any part of the world cant’ be hidden from your eyes. This entire process will allow you to create a comparative report so you can see what’s making your competitors better than you. Your social accounts such as Facebook, twitter etc. can be connected for getting alerts.

4: Slide Share

Social Media Tools - Slide Share

Slide Share is an amazing place to convert simple power point presentations into great looking slide decks which can be shared with friends, followers and other people. This is really a great tool to rehash existing content for audience as well as channels from different industries. If you have an exciting idea, an interesting story, an informative presentation, a photo gallery or great info a certain topic, you can upload everything on Slide Share and reach out a large audience. The place is full of millions of great uploads which you can share with your followers, friends, colleagues and even with customers through Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or all other popular social sites.

5: Bitly

Social Media Tools - Bitly

Bitly is a tool to shorten long URLs as long ones sometimes seem to be sore in the eyes which compel potential visitors not to click on the URL. When you shorten links, it allows you to control brand and data that will optimize marketing strategies as per the requirement to drive huge engagement. When you know who your active audience is all across the web, you are in much stronger position to target it specifically rather than firing arrows in the dark.

6: Hoot Suite

Social Media Tools - Hoot Suite

Using Hoot Suite will enable you to manage your social activities on different networks and this will give you a bigger option to get actively involved in social sites. Hoot Suite will let you know public opinion about the brands you are promoting and you can get engaged with those who you see are more impressed with your products. In short, Hootsuite is one of the best monitoring tools for social media. When you include many members in your SM team, the management becomes easier. Moreover, using this suit will also bring you more security to protect your profiles.

7: Buzzsumo

Social Media Tools - Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo is comparatively a newer tool to get detailed intelligence report on content and influencers all across the web. This simple tool will enable you to look for the content which has been shared widely on social places. You can quickly find infographics, interviews, guest posts, videos and contests. As a marketer, it is really important to know who are the content aggregators and curators in your particular niche and this can be done with the help of Buzzsumo that will allow you to perform things quickly. Buzzsumo is available in both free and paid versions and you can choose them as per your requirement.


Social Media Tools - IFTTT

IFTTT is a great place to automate everyday small tasks. This is a really an easy to use program that supports hundreds of services and apps and most important of all, it is absolutely free to use. IFTTT is the short of “if this, then that.” formula with which you can use create automation recipes without inserting any script or codes. This easy to access website will allow you to manage your everyday tasks in digital world. For example, if somebody tags you in a photo on Facebook, you can set the tool to save a copy for you in drop box. If there is an upcoming event, it will let you know about it through a message reminder etc.

9: Share As Image

Social Media Tools - Share As Image

Share As Image is a simple tool that will enhance and speed up your social media engagements without making lots of efforts as you will be able to turn simple text and images into great micro content that can be shared just in a matter of seconds. This great tool will allow you to create and share unlimited images on which value can be added by suing incredible fonts. You can also share and download those images to your social accounts such as twitter and Facebook and most important of all, this all will be in extremely high quality resolution. The site will allow you to use more than thirty templates and you will also be able to create your own templates in unlimited numbers. Moreover, you can also download, store, view, and edit unlimited images.

10: Buffer

Social Media Tools - Buffer

Buffer is another amazing tool which will bring you support in two different ways as in the first way, you will be allowed to create a collection of posts at a time and then you can choose your social profiles to share those posts and once you share them, buffer works to spread the posts to the internet which will definitely save your lots of time as you don’t have to do this yourself. Secondly, the links of your posts are also shortened which brings better analytics reports. This simple tool can be amazingly great to increase your presence on social media.

11: Topsy

Social Media Tools - Topsy

Topsy can be another great tool in your marketing tool box as this will bring you amazing social searching options. You just need to type a keyword and the relevant results will be shown in seconds which can be arranged by users, links, photos, videos and tweets. Topsy has made it much easier to analyze the social webs and when you know what the people are talking about, you can harness the power of your information source.

12: Pixabay

Social Media Tools - Pixabay

There are hundreds of online places where you can find millions of images but many times you have to face copyright issues when you want to share those images and Pixabay is the solution for that copyright problem. On this website you can find high quality images which can be copied, modified and even distributed for personal as well as commercial purposes. Another great place is Flickr that is quite creative but the issues with the site is that you have to source each photo which seems to be quite annoying for most of the people.

13: Click to Tweet

Social Media Tools - Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet is a wonderful tweeting tool which will help you create links that motivates the users tweet fully customized content. Beyond the simple social sharing button, this will make things a lot easier for you and you will really love it. Click to Tweet is the simplest yet most effective way to advertise and prompt your stuff. You just need to create a message for social sharing and when you use the tool, it creates a custom link which you can share and track the actively.

14: Canva

Social Media Tools - Canva

Canva brings you the things which are essential for you when you want to turn your simple ideas into great looking designs. You can easily create unlimited designs for your blog graphics, invitations, posters, flyers, Facebook cover and even for making presentations. Canva has a huge collection of stickers and alluring texting accessories that you are allowed to use. As you know when you post dull stuff to the Facebook, nobody notices it and therefore, you must look for something which can turn simple texts into great designs. The best thing about it is that you can create great designs for your Facebook, twitter and other social accounts covers.

15: Nutshell Mail

Social Media Tools - Nutshell Mail

You might be quite busy and may not be able to check out your twitter, Facebook and other accounts actively that requires you to response immediately and nutshell mail is what will send you updates without getting you distractions. You can easily manage pages on Facebook and keep a track of all posts, likes, comments etc. in addition to this, you can also manage your FB profile so easily. The same is with the twitter where you can monitor tweets, search results, motions, quitters and new followers.

16: Feedly

Social Media Tools - Feedly

There are various RSS readers and one of them is Feedly which is quite popular these days and there is nothing to surprise about it because it has come with great features which will enable you to be active in social media more effectively than ever before. You just need to pick a topic or industry in which you are interested and the RSS feed will let you know all about it whenever there are updates.

17: Rapportive

Social Media Tools - Rapportive

When you receive a message in your mailbox from contacts, you often see ads in right panel in which you might have no interests. Rather, if you see the profiles of that contact, you might love it as this will bring you something more interesting and useful. The use of Rapportive will enable you to see all about the contacts such as their LinkedIn profiles, their jobs and company etc. In this way you can grow your connections and without leaving your Gmail, you can bring them in your connections.

18: PowToon

Social Media Tools - PowToon

PowToon is an animated video making tool and when you create videos, these can be uploaded and shared on YouTube, social network and on your own websites. The value of video content is increasing on internet and you would defiantly love to use PowToon to create interesting videos for promoting your brands.

19: Circloscope

Social Media Tools - Circloscope

Circloscopecan help you list out the most high profile google plus influencers in your particular niche and in this way you can easily find and connect with those who are active on google plus and when you bring your profile in front of them, it makes you become more active which will surely be resulted into achievement of your marketing goals.

20: Pocket

Social Media Tools - Pocket

Pocket is a place where you can save your stuff which you are not interested in reading immediately but want to keep them save for later and pocket will allow you to do this. Pocket is a wonderful tool that also helps you find out tons of interesting articles about your particular niche and when you find the articles of your interest, you can save and organize them to read in later dates.

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  1. Hey there! I’m the Head of Content & PR at Mention – thanks so much for including us on your list! We’re big fans of most of the other tools as well; Pocket, Buffer, Canva, and BuzzSumo especially.

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  3. Hey Sarah

    Wonderful Insight about Social Media Marketing tools that can help you save thousands of hours across years.

    I’m a huge fan of Productivity and Automation in Social Media & Marketing tools! I got featured in Inc Magazine by a CEO and Guest Editor through How to run effective meetings . I landed on your website while researching my next post on using Automation in Social Media Marketing. Information on blog post is really intriguing and I love it from core of my heart. Especially the time flexibility (which can be achieved using various scheduling tools and automation like buffer & mailchimp) , and building customer faith in your product and services. These two tools are really worth implementing in any social media strategy.

    I’m glad share a list of 56 tools that can help you in collecting twitter data for your business or self. Some of these tools I personally used to increase my audiences and build influences over a community. Just try them and share the feedback.
    Thank you, Pankaj!

  4. Oops I missed to share the link of 56 tools that you can use to pull data from twitter and use it for your automation and marketing analysis. Here you go..

  5. Nice article, thanks for sharing this information but I love include SocialPilot because it is affordable as compared to Hootsuite and Buffer as well as it has really amazing features:
    • Totally flexible schedules for posting and campaigns
    • I can create unlimited social profiles
    • It allows 20 RSS feeds
    • Personalized Facebook branding is the pro feature
    • It has three plans, starter plan is free, pro pan starts at $ 4.99/month and pro plus starts at $9.99/ month.
    • Google Chrome plug-in with Bitly integration
    Hope this helps.

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