Divi 2.4 – The Perfect Theme for Every Kind of User

People that don’t have any kind of insight of the development and design community may think that creating a premium WordPress theme is a child’s play.

The reality is the other way around: creating a WordPress theme is a huge endeavor. The numerous WordPress themes represent a collective effort of the WordPress community and we should be grateful towards their contributions.

Building a WordPress theme is a sum of complicated tasks and one of the most challenging aspects is the creation of feature-rich interfaces that must be extremely intuitive at the same time. Keep in mind that a good WordPress theme must be very customizable and easy to modify at the same time. Usually, achieving a good balance between these, leads to the creation of a quality theme.

Fortunately, there are WordPress themes that fully satisfy these requirements. Divi is a top-class quality WordPress theme that can be accessible to everyone; the price is reasonable comparing to its features. Of course, the Internet is full of quality themes, but Divi has some features that make it outstanding. Some of the more convincing ones are listed below:

1. Created by the best developers for every kind of users

No matter if you are a WordPress guru or a newbie, Divi is the perfect WordPress theme. It’s not an exaggeration to state that the user has the possibility of tailoring every pixel. The complex customization options are created for the most advanced users, but even the less experienced ones may “play” with Divi. The theme is really user friendly; the customization options are flowing naturally therefore creating a website is a pure pleasure.

2. A 100% multipurpose theme

Many WordPress users are claiming that their themes are multipurpose. Still, only a small part of these are 100% multipurpose and Divi is one of them. It’s suitable for various types of portfolios, blogs, presentation websites or online shops. Instead of reading about it, I think that a much better option would be visiting the presentation webpage and checking the multiple examples of how Divi can be used. It would be great to get your opinion about the universality of Divi. Do you agree with my opinion, or do you think that this theme isn’t suitable for a specific project? Please use the comment form and share your thoughts; the more ideas, the better for all of us.

3. The customer satisfaction is capital

 The customer satisfaction is capital

Nothing manmade is perfect, but the people behind Divi have tried all their best with this theme. Still, keep in mind that satisfying the requirements of all theme buyers is impossible. Personally, I appreciate honesty and frankness a lot and it is another reason why Divi should be on your acquisition list.

The creators of Divi carefully analyze the opinions of theme buyers and they’ve released Divi 2.4, a new version of the theme. As you may anticipate, it is likely that your requirements have already been taken into account.

Some Of The Cool Features Of Divi 2.4

The good news keeps coming; the new version of Divi isn’t only a bug and error free version of the previous edition. Nope, Divi 2.4 brings solid improvements on the table. Elegant Themes offered a sneak peek of Divi 2.4 and it looks promising. Let’s explore the novelties of Divi 2.4 together.

1. Global settings

Global settings

As I previously mentioned, Divi is a feature-rich theme and the user has unlimited possibilities of customization, but there’s always the eventuality that he/she may use the pre-made layouts. Each layout component has tons of options to modify. Divi 2.4 will bring even more control over the layout building. The Divi 2.4 customizer will have new fine-tuning options as styles for the text in the body and footer, more control over the items spacing (global/individual section/row padding, individual module padding/margins, content/sidebar width and many other pleasant “surprises”).The width of the elements will be easier to modify and the tablet and smart-phone styles will allow a better experience regardless of the device used. The navigational menu is a capital part of a website and the new version of Divi has more ways of controlling the experience of the visitors. To instigate you, I must say that Divi 2.4 will have options like show/hide logo on scroll, logo height, dropdown menu background color. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

In conclusion, the revamped customizer isn’t radically changed, but the small details make the big difference and Divi 2.4 perfectly illustrates the idea.

2. New Builder interface

New Builder interface

One of the main attractions of the theme is the Divi Page Builder. The user may create a webpage in just a few minutes without writing a line of code. The creation process is simple and intuitive: the webpage elements are divided into sections, rows, and modules. There are three types of sections (Standard, Full width, and Specialty), 20 types of rows and more than 30 modules (items as text, map, testimonial, login and contact form, audio player, widget area).

The Divi creators have promised that the new release will contain a full redesign of the Builder interface and what can be achieved with CSS, can be achieved with Advanced Design Settings. The users will have more options to add their personality. I guess that should make you curious about Divi Page Builder, right?

3. 100% Fluid grid

100% Fluid grid

Divi 2.4 will benefit from a totally new grid system that is thought to give users new possibilities of enhancing a website. The new grid is fluid and flexible and there would be no fixed width of elements. Much more, the new grid will allow the Divi Builder to work even within a blog post. Definitely, this new grid will have a positive impact over this theme and surely the users will appreciate its fluidity.

4. The Divi Library

The Divi Library

The Divi Library is another new feature of the Divi 2.4. There aren’t many details about it, but it seems that the Library will be a tool held in high appreciation. The Library will allow storing layouts, sections, rows, and modules. Beyond any doubt, the Library will shorten the time spent for customizing webpages. The user may create a layout or a section that looks good and he/she can save it for future projects. Of course, the elements stored in the Library can be edited or filtered. Working with the Library will be a pleasure and I think that Divi 2.4 will be addictive!


Final Thoughts!

Wrapping things up, I believe Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes and by considering testimonials and expert opinions, it’s clear that it’s a top-class design work. It’s an extremely complex theme, but in spite of that anyone may customize it. The new version, Divi 2.4, is a huge step further that not only corrected the previous mistakes, but brings serious improvements. You should appreciate that this edition is created by the users for the users…the opinion of people that have bought and used it is respected by the Divi creators.

It will be great to know your opinion on Divi 2.4, what will be the most appreciated upgrade? Will the new Divi Library be the most prized surprise or the magic powers of the fluid grid? Or the upgraded builder will make people say “wow”?

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  1. I’m thinking of using this template. However, it doesn’t seem to have many options in respect of sliders compared to other themes that include plugins like revolution slider. I don’t want to have to buy extra plugins.

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