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We live in an era where the time goes by really fast, without even noticing it. That is maybe the reason why people do not have anymore the patience needed to develop some skills, including the ones in the technological field.

Therefore, others have thought about this and came up with some really simple web developer tools that require zero technical knowledge and we are going to present them to you in this article.

1. uKit Website Builder

uKit Website Builder

If you are looking for an easy to build a presentation and mobile-friendly website, using only a Drag-n-Drop interface,uKit is the way to go. It is the perfect way to tell about your business, by having an intuitive, well-structured interface.

The website builder is dedicated to users from all sort of backgrounds – from artists, photographers and freelancers to non-profit organizations. Users are able to share their domains, sell products online and many other things. Also, you can drag various web design elements and widgets to your page, such as: LiveChat, that lets you get in touch easier to your customer, or SoundCloud, which gives you the opportunity to add audio tracks to your site, providing a pleasant atmosphere. Other widgets include MailChimp, Ecwid, Instagram Feed and more.

The best part of the site is, definitely, the ease-of-use, which makes it really comfortable for a novice to create and run a full-featured website. However, this can represent an obstacle for the more technical people with web design experience, as they have to limit to just a few style customization options. All in all, uKit is a great choice for inexperiencedpeople, who just want to promote their businesses in a simple and efficient way.


Usersnap is the best tool for improving your website, by receiving feedbacks from your users via browser screenshots. This helps you communicate more efficiently with your visitors and solve web issues faster, as we know that working on a web project can sometimes be not as easy as it seems.

Give it a try and enjoy tracking bugs with the Usersnap dashboard, receiving screenshots of what your users see and what they find inconvenient, installing a feedback widget that works on every browser, choosing a theme that matches your corporate identity and many other features. This way, you will be able to manage your website in order to be appealing to a wide range of people, as they all have different opinions and ways of communication, which will be easier understood by using Usersnap. The trial is free for 15 days and the community is waiting for you!



Have you ever wanted to make your own, personalized mobile application but weren’t so confident in your coding skills? Now it’s your chance, thanks to the GoodBarber platform, which is the perfect alternative to complicated and expensive development projects. It provides you with a simple interface that makes it easy for anybody to create great mobile apps, in four easy steps.

Get started by signing up at here and trying out their 30-day free trial, which doesn’t require any credit card. Begin exploring GoodBarber and find out if it is what you need for your project. If not, then there is nothing left to do and your project will be deleted after a short period of time. If it is, look forward to seeing your beautiful app in the stores, available for users all over the world.



Even if you are not an expert in the technological field, you can now easily create a database showing your company’s structure and information. By using TeamDesk, you are given a more centralisedsource of accurate data, thatyou can custom, manage and personalise the way it suits best your business. This will help the relationship between you and your team by providing access to real time information through an online database, which will improve the quality of your work and the company’s performance.



Are you still struggling creating WordPress child themes or editing PHP template files to make a simple change like moving the post title above the featured image? Then you gotta check out Themify Flow, a free open source framework by Themify. Flow lets you create a complete theme which consists of templates, header, sidebar, footer, and styling within WordPress. No PHP or CSS coding necessary. They adopted the interface concept from Themify Builder which is pretty easy to learn and use. If you are one of those DIY users, Flow is definitely for you.



Hotjar is the best tool of providing website analytics, so you can quickly solve issues with your site. It makes it really easy to record the user activity, thanks to its special features, and the best part is that if you introduce 5 friends to the app, you will gain a 6 month free access pass.



Codelobster is a really good attempt at a PHP IDE, that has many advantages such as a HTML/CSS inspector, which allows you to correlate page elements with the specific code, the SQL manager, that lets you do all the actions with a database – adding, editing and structuring in tables and many others.



Frontify is a web application that gives the chance to creative teams to share their concepts and designs for web projects and to take everything into consideration. By using it, you will be able to gather feedback, discuss and approve designs, in order to help improve the community of web designers.



uCoz is a sophisticated and complex platform rated as the best website builder by It is destined for more advanced users and it provides you with many features, like: data backup, unlimited disk space and a total website control. It lets you do a lot of website personalization and maybe add some side-server scripts here and there.



PowerMock up provides you wireframes and mockups for PowerPoint, making your slides and presentations more interactive. Even though their library is quite large, you can also use your talent by creating new shapes and building a custom library that you are able to share with other users.



Referencing websites on the Internet has come a long way over the years. Many sites have begun to use previews of web pages in creative ways. To do so, some sites use website screenshot services, such as ShrinkTheWeb, to automate the process of capturing and updating all of those previews.


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  1. uKit Website Builder is my favourite!

  2. I have used some of them before, and i will check out the Powermockup, Ukit and Hotjar. It is always useful to experiment with new tools. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like Frontify.

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