Top 8 Methods To Resurrect Your Dead WordPress Posts

Are your old posts on which you spent hours, energy and more importantly your creativity in the coffins, dungeons and motes?

Au revouir ! NO.. its not the time for you to bid adieu to your old well written blogs on your WordPress website. In this blog we will find out how to bring them back!

What will you do if you have to go to a red carpet party and your Mercedes is in your garage rotting there for about years. Some will say that they will purchase a new vehicle but what about all the money that you have already spent on your Mercedes. Your old blog posts are like precious Mercedes which you need to create a imposing impact at the party.

Following are the ways to do so:

1) Go to social media to disseminate your old post

Despite of being so creative you still fail to create a good traffic from social media. The reason being-

  • You are not doing it the correct way
  • You are not targeting the right audience
  • You are not posting on the correct time

Go to social media to disseminate your old post

Nowadays, we have various analytical tools for social media websites. For instance take Twitter, there are tools such as Tweetadder, Socialoomph, TweetDeck, Mention and many more use full tools wherewith you can craft a successful social media marketing strategy for your website.

Moreover, there are plugins for WordPress about which we will discuss later in this blog and they further link your blog posts to these social media accounts.

2) Use empty blog space as showcase

Even popular blogging brands such as Mashable, Smashing Magazine and many others use the side margin to portray their previous blogs. So you can also utilize that space to showcase your old blogs. This is one of the most organic way to resurrect your dead blogs.

You can provide a list of all the related articles at the end of your latest blog which will make the users stick to your website and will also work as a remedial force for your old blogs.

3) Flaunt your most popular posts

Humans generally like to take the most travelled path. Similarly, they will also like to read what many others have read. You can use all your popular post as weapon to get more traffic to you website. This even do not require much effort in this world of automation as all you need to do is to install a plugin for the same.

Flaunt your most popular posts

4) Utilize the 404 page

Do not fail to utilize the 404 page template. Every WordPress theme has a 404 page to be displayed when users lands on a page which is not available.

Utilize the 404 page

You can utilize this page to showcase some of you most magnetic blogs of your WordPress website and using this you can also keep the users engaged. Apart from this you can also apply a search bar so that the users can easily get on the page they are looking for.

5) Go on for intra link building

Go on for intra link building

Link building is an integral part of your Search Engine optimization strategy. Similarly, you can use this to build internal link among your article to form a strong intra article lattice structure.

Mashable uses this techniche beautifully and so can you. It helps users to get to know about the related posts and provides them relevant information. Internet browsers go from one page to another using links. So, one needs to be artistic enough to utilize this strategy.

6) Use Comments to provide dead links

SEO experts utilize blog or forum commenting to increase their web traffic organically. When you do it for your new post then why to forget the old ones. You can use links in your comments very genuinely to get traffic.

Though this tactic is not that workable with older post, but you should never fail to grab on the opportunity whenever you get it. This tech niche gives good results when practiced with precision. Further, this works in a very positive way to gain trust of users for your website and also increases the page views of your website. The link dropped there will be there for a long period of time and all the supporter’s or opposer’s of your point will certainly visit that link.

7) Create Archive Pages

You can create a custom archive page for some of your popular post. Well yes this won’t work for all of your post but will certainly work for the best ones.

Create Archive Pages

In here you can feature all you most visited, well received, controversial and most commented posts. Further you can also fragment all your post into categories, include a search bar and even add compact archives. This will work positively for your blog as through this your user will get to know more about the genre of your blog. You can also add an email sign up as well.

8) Go for a complete Blog clean up!

Go for a complete Blog clean up!

Reviving your old post is like trying to ride a clunker vehicle. For a smooth ride you need to make it tidy and repair its damaged parts. In order to revamp your old blog you need to-

  • Get rid of all the Spam messages you have received
  • Get your CMS updated to the latest version
  • Fix all the broken images, plugins , pages and links.

I have read a lot of write-ups which suggests to first update the CMS , then the plugins and then go on deleting the spam messages. After reading them i update my WordPress blog the same way but during the process i realized that one should first clean all the spam as they overloads the database as it slows the servers speed . This is why getting rid of them should be your prime task as upgrading the version of the WordPress requires due diligence, as losing or corrupting a file or any kind of web error would cause an unmitigated loss to your system. So first clean up the mess and then go on to upgrade your WordPress!

This was all about what to do in order to resurrect you old blog post and now will will discuss the wherewithals of how to do it. Following are 5 useful pug-ins which will help you follow the aforementioned tactics:

1) Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post intrigued me with its problem solving capacity which every WordPress developer experiences at some point or the other. Firstly, it lets you figure out the old post which you had published aeon’s ago – the ones that have made their way to the archives. It is not that you won’t get any organic search traffic from there but this is something which you cannot rely on, as those post might contain some of your stellar pieces of work.

Secondly, you face problem with social media. Apparently creating cool captions seems one of the coolest task but as we move on the post management the road gets starker.

So, the long and short of it is that Revive Old Post brings helps you to bring back your rotten post from the archives to new social life which they actually deseve . It functions so as to reach to your old post and shares them on social media platforms namely Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and many such where your old post can get visitors.

It is a very user friendly software which comes with automated tools for sharing on social media platforms. All you need to do is to add your social media account details and get started. As it is said that everything comes with a cost, this tool will cost you $49 for the pro features. Revive Old post has proved its mettle with 40,000 active users in the market.

Features include:

  1. Allows Multiple Social Accounts
  2. Supports Custom Post Types
  3. Let’s you add Post with image
  4. Custom Schedule
  5. Allows post on Xing / Tumblr
2) Mentionable


Interlinking is another way to keep your old masterpiece content alive. It is indeed a great organic way to revise the visibility of your old posts. Mentionable is a plugin which allows you to practice this method in a very easier way, as it helps you to incorporate links of your previous blogs on the post you are currently working on.

In order to enkindle the auto-complete feature you need to write the @ symbol into the post editor. This works on intellisense technology as when you type a word or two after the @ symbol, you will get all the similar posts from your blog. Then after all you need to do is to select best fitted post from the list to insert the post as a link.

3) Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack, as its name indicates has a pack of tools to enhance your WordPress website. Related Post module is one such tool in it which analyzes the content that you are working on and thereafter it displays a list your related post from your blog at the end of all your latest blog post. Now all the users who will visit your blog will get something related to hop on to rather than simply exiting from your blog.

Though there are numerous other plugins made for this job but Jetpack module comes with an added advantage or a USP of cloud based analyzing and scanning of your content. The next apprehension which might have croped up in your brain is that it will make the website slower as it will be consuming the server space. In order to give you a breath of relief, it doesn’t, which implies that your website’s speed won’t even shift a nano second after using this plugin.

Further, Jetpack allows you to even add the image of the related post in order to enhance the visual appearance of your webpage.

4) WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular Posts widget helps you to adds all the famous posts of your blog adjacent to your current block or at any other free space in your website. Further this comprises of a shortcode used to display the list in your web pages and posts.

As we know that WordPress has a widget to increase the reach of your recently published post, thus you can use this plugin to promote your old work and get more visits on those post which were already popular in the past. Moreover, the plugin allows you to specify the time line from where to fetch the post or you can include all of them from your blog. It further gives matrices to measure the popularity, namely : average views per day, total views, or comments received by a post.

It also offers settings for the widgets namely: thumbnail image, including comments or views, listing the author, number of posts to be displayed and few other options. The widget displaying you older post will be tailored as per your WordPress theme and this makes sure that the post list in integrated well with your complete website.

5) OptinMonster


OptinMonster plugin focuses on building your email list. Moreover, this plugin provides a perfect place for displaying a list of your old posts which you aim to promote.

This plugin allows you to choose a trigger to promote your articles. You can choose to display your old blog post when the user is about to exit your website . All the listed post can be enumerated in a popup box. You can provide a list of your chosen blog post or instead you can use widget to auto generate a list of your popular post from the archives.

Feel free to share your doubts about any of the idea shared in the above post and also share your personal opinion related to the topic.

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