Take a Look at The Best Tools and Resources for Web and Design Professionals

If you’re on the lookout for some of the best tools and resources to help you in your work as a web developer or graphic and web designer, then look no further.

We set out to compile a list of the best resources we’ve come across so far and here is the result.

1. Stamplia


Stamplia has been around since 2013 and has easily made its name as one of the best email templates marketplaces around. By adding your work to Stamplia, you can be assured that it will get its fair share of exposure and gain you a steady inflow of revenue. Stamplia makes designer’s lives easier. When you sell your work through this marketplace, you can forget about the stress of finding clients and the struggle to find common ground with them on a design. Now you can simply focus on your work. To that end, Stamplia offers you the Stamplia Builder. This tool allows you to create elegant, unique templates in no time. You can create your template by dragging and dropping the elements you need onto your design and you can always view your work in the live previewer. What’s more, the Stamplia Builder takes care to make all of your templates fully responsive and compatible with the most popular email providers like Mailchimp, SendGrid or Campaign Monitor.

2. Notism


Notism has been called a game changer that quickly becomes an integral part of any creative team’s design process. What does this platform do? It gives you all the necessary tools to share and review your videos without any hassle or major effort. With an intuitive interface and dozens of key features, Notism stands apart from the crowd by delivering efficiency and helping you stay on top of things. You’ll be able to create working prototypes of your static design templates just by setting up hotspots and linking screens. The handy toolbar will let you know who else is working on your project and the highlighter will help you point out larger areas of your layout. The notes, sketches and selections you can add to the video timeline allow you to review and collaborate on dozens of projects. And there’s no need to worry you’ll miss out on anything – Notism has real time notifications to keep you up to speed at all times.

3. Fire Checkout

Fire Checkout

Have you been searching for a modern-looking and flexible extension for your website’s checkout page? If so, then you need look no further than Fire Checkout. This Magento extension will help you provide one-click orders for registered customers, thus improving customer experience and increasing your online store’s conversion rate. Even better, this responsive checkout page is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, helping your website stay ahead in the world of online shopping. Some of its great features include a fully customized checkout layout, the possibility to create up to five custom fields on the checkout page, where you can place any type of content you want, as well as multi-store and multi-language support. Rest assured, all popular methods of payment and shipping are supported, in order for you to reach a customer-base as wide as possible. Fire Checkout is now available in eleven languages. Lastly, you should know that you can count on the amazing support offered by the team behind Fire Checkout to help you with any enquiry or difficulty you may come across.

4. Pintastic – Pinboard Social network script


Pintastic is the easiest way to create your very own Pinterest clone in the shortest amount of time. With Pintastic you can set up your pinboard website and enjoy all the ways in which it enables you to monetize it. With Pintastic you can create a website that allows users to pin their pictures, make their pins featured or become power users. Also, thanks to the over 40 modules that come with Pintastic 4.0, your users won’t have to settle just with sharing pictures, they will be able to upload videos and GIFs just as easily. What’s more, Pintastic is completely social network ready (you can activate “Share it” buttons for up to 300 sites), 100% responsive and fully optimized for speed. In addition to this, if you’re looking for further ways to monetize your website, Pintastic allows you to extend your functionalities to include a marketplace solution where your users will be able to sell and purchase products.

5. Getsy – Multi Vendor Marketplace Script


Getsy is a marketplace script that will enable you to have your very own Etsy clone in a matter of minutes. This professional PHP script will make sure that you get started with a marketplace with all the necessary features straight off the bat. Getsy offers you access to an intuitive interface that your clients will love, unlimited categories for your products, built-in Facebook and Twitter registration, login and sharing support and complete control over the entire system straight from your admin panel. With Getsy it is now easier than ever to create a social marketplace where you clients can easily interact with each other, create stores and rate buyers and sellers. By using this amazing tool you will be able to create more than a successful marketplace, you will be able to create a community for your users.

6. Argento Template

Argento Template

Argento is the most advanced theme especially created for Magento, based on best practices straight from Magento developers and the experience of the most successful e-commerce stores. It is packed with more than 15 popular extensions compatible with the Magento platform and it is guaranteed to look amazing and work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices, as it has been thoroughly tested. Scaled to fit any browser width and screen resolution, Argento will adapt to whichever device website visitors are using. Even more, this awesome theme was put together so as to function equally well on iOS, Blackberry and Android, meaning that you won’t have to go to the trouble of having to create a separate mobile template or use a mobile app. Additionally, Argento is based on CSS sprite techniques, meaning it has a reduced number of https requests.It has also been updated to a better Magento SEO performance, which includes right usage of SEO tags and HTML attributes. This high SEO ranking theme can also boast with easily manageable banners, pop-up windows and custom blocks, as well as implementation of Nivo slider animation options.

7. actiTIME


actiTIME is a perfect, user-friendly time tracking software for your company. Regardless of the number of employees you have, actiTIME will help you keep track of your projects and deliver them on time and budget. With this tool project management will be easy like never before, you will be able to create task estimates, deadline reminders and budget control notifications keeping project progress under close control. All entered data can be viewed in multiple reports covering almost any management or accounting needs. Having detailed information on how you or your team spent time on projects, you will be able to plan your resources more efficiently actiTIME is very easy to set up and doesn’t require any training. Join 9000 companies worldwide already using actiTIME!

8. actiPLANS


If you spend too much time handling leave requests from your employees, registering data in spreadsheets and filling in endless paperwork, then actiPLANS will become your new best friend. This leave time management software has dozens of awesome features that are intuitive and will help you save lots of time. The flexible settings will enable you to plan resources wisely.actiPLANS will automate leave requests and the approval process and provide a clear view of the corporate leave schedule. Personal leave time l history feature will surely come in handy for managers when they need to check if someone is abusing the company’s leave time policies. Automated PTO balance calculation will eliminate the human error and save you money. actiPLANS makes the entire leave time management process easy and effortless, helping you reduce unscheduled absences and the need for supervisory oversight.

9. PowerMockup


PowerPoint is widely used and has an intuitive interface, so even first-time users can create presentations from scratch. Building on its strengths, the powerful add-on PowerMockup takes PowerPoint to another level, transforming it into a wireframe tool for prototyping web, mobile and desktop apps. PowerMockup is compatible with PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. It comes with a library of wireframe elements and icons that can be dragged and dropped on a PowerPoint slide. Enjoy dozens of stencils and icons, different import and export options (PDF, PNG, EMF) and powerful drawing tools for grouping, aligning and layering shapes. With their help, creating screen prototypes of mobile, web, and desktop applications is just a few clicks away, right in your PowerPoint window. All stencils are built with standard PowerPoint shapes so you can easily make adjustments and additions. You can add your own stencils and export them to a single file, so you can share your creations with your team.

10. IconBeast


IconBeast is probably the best provider for iOS icons around. And the best part about their resources is that they work on Android and web applications as well as they do on Apple software. The 3000+ iOS Tab Bar and Toolbar Icons provided by IconBeast are top of the line, they’ve been designed and engineered in grid in order to be pixel perfect. They are also available in PNG, Vector AI, Vector EPS, SVG and PSD. All these icons come with a simple and easy to understand license: you get the icons from IconBeast and you are free to use them in any project you wish or alter them as you see fit. If you need any more incentive to start working with IconBeast right now, they offer icons in active state as well and they have 500 free iOS Tab Bar Icons to get you started with your work.

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