14 Insanely Epic Font Combos For Your Next Project

Typography is everywhere, but choosing the right combination of typefaces for your project is one of the hardest – and most time-consuming – tasks you’ll probably face as a graphic designer.

These days, there are more typefaces out there than ever before – with more being created every week – so even finding just one typeface that you like can become lengthy task in itself. Plus, even when you do manage to find one, you then have to go through the entire font hunting process all over again to find a complimentary typeface to feature alongside it.

This can take hours, days, weeks, or possibly even months, in some cases.

Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch every time, as there are already a tonne of epic font combos out there, you just have to look for them.

Here are a few epic combos we found online:

1. ArsMaquette Web + FF Tisa Web Pro

ArsMaquette Web + FF Tisa Web Pro
Website link: Sozo Design

Sozo Design is a UK-based design agency that – judging by their website – know what they’re doing when it comes to typography.

ArsMaquette and FF Tisa Pro compliment each other perfectly, as you can see from the screenshot of the websites homepage above. For of the reason for this is down to the fact that ArsMaquette is a sans serif font, whereas FF Tisa is a serif font. As you may already know, mixing a sans serif typeface with a serif one is usually a recipe for success.

FF Tisa is a beautiful and readable body font and has just the right balance of formality and personality for Sozo.

2. Didot Light + Source Sans Pro

Didot Light + Source Sans Pro
Website link: Wraxell’s

So often, sites such as Wraxell’s (i.e. roofing websites) feature boring, uninviting and out-of-date designs.

However, Wrexell’s design is far from out-of-date, partially thanks to a great combination of typefaces throughout the site.

The main two typefaces in use here are Didot Light (the words “Green Roofing” above are written in Didot Light) and Source Sans Pro.

Didot Light is an interesting choice for the website – and possibly one that few designers would have opted for due to it’s somewhat neoclassical appearance – but it works beautifully well, especially alongside the down to earth Source Sans Pro.

3. Raleway + Lato

Raleway + Lato
Website link: Nexus

Nexus (the site pictured above) is actually a website theme that is available to purchase from Themeforest (so nothing to do with Google Nexus).

In fact, the only connection the template has to Google is that it makes use of two typefaces from Google Fonts: Raleway and Lato.

Raleway is a widely used font across the website and is perfect for a variety of uses; however, it can be a bit “full-on” for use as paragraph/body text. If you feel this is the case for your brand, consider pairing it with Lato: a simple sans serif font that compliments Raleway perfectly.

4. Proxima Nova + JafBernino Sans

Proxima Nova + JafBernino Sans
Website link: Koh Active

Koh Active builds digital products for innovative brands, and as you can likely tell from their website, they keep things clean, simple and elegant.

This is also reflected in their choice of typography on the website. They’re using two fonts: Proxima Nova and JafBernino Sans to achieve a simple, elegant look that also commands attention.

Proxima Nova is extremely well crafted and elegant, whereas JafBernino Sans is chunky and commands your attention. When used alongside each other, these two typefaces offer the perfect combination for any modern brand looking for a simple no-nonsense approach.

5. Knockout 52 + Chronicle Text

Knockout 52 + Chronicle Text
Website link: Keeping New York On Track

Keeping New York On Track is a unique website. It makes use of an abundance of white space and modern illustrations. After all, New York is about as modern and cosmopolitan as it gets.

When it comes to typography, the clean modern look of the website is continued with the use of Knockout 52 and Chronicle Text. Knockout 52 is the large, bold, sans-serif typeface you see being used for the headline; it’s somewhat similar to Helvetica.

For the main body text, Chronicle Text is used, a serif typeface that isn’t too dissimilar from Georgia or Sans Serif.

The resulting combination is elegant, modern and highly readable.

6. Kepler Standard Display + Futura PT

Kepler Standard Display + Futura PT
Website link: Ellen Tracey

Ellen Tracey describes itself as “the perfect balance between youthful attitude and grown-up glamour” – and this is something that is certainly reflected in the brands choice of typography.

Throughout the site, only two typefaces are used: Kepler Standard Display and Futura PT. Kepler is the beautiful serif typeface used primarily for the titles/headings whereas Futura PT is used as a main body font as well as for the menu bar.

Again, mixing a sans serif and serif font usually works well, but it takes a smart designer to craft a combination like this, as it reflects the brands personality beautifully.

7. DIN Next + Minion W01

DIN Next + Minion W01
Website link: This Is Iron Clad

“This Is Iron Clad” describes itself as a “boutique digital cinema agency specialising in creative storytelling” – quite a unique introduction, to say the least.

It’s unique brands like this that are often the hardest to make choices for when it comes to typography, but this brand has pulled it off beautifully. It makes use of DIN Next and Minion W01 to create a simple yet modern look.

DIN Next is used for the main heading, whereas Minion W01 is used for the subheading. Once again, this combination of serif + sans serif works well. Both of the typefaces are italicised, which adds a bit of uniqueness and personality to the brand.

8. OldStyle + Avenir

OldStyle + Avenir
Website link: GiliLankafushi

GiliLankafushi is an exclusive resort hidden away in the beautiful Maldives Island in the Indian Ocean. It might not be the cheapest of places to stay, but it sure is luxurious.

Typically, you’ll see luxurious, expensive brands like this making use of simple serif typography throughout, and often that works quite well. However, GiliLankafushi didn’t want to convey the standard “luxurious” feel, but also a sense of exoticness.

To achieve this, they’ve made use of two typefaces: OldStyle and Avenir.OldStyle is used to achieve that sense of exoticness, while Avenir keeps things simple, elegant and down to earth.

9. Sweet Sans Medium + Lato

Sweet Sans Medium + Lato
Website link: My 365 Days in Print

My 365 Days in Print is a unique project that turns 365 days worth of stories into a unique book of prints.

With a unique project comes a unique typeface combination, this time in the form of Sweet Sans Medium and Lato.

Sweet Sans Medium is the typeface you see being used for the heading above; it’s bold but also has character. Lato is used for the body text as it’s highly readable and works well alongside just about anything.

You’ll notice that both of these typefaces are sans serif; just because it’s typical to pair a serif and sans serif doesn’t mean that two sans serif typefaces can’t look beautiful together.

10. JafBernino Sans + Freight Text Pro

JafBernino Sans + Freight Text Pro
Website link: Medium

Medium has become quite an iconic website as far as typography is concerned. Being a website for writers, things are kept as simple and readable as possible, which is the reason behind the JafBernino Sans and Freight Text Pro combination.

Freight Text Pro is quite similar to Georgia, although it has a little more uniqueness and isn’t used nearly as much. JafBernino Sans is bold and chunky, making it the perfect font for an eye-catching heading.

Again, the combination is serif/sans serif.

11. Kelson Sans Light + Open Sans

Kelson Sans Light + Open Sans
Website link: Qburst

Kelson Sans Light is a unique font choice for any brand, and you don’t see it around on the web much; this is a shame though, as it’s a unique typeface that works well with a lot of other typefaces.

You’ll notice that Kelson Sans Light and Open Sans are relatively similar; they’re both sans serif and they both have a similar no-nonsense quality to them. Now, typically, similar fonts are a bad choice for a combination, but if you’re smart about it (like this site has been), they can work well together.

The trick is to use weights and styling to help differentiate the two typefaces. In the example above, you’ll notice that a light version of Kelson Sans is used alongside an italicised version of Open Sans.

12. Gotham SSM + Playfair Display

Gotham SSM + Playfair Display
Website link: Movement

The thing about corporate sites is that they can be quite dull; you’ll often see Times New Roman and Georgia crop up much more than they should.

However, Movement.com has made use of two typefaces: Gotham SSM and Playfair Display to create a somewhat formal and corporate look that does away with the dullness.

Although these two typefaces work quite well together my default, the genius of this website is the use of many different font weights, sizes and styles to create an interesting design with hierarchy.

13. Brandon Grotesque + Chaparral Pro

Brandon Grotesque + Chaparral Pro
Website link: Lumate

Lumate is a colourful, well designed website that is relatively minimalistic in its design style. It also makes use of a somewhat unique typography combination: Brandon Grotesque and Chaparral Pro.

Brandon Grotesque is becoming quite a widely used font across the web, but you don’t see Chaparral Pro quite as often. The two make a great pairing. Brandon Grotesque is simple, sans serif and perfect for the heading, whereas Chaparral Pro works perfectly alongside as a subheading.

PT Sans is also used on the page, which works well alongside both typefaces.

14. Open Sans + Merriweather

Open Sans + Merriweather
Website link: Ashton Golf

Ashton Golf could have easily been another dull golf course website packed with offers, cluttered stock images and whatnot, but luckily, the designers must have had their creative hats on the day they designed this site.

One of the most striking things about the website is the use of typography. It makes use of Open Sans and Merriweather; two very different typefaces.

The primary typeface used on the site is Merriweather, although Open Sans is used for the less important aspects of the design. Being a sans serif/serif combination, they work beautifully together.

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