The Swiss Army Knife of Website Analytics and Feedback: Hotjar’s All-in-One Platform

The web development industry has a tricky problem at hand, particularly when it comes to piecing website performance data and user feedback together.

The number of different point solutions available to give you real-time analytics and user feedback is overwhelming to say the least, and to top it off, the pricing models are far too steep.

At Hotjar, we’re challenging the traditional disconnected set of tools, and the prices that go along with them, by democratizing user analytics and feedback. We’ve put the most important tools all in one complete and easy-to-use platform and at a fraction of the cost to finally solve the pain each and every one of us has felt throughout our careers.


We’re here to show you how collecting the right analytics and gathering the best user feedback can best be accomplished and how this will help you to hear your website visitors and see their behavior.

Making Sense of Combining Analytics and Feedback All in One

To get the ‘big picture’ of how to improve your site’s user experience, you have to use at least a handful of tools. While this might work in certain scenarios, it will not help you accurately create better sites and solutions around your users — something we can safely assume 99.9% of you want.

We’re thrilled to break into the industry as the only tool available that connect the dots between analytics AND feedback, two previously very separated tools, to help you understand why your visitors behave the way they do. Hotjar solves every piece of the puzzle to help you improve your site’s user experience and conversion rates.

Our Analytics tools allow you to measure and observe user behavior while our Feedback tools allow you to hear what visitors say. Combined, you have a serious tool belt to identify the hottest opportunities for improvement and growth on your website.

Introducing a New Way of Doing Things

Introducing a New Way of Doing Things

Typical web analytics solutions operate and charge you based on the number of total visitors to your site. This “always on” approach used to collect and store data makes them very expensive to reveal opportunities and insights.

At Hotjar, we’ve flipped this approach on its head. We collect data from a sample of your visitors by utilizing our proprietary sampling engine. Through this, we’re able to hone in on the most relevant and actionable pieces of data at a fraction of the cost to unveil opportunities and insights that will help you enhance the entire user experience. And instead of collecting data from every page, we take an ‘on demand report’ approach so that you can generate an unlimited amount of ‘snapshot’ reports on an unlimited number of pages.

With our straightforward approach to collecting data, fast moving and lean organizations can rapidly learn and improve on the fly at a much lower price point. In fact, we’ve built out an action plan for you that details exactly how we help you easily and quickly find the hottest opportunities for growth using the Hotjar methodology.

The Hotjar Toolset: Your Right Hand Man

With Hotjar’s analytics and feedback tools, you’ll learn how to improve your site’s user experience and conversion rates by seeing exactly what visitors do and what they say.

These are a few of our top features customers have come to love about Hotjar:


See where you are converting and losing visitors in Hotjar’s Funnels dashboard and by replaying visitor recordings. Hotjar makes it easy to identify your biggest opportunities and choose which step in the funnel to work on next.



With Hotjar’s heatmaps you can see exactly where your visitors tap, click and move their mouse as well as how far they scroll to understand how they are using your website. We measure this on desktop and mobile devices alike.


Visitor Playback

Hotjar records visitor sessions for you so you can playback actual behavior. This adds another layer of context to our heatmaps.

Visitor Playback


Through our Feedback tools, you can ask visitors why they are abandoning your pages, who they are, and what they think of the page. You will be surprised by their feedback.


Recruit User Testers

Invite visitors to a live user test via screen sharing to actually see how they use your pages and what they are thinking. This live, personalized feedback is critically insightful to Hotjar customers.

Recruit User Testers


We offer many more Analytics and Feedback tools to give you a full picture of how your website is performing and converting. Head over to our website to see them all.

At Hotjar, we believe in a future where anyone can build a site around their users with the right analytics and feedback. At the rate that the software world is changing, having a Swiss Army Knife like Hotjar to help you completely understand the user journey will get you closer to your customers and converting more visitors.

Get started for free with Hotjar today!

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