How Can Photoshop And Illustrator Help You Earn Online

Earning online is the best thing now days and people are looking for different ways of earning at home. One can earn a pretty good amount using Photoshop and illustrator.

This article will focus on how these two software can help you in this case along with some basic guides of using these two software that will help you at initial level.

Introduction to work at home

Work at home has been very common all across the globe and there are millions of people who are earning a handsome amount of money just sitting at home and doing the work of their own choice this includes the typing work, designing work, research work, translation work, educational work and the list goes on and on. There are millions of jobs on the internet for those who want to work online.

Online websites

There are lots of freelance websites that is a great platform for the interaction of the client and thefreelance workers. Websites like freelancer, people per hour and odesk are some best freelance websites having millions of members signed up. Freelance work is best for the students who work along with their studies, for mothers, and for the retired people who are willing to earn and keep them busy after their retirement.

Benefits of online working

The best part about freelance work is that you don’t have to travel that is quite hectic and time consuming so working online also saves your time. Online working has no hard and fast rules, no strict schedules in fact you can make your own timetable according to your schedule. You will be not bounded with the timings instead you can decide your own timings of working. You can work early in the morning or even late at night, it’s totally your call.

Role of technology in online earning

Technology and science have now reached the moon and have done wonders in past and is still doing unbelievable and amazing things. Technology plays a vital role in earning online, since its “online” earning so technology is strongly related. Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator both are the part of the technology and let’s say a very beneficial part of the technology. Today millions of people are earning a very attractive amount without traveling, by sitting at home and that’s all because of the wonders of technology that are adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator.Photoshop and illustrator are a great source of income. Many youngsters are inspired by this skill and are attracted towards it.

Why Photoshop and illustrator are a great source of online earning?

Working on Photoshop and illustrator is actually fun and is not boring. Why not earn by doing something that is fun instead of boring. One enjoys working if the work he is doing is he really “wants” to do and not “need” to do. Youth loves using software and designing and finds this source the best earning source. Not only boys are good with the software skills but now even girls can operate the software with great excellence and girls are earning even more then the boys and that’s by using Photoshop and illustrator at home.

How can Photoshop and illustrator be utilized for earning online

Photoshop and illustrator both can be used in several different ways to earn money online as these software are amazing and multiple things can be done. These are just not for picture editing but numerous other things can be done as well. Here is the list of things that can be done using Photoshop and illustrator:

1) Picture editing

Photoshop is used for the editing purpose. Pictures cannot be edited on illustrator as illustrator is not an editing software, illustrator is an illustrating software. Picture editing is done by using Photoshop this includes color correction, cropping, contrast and brightness, levels and curves, removing and adding stuff, editing of background and so on. There are thousands of jobs of picture editing posted daily on freelance websites.

2) Spot healing

There are many images in the world that needs to be fixed. It might have some sort of unwanted marks or spots that have to be removing with perfection and this work cannot be done by just anyone. This work can only be done by a professional who is an expert in the editing and have knowledge of using Photoshop because spot healing is also done through Photoshop in fact there is a separate tool of spot healing.

3) Removing acne and freckles

Removing the acne and the freckles in the pictures from a human face in such a way that his/her face looks completely fresh and it also doesn’t gives a fake look is also done by using Photoshop as this is also a part of picture editing, so many people wants to get their pictures edit and wanted to remove all the acne and freckles.

4) Poster designing

Poster designing is one of the most provided jobs online. There `are thousands of companies all across the globe and every company needs a poster for their advertising and promotions and marketing and for that they need posters so poster designing is a really good thing that can be done using illustrator as well as Photoshop. Some people prefer illustrator for the poster designing while some prefer Photoshop, however it is people’s own personal choice because there are some people who just use Photoshop for picture editing and not for poster designing and all.

5) Banner designing

Just like the poster designing the banner designers are also highly required by the different firms all over the world. Banners are also used for promotions and marketing and people usually get this designing work done online by using the freelance websites. Banners can be designed using Photoshop as well as illustrator.

6) Flyer designing

Flyers can also be designed online sitting at home using illustrator and Photoshop. People earn pretty good amount by designing flyers as there are a number of jobs of flyer designing which is not at all difficult if one knows how to use Photoshop and illustrator. Designing flyers, banners and posters are always fun but you need to be creative and think out of the box.

7) Stationary designing

Stationary designing is one of the best ways of earning online and is one of my favorite as well. Stationary designing is actually fun and is very interesting and you can earn a very good pay package for designing the stationary for any company. There are millions of companies and everyone need the stationary to be designed and for that they hire freelance designers. Stationary includes: business cards, letterhead, and envelops. Stationary can be designed using illustrator as well as Photoshop. People all across the globe are earning by designing the stationeries which is actually cool.

8) T-shirt designing

There are many people who ask for the T-shirt designing and are willing to pay a good amount for those designs, so you can also learn how to design T-shirts and can earn online. T-shirt designing is actually fun and a creative work. You will be having thousands of competitors so you have to do your best to get good projects. You can find lots of T- shirt designing jobs on different freelance websites very easily.

9) Model designing

Model designing is a very interesting type of designing job in which you will be given an idea or a rough sketch of anything like a car, bike, house, face sketch, wrist watches or any other thing and you will just simply have to make that sketch digitally which is not at all easy, it needs professional skills. Illustrator is used for model designing, the mesh tool in illustrator is the major tool to be used and it is one of the toughest tools to be used but once you know how to use this tool you will definitely enjoy using it.

10) Color separation for printing

Many companies who deal with the large amount of printing work and need quality printing so they usually want to get their color separation done so for that they prefer freelance designers who could do this work for them. Color separation simply separates the four colors of the image that are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. After the color separation then the images are sent for printing in order to get the good results however color separation job do not have a very wide scope because the printing shops can also do this but you might find this job on freelance websites.

11) Character designing

Character designing is a part of animation but it is not important that this job can only be done by the animators; designers can do this work as well and can earn a very good amount sitting at home. Character designing is difficult yet a very fun to do job and one of the highest online paid jobs, so if you know how to design a character you can make a good enough monthly amount. Here designing characters does not literally means animations since you are not moving the character instead you are just drawing them digitally.

12) Logo designing

Logo designing is one of the most demanded jobs online, millions and millions of people are earning their monthly package by designing logos. There are thousands of logo designing jobs posted on freelance websites daily and also there are millions of people in this field so the competition is very high. This work is highly creative as you have to think out of the box and have to come up with an entirely new idea and innovation. You can’t copy someone else’s logo or else you could be sued, so you have to be careful with all these things. People usually think that logo designing is a complex work but it’s not because the simple logos are preferred and demanded all across the globe.

Basic tools of Photoshop and their functions

Here are some basic tools of Photoshop along with their functions that would help you at initial level:

  • Move tool: move tool is the very first and the basic tool of Photoshop that is simply used to move the elements and the images on the art board from one place to another. The shortcut of selecting this tool is (v).
  • Marquee tool: there are four types of marquee tools; rectangular, elliptical, single row and single column marquee tool and these tools are used for making the solid selections on the art board or images that are in some basic shapes.
  • Lasso tools: lasso tools are used for complex selections and there are three types of lasso tools, simple lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool and the magnetic lasso tools all are used for the selections. This is also available in illustrator.
  • Magic wand tool: this tool literally works as a magic and in just a single click it selects a particular color from the entire image. This is also available in illustrator.
  • Crop tool: this is a simple tool used for cropping images
  • Eye dropper tool: this tool helps in picking the exact color from another image. This is also available in illustrator.
  • Brush tool: brush tool is simply a paint brush tool used for painting.
  • Gradient tool: gradient tool is used for adding the gradients in the image, gradient could be in two or more colors also nit can be radial and linear. This is also available in illustrator.

Basic tools of Illustrator and their functions

Here are some basic tools of illustrator:

  • Selection tool: selection tool simply selects an image or anything on the art book and used for moving the object from one place to another.
  • Direct selection tool: direct selection tool selects the points individually and helps in moving the image individually like one point at a time can be moved by this tool.
  • Pen tool: this tool is also used in the Photoshop. It is a pen which is used for tracing and drawing things. It is a complex tool but fun to use.
  • Type tool: this tool is used for inserting text in different ways. There are sub options of the type tools that are pretty interesting and fun to use.
  • Mesh tool: this tool is extremely complex tool and it takes a lot of time doing mesh projects but once you learn how to use this tool then you will definitely enjoy using it as it works as a net.

Now you know how you can earn online by using illustrator and Photoshop, you also know what type of online work you can get if you have these skills. You also learned about some basic tools of illustrator and Photoshop so you can take further help from the online tutorials and can start earning online.

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