Top 2015 Web Tools You Should Know About

Psst…hey, yeah, you. Are you searching for the most important web tools you should know about in 2015?

Well, you’ve come to the absolutely perfect place, scroll on to see what awesome tools we’ve gathered for you.

1. Pidoco


Pidoco is one of the fastest online prototyping tools for creating wireframes and highly interactive prototypes, and all of this without any coding required. Real-time collaboration, custom templates, several export options including a specification document generator and a library of 400+ UI elements are just some of the awesome features that make this tool stand out from the crowd.

With Pidoco, you can better develop web and any software applications but you will also improve the usability of these apps through important early user tests. Pidoco helps you to save time, lower project risks and cut development costs using real-time collaborative rapid prototyping. It’s the perfect tool if you are looking to create fully interactive prototypes in a minimum of time! You can build your prototypes from scratch or start by uploading finished screenshots and linking them with action hotspots. The 31-day free trial requires no credit card.

2. TeamDesk


TeamDesk is online database software that is easily accessible and fully customizable. Users can build their database with the help of a predefined database template or from scratch. Costly custom software development is not the only choice anymore to manage business information. Companies can build their databases that reflect their unique structure and requirements and then modify applications online the way they want to and whenever they need to. A business may be unique in its workflow, structure, operation or market such that it does not really fall exactly into an existing category. However, this online database software also offers expert service in helping companies build a system that work for one’s needs through discussion with the client, determination and confirmation of workflow logic, creation of a ready-to-use database, and a solution specifically designed for one’s needs.

3. Usersnap


Most of us have worked on joint web projects and encountered problems with bug tracking. This meant that we had to take a screenshot and then take the time to write a detailed report on when and how we came across the problem in order to ask for help from our colleagues, all this time wishing there was an easier and faster way to do all this. Well, there actually is one: the awesome visual bug tracker Usersnap. Usersnap will make bug tracking easy and collaborating with colleagues and clients efficient and professional. It will create screenshots of the current browser content and then put together bug reports with absolutely no extra plugin required. In fact, even if already have a project management or bug tracking system, you can integrate it with Usersnap.

4. Html5maker


One very popular theme these days on websites and social media is the use of animation. Animated GIFs, in particular, are all over social sharing sites, but animation can be a powerful aid to website developers as well.
HTML5Maker tool helps you create cross-browser animated content for banners, slideshows, sliders, and other presentations. The tool is extremely easy to use – within five minutes, you can easily create a professional-looking animation that can be integrated into your website.


Themify is the ideal tool if you need to make your web site shine but you don’t have time to learn coding or programming. Themify’s feature rich framework will take web designing to a whole new level. You will have access to a Drag and Drop Builder, custom widgets, shortcodes and many new amazing Addons. The new Builder Addons will make your life even easier and bring spectacular results with just a few clicks. These add-ons are modules that extend the Themify Builder and can be used with any Themify theme or Builder Plugin. Eager to find out what the Addons can do? You can display content in a timeline styled layout by using Timeline or sport the Windows 8 Metro Layout by using Tiles. The WooCommerce add-on will allow you to show products anywhere in the Builder. You’ll be able to create audio playlists, custom designed action buttons and simple contact forms. Music to your ears?

6. Framebench


Framebench, a Google Docs-like platform for creative collaboration, has released a new tool for those who regularly need to annotate and markup attachments shared via email. Framebench’s “Mail Markup” extension allows for contextual conversations on Gmail file attachments, like PDFs and images. Users will be able to annotate and leave comments on attachments without having to first download them to their computer. It then prepares a draft for users to send over to the team along with the annotated attachment. These files are also stored on their web app and can definitely help garner popularity for the main platform.

The New Delhi-headquartered company, for background, launched its online platform aimed at digital agencies and creative design firms over a year ago offering creatives, tools for real-time communication, collaboration, and sync.

7. Dealfuel


DealFuel is the final destination for any web developer and designer. DealFuel runs awesome deals daily where you get discount upto 95% on softwares, graphics, themes, templates, icons and other web resources. Not only they offer huge discounts on deals but every week they share some awesome freebies with everyone. So, check them out and sieze the opportunity.

8. WpBeginner


WPBeginner negotiated exclusive WordPress coupons for their users. That’s why they are offering the best tools and services deals you can find on the internet. Visiting on a daily base WPBeginner, you will save lots of money.

9. Ghostlab App

Ghostlab App

Ghostlab App is the most powerful tool for cross-browser testing. Using this app you can easily test and identify how a website looks and feels on multiple browsers and devices. Whether you’re a developer or a designer, you need to have a performant solution to test the entire user experience and Ghostlab App is the best one. Give it a try and you will never search for any other solution!

10. Bugrocket


Bugrocket provides teams with a simple way to manage their bugs. The application includes quick ticket filtering tools that lets the user control preferences and filter criteria. The user can filter by list, status, priority level or user.

11. Shopsite


With ShopSite you can create an online catalog without doing any programming, make your catalog a successful online business through merchandising tools such as an On Sale module, product up-sell and cross-sell, and associates tracking,collect and process orders securely. A nice thing is that you get free upgrades to the latest version of ShopSite as long as you remain a customer.

12. Wideo


With Wideo, users can choose (or upload their own) images, backgrounds, and sounds in order to create their own personalized video. That video can then be shared on social networks or embedded in websites or blogs.

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