Top 22 Designing Trends For 2015 That Are Must For Graphic Designers

On per global scale, the enormous growth of graphics/web designing over the years is a clear testimony of men’s lust and longing for more of the visualizing revolution.

Various notable and companies and their CEO’s are always on the hunt for some brilliant graphic-designing talent out there. This is mostly due to the fact that the verge of mobile internet platform and the need for applications has been and constantly in great want, which certainly requires an efficient design and appealing look to apart from having great functionality.

Furthermore, we are ushering in an era where more text and the minds of the readers are captivated by appealing visualization rather than norm trends of the web and application that was once in use a couple of years behind our backs. Therefore, some trends are still with us while some have faded away altogether in the mist of ever-growing world of technology.

With this being said, and also since we are just in the beginning of this new year, we took the pains to gain information about some of the most tantalizing upcoming graphic designing trends in 2015, as shared and preferred by the practicing notable graphics designers in the industry today. In this article, we will focus and try to bring into our reader’s great and kind conscience the factors that will affect their graphic designing resolutions of the year and how they will continue to prosper and grow within the industry by adapting to these trends.

Some of the most known and popular designing trends, which some of you might already be aware of such as responsive designing, typography, speed & users, and the material designing, you have the liberty to let us know about any other new addition you want to make or have suggestions on the existing one right in the comment section down below. So, let us venture deep into the most notable 50+ graphic designing trends for 2015 by the experts of designing themselves.

1. Materialistic Designing

Materialistic Designing

This technique of designing that has gained a very remarkable reception in the global designing community is a fresh concept invented by Google back in the June of 2014. By the end of the preceding year, couple of websites has implemented material designing techniques into their infrastructures both for the web portals and the mobile platform. Google has also been using material designing since it was created by them and the technique is steadfastly growing ever since.

2. Card Designing

Card Designing

The very neat, minimal and sleek appealing look that this designing trend possess has captivated a lot of viewers of the web in awe and admiration. Card design has already been used in a couple of products of its own by Google and has been a very popular graphic designing trend in 2014 with having great potential in the year of 2015 as well. Card designing is now gaining fast momentum on various sites for both mini and big formats of the web.

3. A video background with a full width

A video background with a full width

This particular trend is more famous for sites that represent small and big businesses on the web. Having full-width video embedded at the top of your site gives your viewers a very easy and convincing message about your organization’s motives. If your company is a start-up on the web and you would like to display your portfolios and testimonials, full-width videos in the background with bold typography and parallax scrolling is a sure way to go.

4. Animated Graphics

Animated Graphics

Graphics that interacts in real time are the benchmarks of quality for any website today. A short and little but concise and witty graphical animations could bring your viewers into a bowing position for the wit and humor you display with great efficiency in execution. Mark the words, animated graphics is a sure continues hot trends for graphic designing in 2015 and beyond for sure.

5. SVG


Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG, in short, possess many advantages and powers which a lot of huge and stuffed graphics is unable to achieve at times. The 2015 era is indeed the right one to use brilliantly created two-dimensional graphics with such ideas and creativity that the viewer simply can’t resist praising. Plus, with additional great browser support at hand, a designer would only be dull and reckless if he or she does not obtain the benefits of SVG on the websites they create.

6. Performance & speed

Performance & speed

It is a synonym with high-quality, websites of all sorts that does not represent these two major factors would likely be neglected in the course of 2015. Graphics does matter but if you have high-quality graphics and none of the performance & speed on your site, you are not keeping up with the latest demands and inquiries of the users of World Wide Web. Therefore, make sure you use appealing graphics with great performance & speed.

7. Slight Raster Graphics & Resolution Impartiality

Slight Raster Graphics & Resolution Impartiality

As described above, performance & speed are one of the key aspects of a successful web development project, of course with compelling graphical intervention as well. The point is to actually build more sites with squish or SVG graphics via the use of optimizing utilities such as image Alpha. This will in return make our pages much quicker and lighter and offering our readers a superfast website surfing with great graphics to amuse from.

8. The rise of Code Prototypes

The rise of Code Prototypes

This technique has verged as one of the most accurate and fast ways to assess a website in any browser. Conquering its predecessor the JPGs, prototypes in their respect saves a great deal of time in the long-run. The scope of prototype codes will be great in 2015 and will continue to do so in the later years to come until another big breakthrough is made.

9. Design & the Interaction

Design & the Interaction

Lively user interaction and the design of the pages has parted ways as two separate procedures in the current times. More frequently, web designers are now focusing and putting all their energies in utilizing such graphical interaction utilities as Framerjs, Pixate, and Marvel on the static pages of a website. Due to the rise of graphical dynamic interaction tools, it has become a major graphic designing trend for the current eras for all web designers. It is more likely that we will soon witness such utilities that will combine both static and the dynamic elements of the designing of a web page in one single norm.

10. Divisible Content

Divisible Content

One of the major changes that have occurred in the web/graphic design industry, more and more online business are longing to create such content that can be further converted into an assortment of formats. You might have seen yourself many times while researching on the web such websites as Slideshare and Piktographics that offers you to turn your content both in a Presentations slides, as well as infographic. There are several others notable formats as well that content creators seek to convert the content into such as PDFs and highly visual images. In a nutshell, visual storytelling has become a very key trend in the industry today and there are no chances to be seen by its decline in 2015 too.

11. Lettering


As the time progresses in the couple of recent years, Lettering or Typography for exact meaning has evolved and become better, bolder, bigger and efficient too. Now, as we step in 2015, we should expect fonts becoming more and more useful and improved. Web lettering or typography has come to us in leaps and bounds over the course of last 5 years or so since web designers have developed variety of ways to use them more properly and learning about them a great deal.

12. The powerful GPU

The powerful GPU

Much to the advancement in high graphics game development and cutting-edge web designing software’s, GPU fragment shaders is yet novel but a very compromising technology in graphics department. The mode of graphics that were considered as dreams only in the past has now become a reality with this trend-setter technology. One can now easily utilize color processing, blur technique, blending modes, and various other functionalities in graphics creation, all owe their origin to the amazing GPU shader-based effects in an assortment of real-time apps and visualization on sites. This category will undoubtedly bring more and more graphical innovations in future that will leave a person awe-stricken in his words.

13. Light and neat designing

Light and neat designing

This designing concept reigns supreme when it comes to the mobile platform, not to mention a vitality for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. To achieve a sleek, light, and finer looking sites for the shorter version of the web has become crucially important and all designers are required to hit that mark. Like evolution applies to human development through the ages, internet has its own evolutionary process to and now we must acknowledge that the web is going through one and becoming mature as the time goes by. Therefore, it makes sense indeed that we need to part from those old heavily bilded faux gradations and shadows too much neater and softer designs which appeal to the eye of the beholder.

14. In deep of the code

In deep of the code

Almost with every update regarding the World Wide Web standards, it has become quite convenient and unbelievably powerful to obtain any type of graphical enhancements with the beautiful effects of little coding of JavaScript and CSS. Those graphic designers who hold incomparable command over JavaScript and CSS has been and are doing some extreme and mesmerizing graphical enhancements for websites. It is surely expected that CSS and JavaScript will continue to express graphic designing in various forms and formats for the web world.

15. All-in-one designing

All-in-one designing

For a good score of years, we have received designing as the separate department from development. But now, things are changing so are the ways of setting standards. Designing would probably be an all-in-one package of various aspects and functionalities as we dive in 2015. The old trend of separate fashion is now resting in peace.

16. Minimal graphic designing

Minimal graphic designing

It is suggested that 2015 will cut a lot of stuffing’s and clutter all the way in graphics designing section. The sites will focus more on how to obtain their free space, put impressive images, and utilize the robust typography. In the previous years, solidly flat designs were the gems of every designer but that has been influenced and upgraded by the coming of Google Material Design procedure. The websites will obviously be designed to highlight important features and functionalities to obtain a better conversion for sales in 2015.

17. Microinteractions


Animations that are actually delicate such as a button hovering function or a graphical expression being displayed when you put your mouse on a certain place in the site will be one of the key trends in 2015 graphic design resolutions. These little animations have a bigger impact on the viewer’s mind and is considered a very vital attempt in order to create great call-to-actions for your website.

18. VI or Vector Images

VI or Vector Images

The increasing of pixel density per screen has been happening year by year. The recent example is the launch of Apple’s retina iMac, scalability of the image has become a major concern for the designers globally. Therefore, designing folks out there are neglecting the larger pieces of images such as JPGs, GIFs, and others while turning their attentions towards SVG and other types of vector images, which are all attractive, light, and scalable. No doubt! Vector images will rule the graphical world until the next more enticing innovation happens in the field of visual graphics.

19. Web fonts

Web fonts

This is the on-going new evolutionary branch of typography that will successfully reign in web designing in 2015 as well. Web fonts have become well-known due to the popularity of the likes of Typekit, Google Fonts, and various others, they are sworn to replace and altogether replicate the ancient, as we know it, Arial, Verdana, Georgia, and similar others. The beholder will see and experience highly improved and beautiful websites with the help of web fonts.

20. The Geometric influence

The Geometric influence

The geometric approach is expected to be the topmost graphic designing trend in 2015 respectively. The exclusivity includes in a geometric concept of designing are:

  • Symbols and icons based on patterns
  • Symmetric building
  • Thoroughly measured and created marks

Although, it might be a bit difficult to implement such construction because geometric approach is totally logical and have expected outcome, but combining with visual transition and flat-styled designs the functionality will become more and more used in the procedure of designing.

21. The mix art

The mix art

This is a rear combination of the mixture of several arts between illustrations and physical objects in order to extract from it what is supposed to be a compelling piece of creative designing. This might be one of the key trends in graphic designing in 2015 that we will notice in many 3-dimensional graphics.

22. Style Tiles

Style Tiles

It can be referred to as the light versions of designing guidelines or pyramid. This trend is highly useful when in application into responsive websites. Instead, for a designer to design in several screens in Adobe Photoshop, with an aid of Style Tiles, one can put their energy on structuring a visual style apart from the layout and the actual architecture. This creates great convenience to make wireframes in the parallel, a major graphic designing trend for 2015.

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