The Best Deals To Add An Edge To Your Designs

Both designers and business owners are constantly on the lookout for deals and offers that can help them get an edge in their designs or from their completion. Luckily for them this New Year also brings new and exciting offers all around the Internet.

Here’s a list of the best 10 we could find.

1. Mighty Deals

Mighty Deals

With an ever expanding Internet, it’s not hard to find sites where you can buy the things you need. But what about a site that will bring daily new deals for web designers and developers at outrageously discounted prices? Yes, it exists and it is none other than Mighty Deals. Mighty Deals will help you save between 50% and 90% on products or services like Photoshop add-ons and filters, professional responsive themes, web development tools and much, much more. The secret behind these bargains is the close negotiations with top creative providers that Mighty Deals has taken it upon themselves to hold. Mighty Deals offers their clients exclusivity on most of their deals, deals that are only available on the site for a limited period of time. If you want to make sure you’ll never miss a bargain, subscribe to their newsletter to stay posted on their latest deals. And if you decide to submit a deal yourself, you won’t believe how easy it is. Just signup and get ready to increase your company’s exposure. The vendor dashboard will let you know how many units of your product have been sold, while your money will go straight into your PayPal account.

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2. MyDesignDeals


When you start using MyDesignDeals, you will not only be more efficient in your projects, you will also learn new things along the way. The team that founded MyDesignDeals knows how important it is to learn your craft from professionals in the field. In order to help you, they are providing you with the tools you need to take your designs to the next level and learn new things along the way. By using the vectors, textures, brushes, layer styles and other items available on MyDesignDeals, your projects are guaranteed to be more efficient and you’re bound to become better at what you do as time goes by. All the tools you’ll find on MyDesignDeals come in amazing creative packages that you can only enjoy for a limited time.Make sure you sign up for the newsletter and always keep up to date with their offers. What’s more, as soon as you subscribe to the newsletter, you will get instant access to The Designer Toolbox,whichis chock full of amazing freebies ready to be used straight out of the box. Also make sure to check out one of the most popular deals of all time in The 164 Best Photoshop Styles on the Planet.

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3. Logo Design Team

Logo Design Team

Any good business needs a proper logo. Creating a logo for your business means making your brand known and you wouldn’t want to take any false steps on that particular road. That is why Logo Design Team is the perfect service for you. This company has made its way into the top firms of Custom Logo Design & Graphic Design worldwide through a mix of professionalism, attention to detail and expertise. And they’re ready to put their resources to work for you. Anything you need that has to do with your brand’s identity, Logo Design Team can provide: Mascots, Flyers, Social Media Graphics, Posters, Banners and more. Get in touch with them and let them know what your needs are. Logo Design Team has a pool of talented designers working to create your dream brand identity for you. Let their innovative ideas and great variety of creative concepts work wonders for your business. Also make sure that you get the 10% discount they’re offering on every purchase by using this coupon code right now ‘MYD10’.

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4. DealJumbo


DealJumbo is the place where web and graphic designers can find the latest exclusive deals at the best prices. The team at DealJumbo has worldwide designer collaborators that offer their products and services at special prices for a limited period of time. Their latest 5in1 deal format features a mega bundle with a retro feel that contains logo, badge, insignia and vector shapes. These high quality goodies are the perfect tools for any designer out there who’s looking to improve his or her game. DealJumbo also has an entire section dedicated to freebies. Just by entering your email address you’ll be able to download beautiful fonts, unique patters and amazing high-resolution photos. All the freebies can be used both for personal and commercial purposes, for yourself or on behalf of one of your clients. So what are you waiting for? Hurry upand take advantage of a Free Valentine’s Day Bundle with 7 cool illustrations and 3D image sets or some free hand drawn shapes that are easily customizable in Adobe Illustrator.

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5. Templates-master


The new Magento Fire Checkoutby Templates Master will help you increase conversion rates in a simple, yet efficient way. This tool is AJAX based, which means it’s fast and powerful. Your registered customers will be able to enjoy a faster mobile checkout process and you’ll be allowed to customize the checkout page with 5 custom fields. Fire Checkout allows you to choose between a minimalistic 3-column layout and a user-friendly 2 column layout. Fire Checkout’s Geolocation support will locate your users’ country, city and state thanks to its awesome geolocation technology, while the delivery date option will enable your clients to choose when to have their order delivered. Since it is completely optimized for mobile devices, you can rest assured the Fire Checkoutextension will also look its best on tablets and mobile phones. On top of all this, you’re guaranteed unlimited help from their support team who’ll be glad to assist you with your problem.

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6. Hostoople


Hostoople has been voted as the best hosting service in 2014 and it intends to retain that title in 2015. Whenever you’re in need of the best and cheapest web hosting, Hostoople is the best choice you could make. On top of the excellent array of services they provide, they also offer one of the best support services.Experienced technicians are ready to help you in all of your issues 24/7. Also, Hostoople isn’t dedicated just to website owners, developers will be happy to hear that it offers them the option to resell hosting. Whatever type of website you’re planning to put out, Hostoople is more than ready to supply your every need. Among the list of cool features they offer you’ll find: free domain registration or transfer, easy to use control panel, unlimited MYSQL databases, free blogging software, free premium website builder and more. Go to Hostoople right now and get all your hosing need met.

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7. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes focuses on delivering pixel perfect WordPress themes that are simple and responsive. Their most successful release is by far the Divi theme, which incorporates many highly advanced features that will enable you to shape your site like you’ve always wanted to. No coding or programming skills are required to obtain stunning effects. Creating your own one of a kind layouts with Divi is simple thanks to the Divi Builder. This transforms elements in visual building blocks so you can play around with the structure of your pages without having to touch a single line of code. Divi is incredibly flexible, allowing its users to customize and arrange the builder elements in endless ways. You can also browse Divi’s large collection of modules and make your own webpage. The result will be a unique and stunning layout that you created on your own without spending too much money, time or effort. If you’re ready to take complete creative control over your website and let your creativity flow, you can now enjoy 20% off the developer subscription.

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8. AnimatedVideo


If you’re looking to increase awareness, engage your audience or enhance your visibility, AnimatedVideo will help quickly attract viewers and educate them about your chosen topic. The team at AnimatedVideo has vast experience on creating any type of videos, ranging from Corporate and Tutorial videos to Kids and Entertainment Videos. They boast an easy 5 step process to get your own video and it really is as simple as it looks. After conceptualization, the AnimatedVideo team will write the script and storyboard and wait for your feedback and approval. Then it’s time for action: they take care of the animation, the sound and voice over and once again ask for your feedback and make the last touches. Finally, the video is ready to see the light of day and meet all its purposes. Their prices and packages are affordable without compromising on quality. Only now you can benefit from a unique discount by writing GETOFFER in the “About video” field before submitting your requirements.

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9. Inky Deals

Inky Deals

Every web and graphic designer knows very well that the value of icons, patterns and backgrounds should not be underestimated. They’re even more useful if they come in a bundle and you receive newsletter notifications about their discounts. If all this sounds like something you need in your life, you should check out Inky Deals, the place where creative professionals can stay up to date with the latest offers in the industry and get some of the best design resources around. What sets Inky Deals apart from the crowd of similar sites is their 200% money back guarantee. That means that if you’re not happy with the product you bought, they’ll give you your money back and you’ll get to keep your product as well. They also feature a freebies page where you can find a wide variety of useful things, from cool vector illustrations and responsive templates to Facebook timeline covers for Photoshop. Make sure to check out their coupon page as well where you’ll find discount codes for others sites like Themify and Template Monster.

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10. DesignVitamins


DesignVitamins has the perfect collection of resources and tools for designers that will bring in an extra shot of vitality to your projects. DesignVitamins has been put up by a team of young design enthusiasts with more than 5 years of experience. They are looking to create the single largest repository of stock graphics available worldwide and they’re on the right track to achieve that goal. They already have a collection of 33,000 items and they’re adding 1000 more each month. As soon as you sign up for any kind of subscription, you are going to gain unlimited access to premium resources like stock vectors, PS brushes, tutorials, AI addons and more. Don’t hesitate to enjoy some of the best tools available at prices all designers are able to afford and join the select group of brands that are already using resources provided by DesignVitamins: Absolut Vodka, American Apparel, EMI and more.

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  1. These are great deals, thanks for the share. Love Ajax based templates too, win win. One other site I recommend is Freepik, its a great way to get free graphics and vectors to manipulate your own way.

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