Awesome WordPress Advertising Plugins for Websites/Blogs

If, you had successfully created a website by putting different categories of content and the content delivered on your website is increasing traffic every day, then the question arise that how difficult the whole journey was from starting to end?

Putting effective, productive and attractive content on a website is not such an easy task or you can say; journey from starting point (the time when you decide a name of your website) to end point (the time when you had successfully created a website with all necessary stuffs) is not so easy. This journey takes your valuable time and money.

Definitely, after spending so much time and money, you will expect some outcome or think-off how to earn good money from that particular website. Over the internet, every day hundreds of new websites come-up with new technologies and most of the website publishers think of the same question?

You and other publishers can get relief by displaying Ads on their website. The website’s earning totally depends on the Ad’s type and quality, and the Ad management plugins helping maximizing the site earning in less time.

Here, in this post, I listed many free and premium Ad management plugins for WordPress based websites, will surely helpful in uploading ads on your website in less duration.

Free – WordPress Ad Management Plugins

Publishers, who can’t spend more on purchasing WordPress Ad Management plugins, just go for the plugins that are free – BuySellAds, AdRotate, OpenX, WP125, and WP-Insert

1. BuySellAds


Introduction: BuySellAds v2.3.4 was released on 12th Sept 2014. Using this plugins, user can easily and simply use “BSA Ad code” into their website, which also includes BSA Widgets and RSS/mobile Ads with the code. To use this plugin, you should be having username and password to sign-in as a publisher/administrator on the BuySellAds website, because it is a very popular platform in the online market where advertisers and publishers purchase and sell advertisements, the plugin allows only authorized people to get into it. Publishers can take the help of widget (or PHP tag) in a WP theme to upload the Ad.

To use this plugin: Download & install it into the wp-content/plugins directory and start it in WordPress by placing the key inside the BuySellAds Settings.

Note: Most of the plugins will be installed in a similar manner.

Release Note of the latest version:

  • Includes step-one code through ks29so_head, removes English es_ES translation, and highlights new changes in the text and the BSA WP plugin tutorial.


2. AdRotate


Introduction: AdRotate v3.10.12 was released on 11th Nov 2014. It is an exclusive Ad manager very much capable in adding and showing random/multiple banner with the help of dashboard, and also capable in making money from a particular website.

The user-friendly dashboard of AdRotate facilitates you to easily and quickly edit/renew/delete/preview the banner code. The plugin frequently gives update when any new features come-up, alerts you when any suspicious things happen, and shows the status of the Ads through graph.

Free AdRotate requires PHP5.3. If, your server doesn’t have PHP5.3, then upgrade your server with PHP5.3 or newer version.

It is also available in premium version. Premium plugin features are faster and advance than free one.

Release Note of the latest version:

  • Fixed the Post injection issue.
  • ‘Hiding’ of Pro banner is more visible.


3. OpenX


Introduction: OpenX WordPress Widget v1.2.6 was released on 6th Sept 2014. It is an easy to use WordPress plugin provides simple technique to place ads from an OpenX AdServer website. It fully works with WP4.0.

Release Note of the latest version:

  • The latest version is available in German translation too and can transfer admin material to a different file.


4. WP125


Introduction: WP125 v1.5.3 was released on 30thMay2014.It is a free, easy to use WordPress Ad management plugin provides a simple interface facilitates you to easily manage 125X125 ads on your website. You can add infinite ads in different columns and present them in manual or random order, and also you can run the Ads on specific days by setting the number of days. Using this plugin, you can send email note for expired Ad.

Release Note of the latest version:

  • Involves Ukrainian translation.




Introduction: WP-INSERT v2.0.12was released on 13thSept2014. This plugin is very good for beginners and very capable in managing Ads of the website than any other WordPress ad management plugins. Apart from managing ads, manages RSS feeds, privacy policy, track scripts, Google analytics account as well as website terms and conditions, reorder WP pages through a neat drag and drop interface, and edit themes. Although, this multipurpose plugin supports various ads network simultaneously enable you to show various type of ads on your website and ad widgets help you to display Ads all over the website page. Using this plugin, you can add content, like; text and code into your website. It provides proper guidelines telling that when and where you can add Ads, helps in putting the Ads in different Geographical locations by picking them from different places.

Release Note of the latest version:

  • Compatible with PHP 5.4.
  • Provide guidelines to hide Ads on mobile devices and to hide Ads from Logged-in users.


Premium – WordPress Ad Management Plugins

Publishers, who can spend some amount on purchasing WordPress Ad Management plugins, just go for the best premium Ad plugins. Some of the premium ad management plugins are mentioned below in details.

1. WP Adcenter

WP Adcenter

Introduction: WP Adcenterv1.5 was released on 14th Mar 2013. A WordPress Ad plugin fully capable in managing any kind of Ad and keeps detailed record of the work-done. Apart from this, short code, widget or theme files are helpful in adding and rotating multiple banners anywhere on your site.

Upload multiple banners (unlimited size) at once – Ad Zones are helpful in uploading banners on the site. Generally, the Ad Zone uploads one banner at once, but here this plugin supports multiple Ad Zones to upload multiple banners at once. It supports the standard size (IAB Ad unit) of banner which can be changed later as per the requirement.

Infinite Campaigns – A campaign is a set of banners. Using this plugin, you can create unlimited campaigns and also you can set the date to start and end the campaigns automatically.

Complete Statistics – Shows the complete statistics (Campaigns detail) through the graph that you can easily download in .PNG file format (or can print it from the start screen).

Release Note of the latest version:

  • Fixed the JavaScript code and statistics graph issue.


  • $49 – 1 Site
  • $79 – 5 Sites
  • $129 – Unlimited Sites

Plugin Page

2. OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher

Introduction: It is basically a tool, works as Ad manager plugin for WordPress based websites, provides automated sales and facilitates you to directly sell Ads from your website using PHP and management script to increase the revenue of the website. Also, it provides free update and lifetime support, completely manages the Ads of your website in less time, as well as very user-friendly that makes the installation process easier. It can display 3rd party ad networks beside your Ads, you can set the zones by adding numbers of ads displayed in each zone.

Release Note of the latest version:

  • Compatible with WordPress 3.9 and PHP 5.5.

Price: $49

Plugin Page

3. AdPress


Introduction: AdPressv0.9.8 was released on 2nd Jan 2014. It is a complete WordPress based plugin that fully manages Ads (image, flash and text) of your website. It provides simple and easy interface to fully automate the sales process that means; always you don’t have to sit in-front of system to control Ad related stuffs. It provides option to preview the Ad and also provides direct login link to the advertisers/clients to visualize that how their Ad is looking before uploading.

To purchase this product you should be having PayPal account and to their valuable customers it offers purchase history.

Price: $39

Plugin Page

4. AdSanity


Introduction: AdSanity is another premium easy to use WordPress banner management plugin provides user-friendly interface to easily manage the ads of your site. It has widgets and shortcodes features are helpful in displaying ads in sidebars, posts and pages. Using this plugin, you can set the time duration to display the ad, without setting the time duration the ad will flash always on your website.

It is always good for those who like simple things and don’t want to waste time in browsing complex features.


  • $49 – 1 Site
  • $79 – 5 Sites
  • $129 – Unlimited Sites

Plugin Page


Here, in this post, I have listed the best WordPress Ad management plugins that are required to upload and manage Ads of your website. Normally, most of us have used single Ad zone WordPress plugin capable in uploading (rotating) single Ad at once, but with OIO Publisher you can rotate multiple Ads at once using multiple Ad zone. OIO Publisher also delivers direct sells to their valuable customers. Similarly, there are many premium Ad management plugins that can increase the revenue of your website.

If, you are already into online market with good earning form past so many years and just want to increase the revenue, go for premium Ad management plugins, but if you have just started your website/blog, try out some good free ad management plugins.

I hope, this article might help you in increasing your website revenue. If, you need to get information of any other WordPress Ad management plugins, please let me know.

Thanks for showing your interest.

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