The World’s 59 Most Beautifully Designed Country Currency

Each country has its own unique currency, except for some countries that rely on others currency. Currency is the very important things in our lives because we all use currency on a daily basis. The currency design of each country shows their history, culture and events over the time.

Almost all country currency are different and beautiful, but we are selecting following 59 most beautiful currencies of the world that will take back you into the world of art. Hope you enjoy them.

59 Excellent Examples Of Beautiful Country Currency

01. Afghanistan (Currency: Afghan afghani)

Afghanistan (Country currency: Afghan afghani)

02. Australia (Currency: Australian dollar)

Australia (Currency: Australian dollar)

03. Azerbaijan (Currency: Azerbaijani manat)

Azerbaijan (Currency: Azerbaijani manat)

04. Bangladesh (Currency: Bangladeshi taka)

Bangladesh (Currency: Bangladeshi taka)

05. Bermuda (Currency: Bermudian dollar)

Bermuda (Country currency: Bermudian dollar)

06. Brazil (Currency: Brazilian real)

Brazil (Currency: Brazilian real)

07. Brunei (Currency: Brunei dollar)

Brunei (Currency: Brunei dollar)

08. Bulgaria (Currency: Bulgarian lev)

Bulgaria (Currency: Bulgarian lev)

09. Canada (Currency: Canadian dollar)

Canada (Country currency: Canadian dollar)

10. Chile (Currency: Chilean peso)

Chile (Currency: Chilean peso)

11. China (Currency: Renminbi)

China (Currency: Renminbi)

12. China (Currency: Yuan)

China (Currency: Yuan)

13. Costa Rica (Currency: Costa Rican colón)

Costa Rica (Currency: Costa Rican colón)

14. Dominican Republic (Currency: Dominican peso)

Dominican Republic (Country currency: Dominican peso)

15. Egypt (Currency: Egyptian Pound)

Egypt (Currency: Egyptian Pound)

16. England (Currency: England Pound)

England (Currency: England Pound)

17. Ethiopia (Currency: Ethiopian birr)

Ethiopia (Currency: Ethiopian birr)

18. Euro


19. Fiji (Currency: Fijian dollar)

Fiji (Currency: Fijian dollar)

20. Honduras (Currency: Honduran lempira)

Honduras (Currency: Honduran lempira)

21. Hong Kong Dollar

Hong Kong Dollar

22. India (Currency: Indian Rupee)

India (Country currency: Indian Rupee)

23. Indonesia (Currency: Indonesian rupiah)

Indonesia (Currency: Indonesian rupiah)

24. Israel (Currency: Israeli new shekel)

Israel (Currency: Israeli new shekel)

25. Jamaica (Currency: Jamaican dollar)

Jamaica (Currency: Jamaican dollar)

26. Kazhakistan (Currency: Kazakhstani tenge)

Kazhakistan (Country currency: Kazakhstani tenge)

27. Kuwait (Currency: Kuwaiti Dinar)

Kuwait (Currency: Kuwaiti Dinar)

28. Latvia (Currency: Lats)

Latvia (Currency: Lats)

29. Lebanon (Currency: Lebanese pound)

Lebanon (Currency: Lebanese pound)

30. Malaysia (Currency: Malaysian ringgit)

Malaysia (Country currency: Malaysian ringgit)

31. Mauritania (Currency: Mauritanian ouguiya)

Mauritania (Currency: Mauritanian ouguiya)

32. Mauritius (Currency: Mauritian Rupee)

Mauritius (Currency: Mauritian Rupee)

33. Mexico (Currency: Mexican peso)

Mexico (Currency: Mexican peso)

34. Mongolia (Currency: Mongolian tögrög)

Mongolia (Currency: Mongolian tögrög)

35. Morocco (Currency: Moroccan dirham)

Morocco (Country currency: Moroccan dirham)

36. Mozambique (Currency: Mozambican metical)

Mozambique (Currency: Mozambican metical)

37. Nepal (Currency: Nepalese rupee)

Nepal (Currency: Nepalese rupee)

38. New Zealand (Currency: New Zealand dollar)

New Zealand (Currency: New Zealand dollar)

39. Nigeria (Currency: Nigerian naira)

Nigeria (Currency: Nigerian naira)

40. Nicaragua (Currency: Nicaraguan córdoba)

Nicaragua (Currency: Nicaraguan córdoba)

41. Oman (Currency: Omani rial)

Oman (Country currency: Omani rial)

42. Papua New Guinea (Currency: Papua New Guinean kina)

Papua New Guinea (Currency: Papua New Guinean kina)

43. Paraguay (Currency: Paraguayan guaraní)

Paraguay (Currency: Paraguayan guaraní)

44. Qatar (Currency: Qatari riyal)

Qatar (Currency: Qatari riyal)

45. Romania (Currency: Romanian leu)

Romania (Country currency: Romanian leu)

46. Russia (Currency: Russian ruble)

Russia (Currency: Russian ruble)

47. Singapore (Currency: Singapore Dollar)

Singapore (Currency: Singapore Dollar)

48. Solomon Islands (Currency: Solomon Islands dollar)

Solomon Islands (Currency: Solomon Islands dollar)

49. Sri Lanka (Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee)

Sri Lanka (Country currency: Sri Lankan Rupee)

50. Swaziland (Currency: Swazi Lilangeni)

Swaziland (Currency: Swazi Lilangeni)

51. Switzerland (Currency: Swiss franc)

Switzerland (Currency: Swiss franc)

52. Thailand (Currency: Thai Baht)

Thailand (Currency: Thai Baht)

53. Tonga (Currency: Tongan pa’anga)

Tonga (Country currency: Tongan pa'anga)

54. UAE (Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham)

UAE (Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham)

55. United States (Currency: United States dollar)

United States (Currency: United States dollar)

56. Vanuatu (Currency: Vanuatu vatu)

Vanuatu (Currency: Vanuatu vatu)

57. Vietnam (Currency: Vietnamese dong)

Vietnam (Country currency: Vietnamese dong)

58. Yemen (Currency: Yemeni rial)

Yemen (Currency: Yemeni rial)

59. Zambia (Currency: Zambian kwacha)

Zambia (Country currency: Zambian kwacha)

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Let us know in comments which one is your favorite?

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  1. Funny, the picture of the Swiss Francs shows a bill, that was created 1984 but was never used. The whole series was kept as a reserve. The bills would have been used, if there was a huge issue with counterfeits on the original series – but there never was. You find the pictures of the current swiss money bills here:

  2. Nice collection! Not sure though if you are aware of the fact that the Swiss bill is quite an old design and not in use anymore?

  3. Why no Maldives?

  4. wonderful design and awesome collection for various country currency with name.I didn’t know given all currency name and all are different and lovely.I have enjoyed it very much . thanks Daniel Adams for your helpful and interesting post…..!!!

  5. Nice collection..!!

    Thanks & Regards,

  6. Why does the Philippine Peso Bill is not included in this list of beautiful currency design in the world? I find the Phil. peso beautiful and very colorful. Some currency here are boring and old-fashioned.

  7. I love my country Afghanistan’s Afghani currency…
    The number one…

  8. The design for Afghanistan currency (Afghani) is not in use today. It was in the time of peace and before war. The picture on the currency is the first president of Afghanistan Mohammad dawood khan.

  9. where is pakistani currency? are you mad or showing your third class thinking….my foot

  10. Where is Pakistani currency……………………?

    • brother..pak currency is of no value. That’s why they haven’t shown it here. right?

      • in this list many countries that there’s currency value so down from pakistani currency

  11. nais ok am jemal

  12. Indian currency notes would be better off without Mahatma Gandhi’s picture. Indian currency has not changed much since the colonial rule. The more funny thing is you will find several shapes of a same denomination coins triggering doubt for anyone to think whether it’s a real currency or a counterfeit.

    • He is freedom fighter and most important thing he is non-voilent with knowledge to the other enemy. Can you?

  13. Qatar was my favorite

  14. Azerbaijani Manat

  15. is there any facility is available for exchange currency note from India?

  16. Nigerian money is very beautiful

  17. I love my currency note from Solomon Island.

  18. latvia is cool… dumbledore is there..

  19. I think Azerbaijan Manat is really beautiful.

  20. My India is great country and rupees is beuty

  21. Nice one

  22. Change the currency of nepal.we have already got new currency of denomination 10.

  23. Where is Pakistani Rupee? Why did you not include Pakistani currency in the list?

  24. I love india india
    indian rupiya

  25. I’m from Bulgaria and for near 50 years I never seen the bulgarian note you’ve shown. It was probably suspended immediately the same day they created it. Our 20 leva note was changed 3 or 4 times with all other notes in 100 years and this 20 leva note you’ve shown has never been on a run ever! Bermuda, China, Fiji, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Qatar, Solomon Islands and Yemen are my favourite. They’re so beautiful I want them!


  27. iranian 500s rial and 5000 rials are most beautiful mony i watched .

  28. I am seeking a picture frame to display foreign currencies of different sizes. Can you sell one or can you direct me to a source.

  29. Hai I`m from malaysia 10 years ago

  30. Good info. I request to viewers to visit my website to gain more knowledge.

  31. Can I use these Currency Images in my android app. I will Mention credit or source as your website name in app description

  32. I do have collection of world currency ( 159 countries ) total more than 800 Bank note.

  33. I want note

  34. where is paraguay, argentina uruguay bolivia and rest of south america money

  35. Mujhe en me se kuch foreign currency kharidni hai

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