28 Free Minimal WordPress Themes of 2014

Do you love content more than design, packaging and aesthetics? Are you a believer in the saying- less is more? Do you feel impressed with sober and serene looking web platforms? If you answer in affirmative to all these queries then it is 100% sure that you will fall in love with minimal WordPress themes and more so if they do not cost you even a single penny.

What did you say? Free minimal themes of WordPress are rare and do not meet quality standards. Well, this is true but only if you have not done your homework. Ok, you do not want to do this tedious homework. No worries. We are here to bail you out.

This is a collection of 28 fabulous free minimal themes that we have shortlisted after complete homework, at different sources. We have taken every effort to bring you quality templates and you will be really amazed with their characteristics. Their features can easily give the premium themes a run for their money. Do not believe us? Take the tour of this post and you will be nodding in complete agreement. And we are also certain that you will pick a freebie for yourself. So, get started. There is no point in waiting and wondering.

1. Untitled


Yes, the theme has not been named as yet and thus, being referred to as Untitled. It does not cost you even a penny and offers you very valuable attributes. The template offers featured images, posts, fixed header and subtle CSS3 transitions as designing fodder. But wait, this is not all; you can get lot more if you explore it further. The theme is ideal for blogging and can also suit other purposes. Minimalism finds a very sound expression here and if you are an admirer of the same, Untitled is a must-watch.

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2. MyStile


Lightweight and neat, MyStile is a very nice theme based on minimalism. It has been designed to serve eCommerce sites and makes use of WooCommerce to create your shop. The template is easy and open to customization. You can change the colors and personalize the homepage in your fashion as the template has got options for the same. There are sticky notes, sales banners and many other cool elements to make your shop more attractive and effective.

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3. DW Minion

DW Minion

If you want your audience to focus on you words then minimal themes are the best choice. DW Minion is a modern and minimal blogging theme with a simple interface. Its simple layout, responsive design, post formats support, off-canvas navigation and other attributes infuse it with lots of strength and you can rely on it to achieve results you have craved for. The clean layout and legible typography will keep readers engaged and you can be sure of exposure and visibility finding way towards your content.

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4. Mansar


When you take a look at the features of Mansar, you cannot believe that it is a free theme. Its premium class attributes give it a completely premium character and you can be sure of top notch results. Designed for blogs, it is mobile friendly, translation ready, fast, social media compatible, SEO optimized, HTML5/CSS3 ready and lots more. It knows how to make you popular and credible. It offers you complete freedom and a motivating environment where you can write to your heart’s content. The template will handle and market your words without asking for any effort on your part.

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5. Socialize Lite

Socialize Lite

Crafted for blogs and magazine websites, Socialize Lite is a simple, effective, responsive and lightweight theme. An ardent follower of minimalism, the template knows its works by heart. It is very focused on content and ensures nice presentation of your words without taking away from their seriousness quotient. The theme is a thorough professional and gives you all the material you need to make a sincere style statement. It is a great friend in the form of a template that you can trust blindly.

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6. JustWrite


A modern minimal theme, JustWrite does complete justice to its name. With the theme by your side, you can do nothing but write as everything else is automatically taken care of. It is loaded with the necessary responsive design, custom menus, featured images, advertising widgets, jQuery slider, multiple sidebars and many other features. And yes, this is all for free. You can use it for blogs, magazines and other content driven sites.

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7. Hemingway


Named after the Noble prize winning author, Hemingway is a neat, responsive and attractive theme for bloggers with two column layout. The theme is very simple and an ideal platform for those who place words above all else. It offers you post formats support and you can upload images, quotes, links, videos and all else easily. The theme is also responsive and retina ready; fitting into all screen sizes and resolutions. Simplicity and substance find the best expression here and this template is, undoubtedly, a must-have.

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8. Lingonberry


Typography plays a big role in making your blog popular and Lingonberry understands it very well. It comes with beautiful typography, responsive design and minimal display so that your words are packaged well and appeal to readers. It is also easy to install, use and customize. You do not need any external help to operate it and the template performs out of the box. Your blog will be accessible on all viewing devices and you can easily earn name and fame.

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9. Baskerville


Do you possess lots of content and want to share it on your blog or magazine site? Well, then Baskerville is the right choice as it has been specially designed for hoarders of words, thoughts, images and various other types of content. It offers you masonry layout and post format support so that your web platform looks neat and rich. There is one very special feature known as contributor page template through which your audience and visitors can also contribute to your huge repository. Last but not the least, it is customizable and you can modify it easily.

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10. Cudazi Mono

Cudazi Mono

Here is a free multipurpose theme based on the minimalist approach. Cudazi Mono comes with premium class features and they include unlimited galleries, drag & drop menu, shortcodes, multiple portfolio types, footer layouts, etc. The template has been designed with great attention to details and convenience of users in mind. It is highly flexible and offers backup for all kinds of content. What you have to do is activate the template and then everything is in your control.

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11. deLighted


Clean and simple, deLighted will really delight your mind and heart. This free minimal theme is best for blogs and loads like a breeze as it is very lightweight. It provides you custom background, colors, header, menu, featured images, sticky post and many more favorable features. What is more, it is translation ready and thus, you can get in touch with readers who do not understand your language. deLighted is very simple and sweet; you are sure to like it.

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12. Able


WordPress started out as a blogging tool and Able comes forward as a traditional blogging theme, taking you back to the roots. The template is packed with a three column layout, clean design and responsive framework. It is highly centered on content and treats words king size. It also knows about the needs and taste of readers and thus, comes with clean typography. Able makes your blog richly readable and engages them like no other template.

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13. Superhero


An amazing combination of cleanliness and colors, Superhero is a very smart theme with a minimal approach. It offers you fully-blooded featured images and posts, fixed header and CSS3 transitions. The theme is very friendly to use and gives your readers a super smooth navigable layout. It is very easy on the eyes and also pleasing which keeps audience engaged and they do not leave unimpressed. It really is a superhero and will give your blog great energy and style.

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14. Origin


A gem of a minimalist theme, Origin is buzzing with cool features. This template carries custom header, background, numerous typography options, Google fonts, link color picker, sticky posts, translation readiness and more. It is very smart and there is no way you will find it lacking in any department. Available absolutely for free, Origin can make your blog the center of attraction. You just need to switch on the button; things will quickly fall in place.

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15. Interface


This free minimal theme has won many admirers and you can completely bank on it for best results. Interface is simple to use and offers you lots of features such as 4 layouts for every post/page, 5 page templates, 8 widget areas, 6 custom widgets, featured slider, 10 social icons, top and bottom info bar and many more. The theme is free of course, but the features are no less premium. They are completely capable of giving a tough competition to any premium theme. Focused on results, Interface is interesting, innovative and inspiring. You will have a great time with it.

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16. Start Point

Start Point

Minimalism is a very popular theme design and it has got many takers. Its charm becomes all the more appealing when you find it in a single page template. Start Point is one such theme with this dynamic combination. It is elegant and stylish with all the sought-after features attached in its body. It is perfect for your business site and offers you customization options so that you may tailor it as per your taste. The template is a performer and you will see it working immediately after the installation is over.

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17. Sorbet


Sorbet presents your content in a clean manner with dashes of colors but this does not affect the minimalist spirit of the theme in any way. It retains its core character and also manages to bring in colorful sunshine. The template is very fresh and thus, comes with latest attributes. It offers you an easily navigable header, custom colors, background, RTL support and many more qualities. What is more, it starts with a single click and performs from day one.

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18. Arcade Basic

Arcade Basic

This is a lightweight and mobile friendly theme with lots of modern features. Arcade Basic boasts of many tempting features that you normally do not get in a free theme. It has post format support, bbPress/BuddyPress compatibility, Bootstrap readiness, Google fonts integration and many more things. With this theme, you can easily own an outstanding web platform that would grab eyeballs in a jiffy. Arcade Basic is certainly going to be an asset and thus, you should not delay it anymore.

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19. Lensa


Invented by Colorlabs, Lensa is a very vibrant theme meant for photographers who want to create an online portfolio of their work. The theme is quite latest and comes loaded with a full-screen slideshow that loads like a breeze on all kinds of viewing platforms. It is also integrated with Picasa, Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram which means your fans, friends and followers can access your photography work without any problem. Lensa is very energetic and makes use of Javascript animation that adds a superb oomph factor to your site. It is a terrific template from all angles and you will really treasure it.

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20. Ascetica


Ascetica is a nice portfolio/blog theme with a very spacious layout that gives enough room to all the elements to breathe. It is very minimal but does not lack in features. You will find all the coveted characteristics in its arsenal. The theme is simple and avoids bloating so that you get exact results. It would not be wrong t say that the theme knows the definition of Ascetica exactly. If you are a stickler for straightforward and strong templates, then Ascetica is definitely a must-have.

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21. Casper


If you believe in the saying according to which beauty is simplicity then Casper is the right choice for you. This simple and beautiful blogging theme, based on the minimalist approach, can win your heart in the very first look. The template is responsive and customizable meaning which your blog will reach out to as many people as possible and that too the way you want. It is packed with very cool features and you will get all the support to build a strong and stylish blog. Available for free, Casper is completely a must-have template.

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22. Fruitful


Here is a simple blogging theme that lives true to its name. Fruitful is indeed fruitful and gives you premium results for free. It offers you 2 two types of layouts, responsive design, simple layout, sexy styling options, customizable options and many more features. You can work on it like you operate your Facebook account; it is that easy. Fruitful is fully trustworthy and you will be absolutely fine with it.

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23. PlayBook


Carrying the best features of MyThemeShop, PlayBook is an awesome free theme with superior features that you normally expect from premium templates. It offers you a neat dual column layout, SEO optimized design, custom widgets, translation readiness, HTML5/CSS3 integration and many more things. You can install it in a single click and everything will follow smoothly. In case you get into trouble, the theme is ready with lifetime support. PlayBook is powerful, pleasing and pliable; all at once.

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24. Magnifique


A super simple blogging theme, centered on the basics, Magnifique is really a must-watch. It treats your words like a superstar and keeps the content in the center stage. But do not think that the template is boring. It is pretty pleasing and offers you unlimited color schemes to design your blog in your way. Not only this, the theme is also ready with free support and follows the best WordPress practices.

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25. Meet Gavern

Meet Gavern

This is a free multipurpose theme with premium plugins and attributes. Meet Gavern has been designed with extreme care and complete attention to details. It carries responsive design, CSS3 animations, social media integration and many more modern features. The template brings you optimum exposure and there is no way you cannot get into the popularity chart. So, just fix a meeting with the template and get it home.

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26. Stumblr


Inspired from Tumblr, Stumblr is a very smart and sexy theme that will leave you spellbound. It is best for microblogging web platforms and offers you every requisite feature. Based on the minimalist approach, the template is very straightforward and you will be ready with your site in seconds. It has a long list of admirers and you can rely on it without any hesitation. Stumblr is very performance-centric and asks for minimum interference on your part.

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27. Blogged


Primarily a blogging theme, Blogged is also fit for magazine and content centric sites. This free minimal theme is very powerful and also gives you customization options so that you can personalize it. Its features include HTML5/CSS3 readiness, SEO optimized design, cross browser compatibility, numbered page navigation, unlimited colors and lots more. You will be easily impressed with the qualities of Blogged and sure to bring it home. So, get the demo and make it fast.

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28. Minamaze


This is a minimal blog/portfolio theme with a difference. Minamaze gives minimalism a new definition and brings you a light style template with great visual appeal. The template is packed with responsive design, retina display, 10 widgets, SEO optimization, regular updates, 600+ Google fonts and much more. All these attributes are enough to get you good ranking and audience approval. Owning Minamaze is akin to seeing your dream come true and thus, it is definitely worth possession.

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  1. Great , MyStile and Untitled are the best . Great source of Inspiration .

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  4. Hi Ansh,

    Thank you for collecting these beautiful minimalist WordPress themes. The Fruitful template is especially nice I think. If you also like, I would be happy if you added our free minimalist MH Elegance lite WordPress Theme to this or one of your upcoming themes collections. You can find more details here: http://www.mhthemes.com/themes/mh/elegance-lite/

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  5. I love minimalist design.

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