The Drag and Drop Feature: Which WordPress Tool is the Blockbuster Best

WordPress has been a game changer of sorts – facilitating building websites that are slick and chrome and at the same time, amazingly user-friendly. For the webmasters, it hardly proves to be a stretch to use WordPress for adding custom features since there is so much to choose from, and without a fuss. The drag and drop interface meanwhile has managed to perch itself to the very top among all the features that are used by masses in the WordPress realm.

Now, there is a whole lot of competition between different drag and drop tools that roam restlessly around this realm, but there are a few that truly impress. Some of the names include Divi, Builder, and Themify.

So, when you get down to choosing a drag and drop tool, which one should you go with? Which drag and drop builder among the aforementioned falls most in sync with your expectations and requirements? Let’s take a comprehensive look at the kind of features that are on offer with Divi, LayoutBuilder and Themify:

Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi by Elegant Themes

Elegant Theme had an ace up their sleeve in and we realized it soon enough when they launched Divi and then upgraded it to Divi 2.0. ever since it made its way to the market, Divi has been creating a lot of buzz, and for a lot of right reasons. This drag and drop builder has gained quite a reputation so it would be a good idea to do an analysis of what great features it swings at us and how it is not so great.

What Makes Divi Recommendable

There are more than a bunch of reasons that make Divi a highly sought after drag and drop page builder:

  • The theme is highly admin friendly. For the folks who have often been jittery about the piles of code lines ot be written for integrating the drag and drop feature in their themes have a perfect ally in Divi. Non coders have spring times and that alone is worth the price of admission.
  • Divi swings at us a massive window of options and beguiling layouts. As a WordPress website admin, you have the free rein to pick a layout or customize the module functions as per you deem fit for your website.
  • For the folks who don’t want to build their drag and drop feature from the ground up, Divi makes absolutely certain that with its pre-designed layouts, you already have a firm footing to start with.
What’s Not Divi’s Strong Suit

Even though the theme does not require coding, it does take some time to get used to it. There is a lot of exploration for you to do and the learning curve is quite long. Testing the designs might become a job tad too unwieldy. As far as the price is concerned, it is also on the higher side with $69, though for a majority of webmasters, this means shelling out a reasonable sum of money.

Builder by iThemes

Builder by iThemes

There are several WordPress experts who just a few months ago crowned Builder by iThemes as the best Drag and Drop builder, but as is the nature of competition, the other fab players started showing up.

What Makes Builder Recommendable
  • Builder keeps a segregation between the layout designer and the pages which leverage them. What it does is that it allows the website admins to reuse a design for their different pages, including the homepage. This means when you are using different layouts, you don’t have to start from the scratch.
  • Even as a non coder, planning out the layout is a seamless exercise as you have enough room to add widgets. But that said, there are plugins to help you in the endeavor
  • The suite of add-ons and plugins serve the purpose just right. LoopBuddy and displayBuddy are two of the plugins that work in perfect unison with the Builder features
  • Builder is extremely user friendly and proves to be an easy to learn endeavor
What’s Not Builder’s Strong Suit
  • Builder is built in a way that the elements in it are not content oriented, and rather they are there to fall in sync with the structure, which means that you can use the top level menu items and the main layout aspects like header, sidebar, footer, etc. now, this is one feature not everyone is comfortable using.
  • The drag and drop feature in Builder sometimes takes a backseat to the clicking way of doing things as you can add components by clicking on them and following it by configuring them.
  • There are few intricate aspects to learning it, and that just might put you off.

Themify builder by Themify

Themify builder by Themify

Themify has always been the frontrunner in all things WordPress, and Drag and Drop feature is hardly different. This brand offers a wide range of drag and drop theme builders for your consideration and they have certain plugins to accompany them as well.

What Makes Themify’s Builder Recommendable
  • The very fact that it is a front end drag and drop editor, its resourcefulness leaps out of the sky.
  • The prebuilt layouts and a string of color schemes make it all the more user friendly.
  • Themify supports a myriad of plugins and modules as well.
  • The Drag and Drop Builder by Themify is pretty non fussy to learn and doesn’t ask for a truckload of your time really.
  • As far as shelling out bucks is concerned, that is somewhat of a non worry as well as Themify comes reasonably priced
What’s Not Themify Builder’s Strong Suit
  • While there is no dearth of features in Themify’s Builder, the robustness is not as reliable as in other top notch drag and drop builders.
  • Unlike Divi, you don’t have a visual segregation on the page.

The jury is still out on which one is the best drag and drop builder, but be rest assured, if you are using one of the three drag and drop builders for your website, you do get a true value for money and a website that is amazingly easy to manage.

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  1. I’ve only used the Elegant themes builder with Divi and I have come away very happy with the results. Within the builder there was a lot of flexibility which allowed me to met my clients needs on each page or section without needing to code anything. While not perfect it allowed me to deliver a final product my client liked and I was proud of.
    I’ll have to look at the other options, but as I plan a new site today for a client I am already leaning toward Elegant themes, but I will explore the options.

  2. I think it’s fair to point out that the cost of Divi also includes access to dozens of other decent themes – it’s great value in my view.

  3. I agree James. I have used their themes for a few clients now and the cost is quite reasonable. I actually upgraded to their lifetime membership recently and it’s turning out to be really good value for me and my clients.

  4. I recently did a deep dive into all of these and I found siteorgin’s panels ( ) to be the best for us… it gave us quite a bit of flexibility including dragging and most importantly custom panels we can build ourselves.

  5. Thanks Bart. never heard of siteorigins option. I’m going to have a look at. Always looking for better ways.

  6. I’m a Divi fan. I’ve used it for several websites and did a brief video on it here for those who want a live peek at it.

    All of these drag and drop editors make WordPress easier, but they all come with a learning curve.

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