A Collection of 45 Web Layouts with Vector Illustrations

The bright and crispy vectors added to a webpage make it appealing and extremely attractive. Good websites from well-known companies are known to make use of vectors to make their web pages interesting a lot more fun to visit by users. Landscape illustrations, abstract, dark themes and so many more are employed when designing a website using vectors.

Vectors are becoming increasingly popular and designers are pushing themselves to the max to come up with designs that are not just beautiful but creative and functional too. Vector designed websites look cleaner and are visited a lot more too.

Ranging from the classic toolbar options to the modern sexy animated and dark techno web designs, vectors are bringing new life to websites that was not there before. Vectors have no fixed resolution and are hence able to boost up any website on any computer with any version of operating software. Its brightness and contrast are a set universal and are the same everywhere which makes them a whole lot more appealing. They are great for print ads and animated ones and are abundantly employed in websites. Celebrities make frequent use of vectors in their web pages such as rock and roll bands for a typical grungy feel which attracts their loyal true blooded fans and keeps them coming back for more.

Such well-designed websites do an extremely good job of retaining and also attracting more potential users towards the purchase o a particular product or service. Vectors bring beauty and grace along with a sense of completion to a webpage which otherwise would look very dry, boring and dull conventional websites are out now and replaced by these sexy vectors which make the websites a whole lot more appealing. Below are some amazing vectors which change the entire layout of web pages making them more beautiful and wonderful!

Web Layouts with Vector Illustrations

01. Hippo


Developing a customized web page designed to suit the customer needs is what happens here. The web designs are both simple and the interface is truly wonderful.

02. Layout The Alamo Basement

Layout The Alamo Basement

The ultimate in the best website designs when it comes to versatility and quality the web designers are skilled technicians who know just what their customer needs and provides the best solutions available online.

03. Saturn Tec

Saturn Tec

Created specially to fill the needs of companies looking for a great way to boost their sales and attractiveness online, the technicians at Saturn-tec know just what the customer needs and seek the latest technology and tools to provide it all at just one click.

04. Green Global Ideas

Green Global Ideas

Designed specially to appeal to the eco friendly target audience, the green global ideas provides beautiful and breath taking templates for all the customers looking for a wonderful interface that helps in gathering traffic and promoting the causes of recycling and going green plus so much more.

05. Old Loft Web Design

Old Loft Web Design

Beautiful and adorable web layouts and designs are provided here which are designed just for the most fun loving and tender hearted audiences and clients that seek to make their web page a lot more fun and funky.

06. Super Okay Web & Mobile UI Design

Super Okay Web & Mobile UI Design

Designing a web page for the top companies such as Red Bull is no easy feat when it comes to attracting customer attention, providing the best services and generating incoming traffic and fulfilling customer needs in general. The web designs and layouts are customized from the simple to the amazingly complex depending on the customer needs.

07. 1024 Media Web Layout

1024 Media Web Layout

The media web layout tutorial seeks to provide the solutions for gadgets and other electronic gizmo that must be sold online by proving an attractive layout that generated substantial traffic for the clients.

08. Banjax Web Design Layout

Banjax Web Design Layout

Web application and Development Company that seeks to provide all sorts of products to satisfy the customer needs of the hour at any time. Based in Northern Ireland the company makes use of the best web applications to make the website beautiful and improve upon the existing ones further.

09. Dean Oakley Web Design And Developer Layout

Dean Oakley Web Design And Developer Layout

The latest and most sophisticated web designs and layouts are used when designing the web pages that are versatile and beautiful. The websites are multifunctional and can be graphic or simple depending upon the customer needs.

10. K4lab Web Design

K4lab Web Design

A Poland based web designers’ company that seeks to provide the best solutions for its clients all around the world. The k4 lab workers are highly skilled and versatile and certainly know very well how to help their clients out in designing the best websites in the world.

11. Visit Cascadia – In The Hammer Lane To Happiness Web Layout

Visit Cascadia – In The Hammer Lane To Happiness Web Layout

The hammer lane to happiness web layout is funky and super fun, it seeks to provide the best solutions for its customers online.

12. Galandesign Web Design Layout

Galandesign Web Design Layout

The wonderfully simple web layout and designs that are offered seek to provide customers with a touch of minimalism and a formal website and online solution that appeals to a broad customer base in general.

13. Oypre Commercial Real Estate And Property Management

Oypre Commercial Real Estate And Property Management

A creatively done layout that encompasses a world activity vector drawing.

14. 45 Royale Web Design

45 Royale Web Design

Chubby and adorable monkey displayed above is the work of superb technicians at 45 royale who seek to provide the best experiences to all its customers. The websites designed are simple and gorgeous as well as complex and unique.

15. Chubby Grub Nutrition Restaurant

Chubby Grub Nutrition Restaurant

Nutritional and restaurant layouts are difficult to execute in the best way possible. The skilled designers and web developers at chubby grub provide the best solutions for designing an online menu, restaurant information and so much more. It is an attractive and the best alternative to the traditional on the block marketing techniques that is sure o attract customer attraction.

16. Alifelski Digital Space Web Layout

Alifelski Digital Space Web Layout

Digital space is a new and emerging web trend that is sure to fire up the world of internet in the future like never before. Vast, endless and supreme, the digital space is perfect for designing the best web layouts for every client and customer.

17. Drupalcon Web Drupal Developers Layout

Drupalcon Web Drupal Developers Layout

Web developers who seek to be best ones are here are dc 2009. They are skilled and perfect to suit the customer needs.

18. Lightcms Web Design Creator Layout

Lightcms Web Design Creator Layout

Wonderful and beautiful vectors in 3D and other forms are available here and are simple to use and employ for use in website and designs.

19. Gomediazine Design Insight

Gomediazine Design Insight

Unique and graphic web designs are what this web developers’ giant is all about. The web sites are wonderful and beautiful and are directly related to customer needs all around the globe at the best rates and prices.

20. Studio 7 Designs Web & Mobile Logo Developer Layout

Studio 7 Designs Web & Mobile Logo Developer Layout

Mobile logos are difficult to create online and can be a hassle for one looking for a solution online. Creating one from scratch is also a hassle on its own. Therefore the studio designs provide the best solutions in a quick span of time. Short, easy, affordable, flexible, complex, simple, wonderful, gorgeous logos – it’s all here at studio designs.

21. WordPress Farmer Web Developer Layout

Wordpress Farmer Web Developer Layout

Word press farmer is the best solution for anyone looking for a creative boost to the presence on the web. Beautiful and wonderful interfaces make this web developers’ site the best solution online.

22. Attack Of The Web

Attack Of The Web

It is a great Vector Style Web Layout providing services for more than 4 years.

23. Toasted Digital

Toasted Digital

Digital web design is difficult when it comes to making it attractive and beautiful but the developers at toasted digital are skilled at doing so and meet the client needs.

24. Rocketlance Vector Illustration

Rocketlance Vector Illustration

Vectors are beautiful and attractive as well as wonderful too and therefore Rocketlance is the best solution available online.

25. The Shark Lab Aquarium And Research Facility

The Shark Lab Aquarium And Research Facility

Shark lab aquarium provides the best layouts available online – sweet or sexy, the researchers and developers here at the research facility have it all under one roof to cater to every online need.

26. Yes Insurance Vector Illustration

Yes Insurance Vector Illustration

Vectors are beautiful and simple, and certainly the best online solution in today’s world. Therefore clients can be assured of the top notch ones here at Yes Insurance.

27. Branded 07

Branded 07

Innovative and beautiful web designs and layouts are available here at branded 07 company manufacturers. The designs are one of a kind and breath-taking indeed.

28. Ready Made Design

Ready Made Design

Ready-made designs – the name says it all, the workers at this amazing website development giant are skilled masterminds when it comes to designing the best vectors out there!

29. Pampaneo Funky Illustration

Pampaneo Funky Illustration

Cartoon animations and designs are always fun to see since they are very entertaining and certainly grab consumer attention. Developers here are skilled and meet the best standards of the global market.

30. Morphix Design Studio

Morphix Design Studio

Vector icons look beautiful and unique and certainly are very attractive, therefore Morphix designs are aimed to provide just those to every client.

31. Altantis World’s Fair

Altantis World’s Fair

Fair vector illustrations are fun and easy to make, they are unique and innovative and certainly the best in the field.

32. Lionite Internet Ventures

Lionite Internet Ventures

The best solution when it comes to flexibility, the layouts are simple and beautiful. They are the latest in terms of technology and definition and extremely attractive as well.

33. Let’s Do This

Let’s Do This

The best website developers when it comes to fun and funky layouts, vectors are animated and extremely exciting. Best for working with cartoon-like images, they are the ultimate solution for the light at heart.

34. Fork – The Open Source CMS

Fork – The Open Source CMS

Wonderfully simple and beautiful, the web interfaces designed are beautiful and attractive and certainly the best of the best when it comes to simplicity and minimalism.

35. Inservio Web Solution

Inservio Web Solution

A small web based company doing a beautiful illustration of web designs in UK, London and all around the world.

36. Piipe Online

Piipe Online

Making vectors has never been an easier task than working with an online solution provider such as Pipe Online. The developers are skilled and know the best when it comes to working with vectors.

37. Envira Media

Envira Media

Dedicated to environmental sustainability, the socially responsible and best global green projects worldwide are managed by enviramedia.

38. eAnkaWeb


The top destination when looking for user friendly websites and web pages using Javascript, HTML, CSS and many more.

39. Doorstep Dairy

Doorstep Dairy

Fresh and locally grown goods as well as produce gets a beautiful vector illustration using this amazing website. Dedicated to locally produced goods and services.

40. Digital Impact Outdoors

Digital Impact Outdoors

Specializing in digital media outdoors the digital impact team seeks to provide the best services in the area of Texas, USA.

41. Caroline Moore

Caroline Moore

A web layout website owned by Caroline seeks to provide users with the best graphic designs and web illustrations.

42. Cheeky Monkey Media

Cheeky Monkey Media

Development and expertise when it comes to working like monkeys who are highly trained, skilled and clever the cheeky monkey designers are the best solution for agencies who meet their standards.

43. Branden Silva

Branden Silva

Web designing, Project planning, branding, wordpress, it is all managed by this amazingly versatile brandensilva team that is operated by a freelance web designer and developer who enjoys getting creative for his clients.

44. Brad Colbow – First World Problems Comic

Brad Colbow - First World Problems Comic

Creating cartoons and other web illustrations online makes this website the top choice for anyone looking for an animation or a cartoon illustration. Brad Colbrow designs animations and archives too.

45. Bear CSS – Helping You Build A Solid Stylesheet Foundation Based On Your Markup

Bear CSS – Helping You Build A Solid Stylesheet Foundation Based On Your Markup

This is a very handy website when it comes to Web Designing. The Webpage generates a Template which contains every class, HTML element & IDS that have been defined in the markup.


There are simply endless possibilities when it comes to website designing. By using different techniques, styles and layouts, a website can be made extremely beautiful and alluring, which will speak for itself and the content on that webpage. Illustration is that very language that every website speaks. A great illustration will tell the website’s story to the viewers. While designing a new webpage, a lot of consideration is given into its formation. With a little more efforts and time, the website can be taken to a totally new dimension, new level. Illustrations have this power to given a new alluring turn to a webpage.

These days, illustrations are becoming inconsiderably popular. Designers across the globe are trying their best to push these illustrations to the limit to see their capability. And they surely have come up with some of the most beautiful, amazing and mind-blowing designs.

Trying out these Layouts can make online businesses a huge success. The layouts never fail to lure or attract desired audience to a webpage, which makes these illustrations extremely popular and important and an integral part in the success of online businesses.

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    Here is a resource that talks about vector illustration, what it is, how it works, and so on: http://www.coreldraw.com/us/pages/vector-illustration/. It has a lot of useful info in there for newbies like me.
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