Sites for Housewives Helping to Stay Attractive and Interesting for Kids and Husband

Let’s begin our entry with accurate numbers, as they never lie and it’s useless to argue with them. So, attention please: British housewives spend almost half their leisure time online – more than any other social group in the world, according to research on internet social lives.

The global online poll of more than 27,000 people in 16 countries revealed that UK housewives spend 47% of their free time surfing the internet, compared with 39% for students around the world and 32% for the unemployed. Very impressive isn’t it? Now you see why we decided to choose this group of websites targeted specifically at housewives. This is a huge auditory with its own interests, wishes and requirements. Sure enough that website owners as well as developers should take into consideration its specific preferences.

We tried to make a brief analysis of possible housewives spheres of interest and were surprised with their variety. Staying at home moms need to take care of the whole family and it’s not that easy. Just remember the time when you were a kid. Your mother had to be a cook, a psychologist, a seamstress, an economist, a teacher, a doctor, a travel agent, an interior designer, a driver, a cleaner and many other pros in one person. And don’t forget that housewives are women, first of all. They want to wear trendy clothes, jewels, stay young, healthy, stay slim and seductive. So, the circle of housewives’ interests becomes larger with every thought we put down here.

Don’t you start thinking that almost each website design should be oriented on attracting housewives? In fact, the truth is somewhere near. We tried to make a list of the nice websites that can be hypothetically popular among the women staying at home. We hope they will spark your creativity somehow.

Now, let’s try to enumerate some web design tips you may use in your housewives oriented projects.

1. Visual aesthetics.

Don’t forget about delicate female’s nature. Women are drawn to the beautiful things, so if your website is aesthetically appealing, it won’t stay unnoticed.

2. Color choice.

Female top 3 favorite colors are: blue, purple and green.

Female top 3 least favorite colors are: orange, brown and grey.

Women are also strongly drawn to the blue-green mix of turquoise.

Research also shows that 56% of men and 76% of women preferred cool colors, and 51% men and 45% women chose bright colors.

Scientists have noticed that men prefer blue to red and women red to blue. Another difference is that yellow color had a higher effective value for the men than for women.

Men are more tolerant about colorless colors than women. At the same time women are more color-conscious and their tastes are more flexible.

3. Simple navigation.

Females would sooner abandon the website than rack their brains over the question how it works. This happens not because women are not so smart or well-educated; they just find easier ways in order not to waste their time in vain.

4. Concise texts and large fonts.

Moms have plenty of housework to do, so they just can’t afford reading infinite content. Sometimes it’s enough for them to read the essential headlines written in bold type to understand if the website can be of any use for them.

5. Many quality images.

Photos are illustrative, they explain website’s message much better than any words.

6. Relevant content.

If a woman is searching for the latest fashion trends or the quickest cooking recipes, just give the desired information to her, otherwise, she will find it somewhere else.

7. Emotional side.

Most of women are much more vulnerable than they even show. They cry easily over sad stories, laugh at the funny jokes and make no bones about showing their affection on public. It’s easier to touch female’s emotional strings and you should use this peculiarity of their nature.

8. Cute things.

This point can be understood different ways. We have already mentioned fine imagery. It’s in females’ nature to compare themselves with top models having ideal proportions, for instance. They believe that this or that training complex, erotic lingerie, fancy clothing and accessories, fashionable hairstyle, make up and similar details will make them look like beauty queens. So, if you offer something of the kind, you should advertise it in the cutest possible manner.

Here are great, good-looking websites having all chances to be popular among the housewives. Browse them and tell us what you think.


Housewives Helping Websites - S-Pole

Pole dance? Why not? The classes will help you stay fit, healthy and always desired for your husband.

Jeff and Megan

Housewives Helping Websites - Jeff and Megan

Making an online family (wedding) portfolio will refresh your feelings and show your beloved people how much you love them.


Housewives Helping Websites - CUPS

Fishing can become your family hoppy that will unite all its members.

Project Skin

Housewives Helping Websites - Project Skin

Aesthetic laser medicine will help you stay young and look beautiful all lifelong.

Social Playground

Housewives Helping Websites - Social Playground

Social media activity is also a great occupation able to add value to your family life.


Housewives Helping Websites - Nationwide

A good housewife should manage family budget like a pro. Sites like this one can help you to get the necessary knowledge.


Housewives Helping Websites - Fluttuo

All women like jewels and, of course, housewives are not an exception.


Housewives Helping Websites - Benetti

Housewives deal with house repairing and design too. Here is an inspiring website for the purpose.


Housewives Helping Websites - Munchery

Want to dine out of house today? Choose the restaurant online and invite your husband for a romantic date.

Lois Jeans

Housewives Helping Websites - Lois Jeans

Need to buy new clothes for the family? E-Commerce stores considerably simplify such tasks.


Housewives Helping Websites - M2B

Luxury hair contributes to our image. It doesn’t matter whether you work at the office or stay at home, your hair style should be perfect.


Housewives Helping Websites - Melanie

Baby’s bootees are also mother’s concern. These are so cute, aren’t they?

My Style My Look

Housewives Helping Websites - My Style My Look

Find helpful advice on trendy style and look here.

Bella Italia

Housewives Helping Websites - Bella Italia

Do you like Italian cuisine? Feast your family with pizza, pasta or grill! Happy pastime will work well for your friendly relations.


Housewives Helping Websites - Oyster

Reading books you will always have interesting topics for discussion with family members.


Housewives Helping Websites - Robo-Boogie

Have fun together with your kids and this cute dancing robot!

Rainbow Nursery

Housewives Helping Websites - Rainbow Nursery

Need a nursery for your kids? Choose the best one, like this, for instance.

Cornell University

Housewives Helping Websites - Cornell University

Caring about you kids’ future? Choose the right University together with them. This will help your children show up themselves and get a well-paid job in the future.

Whale Lifestyle

Housewives Helping Websites - Whale Lifestyle

Here you will find a little bit of everything (food and drink, entertainment, travel, current events, art and design, culture, fashion and style, philanthropy, home and garden, sports, etc.) to discuss in the cozy family circle.

Paint Box

Housewives Helping Websites - Paint Box

Be beautiful and stylish from hairs to tiptoes, your husband will appreciate that.


Housewives Helping Websites - Cooking

Learn to cook like a chef for your family, they will love that.


Housewives Helping Websites - Guided

Study all guides showcased on this site and travel safely all over the world.

M Power

Housewives Helping Websites - M Power

Need additional relaxation, fitness and meditation? Yoga will help you to cope with everyday routine, pressure and stress.


Housewives Helping Websites - Residential

Want a magnificent residence to live? Search for it here or on similar sites.

Los Angeles Times

Housewives Helping Websites - Los Angeles Times

Know what happens in your city and round the globe, this will make you an erudite interlocutor.

Warp 25

Housewives Helping Websites - Warp 25

Attending music festivals? Why not? It’s a wonderful way to change the common environments.

The Dissolve

Housewives Helping Websites - The Dissolve

Be in the course of movie and theatre releases in order not to miss a grandiose event.


Did you like our websites for housewives collection? Do you think they can really help them cope with a bunch of issues they face every day? Do you have anything to add to our tips for stay at home moms’ website design? Speak up! Your viewpoint will be really appreciated. In the long run, we write all our blog posts for your practical benefit.

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  1. Insulting article written in poor English.

    • Hi, dedide)) Would you be so kind and explain what exactly insulted you so much in this article? Oh, and please be a little bit more specific as to the language… Anyway, thanks for your comment. I hope abusing a copywriter made you happier)))

    • Said someone with a poorly designed website :)

    • Dude, why do you need to start a war in the comment section? The article is just fine, and Helga is a very experienced copywriter. If you don’t like something- please be more specific. And by the way, the article is not only for native englishmen, and not everyone would understand everything, if it was written in “complicated english”

    • You got panties in a wad, ‘cause your hyper trendy site wasn’t put in the list? The shame of it!

  2. This must be one of the silliest and most useless articles ever to be published on this blog.

  3. Oh my goodness, I have to agree with “dedide”, this really is an insulting article. The websites are poorly researched, and poorly captioned. Many of them don’t even make sense.

    Even as a man, some of the comments you make about “housewives” are skin crawlingly embarrassing (“They cry easily over sad stories”), and so general in their opinion.

    Helga, if you can’t see that this article is insulting, perhaps you ought to give up copywriting.

    • AndyM, maybe you will show me your “brilliant” articles to learn from? Did you read any of my other posts to make such conclusions as to my professionalism? And, by the way, if you are a man how do you know what women feel? Are you a psychotherapist? Thanks for your feedback and have a nice day at your office where you (no doubt) do your job absolutely perfect.

    • AndyM, what’s so insulting about this article? Please specify, or you’ll be considered a “comment troll”.

  4. I really liked the article and its easy for perception language. Nice examples and interesting topic. I think it will be appreciated not only by Housewives. Keep writing Helga, we are eager to read your new works.

  5. Thank you to the guys who were not so hard upon me))) Kate, Wyatt, Bob!!! You are very nice, positive people, I’m sure that you live a happy life and believe that any standpoint has its right for expression))

  6. One more great and inspiration post by Helga Moreno. Nice compilation of web designs, appealing text, each of the aforementioned recommendations makes sense. There is much to learn from this post. Thanks for that!

  7. Eample of the type of mistake I was referring to This is a huge auditory – the word is audience – Not complicated english as suggested by Wyatt just simple use of the correct term.
    The gross overgeneralization about gender roles started the insult and it just want downhill from there. I really cannot be bothered with InstantShift if your defensive answers are the best you can do.
    BTW, I am a 62 year old grandmother who has taught writing in college. If this was presented to me in class, I would fail it and ask for a retry. You are kidding yourself if you think you are a copywriter.

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      I have no desire to argue with a teacher of writing either. I respect your age and your experience.
      However, the idea of the blog post was not to pass the writing exam, but to give some tips to web designers on how to reach the larger “audience”.
      Whether we like it or not gender breakdown exists. Men and women have different tastes and preferences and it’s impossible to ignore it in web design.
      As to the choice of my profession, l think that its my private affair, sorry if that sounded rather rude. But I believe you are wise enough to understand that it was a reaction on your unsolicited advice.
      I think we will end up at this and wish you the soonest recovery.

  10. P.S. I am a working mom myself, so there is not a single hint here on the gender roles. I don’t think that women should keep the house and bring up children and men should earn money accordingly. All of us choose the occupations we are inclined to and try to reach our own life goals, otherwise we don’t feel happy. Eventually, the Stone Age has come to an end long ago…

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