Fantasy Genre in Web Design- What Would Your Fantasy World Look Like?

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” -J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Are you a fantasy fan? What do you like the most? Literature, movies, video games, music, painting… Historically, fantasy genre has been available mostly in the form of books. Nowadays the situation has changed drastically and we can enjoy magic, gods, heroes, adventures and monsters almost in full flesh on the screens of our TV-sets and computer monitors.

Actually, fantasy literature, as a separate genre, emerged in Victorian times. Everything started with Mary Shelley, William Morris and George MacDonald’s works. J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis played an important role in fantasy genre popularization with their miraculous The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia publications.

In the twentieth century, the books by Terry Pratchett (Discworld series) and Neil Gaiman (Stardust and The Problem of Susan) picked up the baton. And of course we couldn’t help mentioning the mega popular Harry Potter novels of J. K. Rowling that saw the world at the turn of the millennium.

So, what distinguishes fantasy from other art styles?

First of all it’s the freedom of expression. An author has the ability to use any story-telling element to enhance the narrative. It can be a fire-spitting dragon, a powerful magic, an impregnable castle and whatnot.

Besides, fantasy genre authors often build the entire wonderful worlds where the action takes place then.

Symbolism often plays a significant role in fantasy genre. The use of archetypal figures is frequently inspired by earlier texts or folklore. There is an opinion that fantasy literature and its archetypes fulfill a function for individuals and society and the messages are continually updated for current societies.

Language is also a crucial element of high fantasy because it creates a sense of place. The misuse of a formal, “olden-day” style language can become a dangerous trap for fantasy writers because it sounds ridiculous when done wrong. When the language is too bland or simplistic, this creates the impression that the fantasy setting is simply a modern world in disguise. Many fantasy writers use archaic language for its sonority and in order to lend color to a lifeless story. In various forms of fairytale fantasy, even the villain’s language might be inappropriate if vulgar.

As to fantasy style in web design, from our viewpoint, all its fascination lies in the fact that the author is not restricted by any frames. Fantasy worlds can be so varied. Everything depends on the way of your thinking. Herein under we will see the examples of fantasy worlds created by different authors. Some of them will take us back to the past, others transgress to the future. We will get acquainted with the weirdest creatures existing only in that given virtual reality. Maybe some of our readers will become so inspired that their next project will be created in fantasy style. Please note the uncommon typography, fairy landscapes, wonderful illustrations and magical beings living in their unique environments.

Are you ready for the journey? So, let’s hit the road. We will accompany you and comment on each world if you have nothing against it.

1. Fantasy Cartography

Fantasy Cartography

Have you ever seen a portfolio looking like that? We believe that it reflects the owner’s inner world and this world is fantastic. Such websites tell us that creative personalities will always find the way to surprise the public with their imagination.

2. Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV

Everything in this fantasy world is amazing: the two moons, the rocky mountains, the waterfalls and, of course, its fairy inhabitants.

3. Crisis Core

Crisis Core

Look how this futuristic techno world differs from the previous one, filled with ancient magic.

4. I remember

I remember

Would you like to see what people’s memories look like? The author of this website imagines them this way…

5. The Hobbit the desolation of Smaug

The Hobbit the desolation of Smaug

Unfortunately some journeys, like this one, for instance, are possible only in virtual world. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go through the Middle-Earth…

6. Into the Arctic

Into the Arctic

Yes, we know that Arctic is a real place on the map, but who on Earth is going to travel there, except the polar explorers? Look how beautiful and almost unreal it can be and say that the landscape is worth being in this list.

7. Find your way to Oz

Find your way to Oz

Did you like the fairy tale about the wonderful wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum? Would you like to see the countries ruled by him? Welcome to one of the versions…

8. Wing Cheng

Wing Cheng

How do you like illustrated fantasy world like this? Rather cute, isn’t it?

9. Carbonmade


Playful, cartoon-style fantasy world… Why not? Imagination has no boundaries.

10. Designeat


Have you ever travelled on the cloud and slept on a moon? Everything is possible in the Designeat world.

11. OCS


We don’t know what you think viewing this illustration, but it looks like the vessel is heading towards the pier illuminated by holiday lights and fireworks.

12. Chant Des Baleines

Chant Des Baleines

Have you ever seen cachalots and octopus so close? It seems like these fishermen are not afraid of the giants from the bosom of the sea at all.

13. Alice in Videoland

Alice in Videoland

Alice’s world is so bright and weird… Would you like to accompany her in chasing the white rabbit?

14. S & N

S & N

These apes with water guns and umbrellas look serious and discontented. What could make them feel like that? Maybe a sudden rise in the price for bananas?

15. Font Walk

Font Walk

This forest with birds, animals and insects looks so wild…

16. Bis Films

Bis Films

The background of this website is simply miraculous. Scroll down and see how it changes.

17. Artagraphix


The combination of natural elements and mechanical creatures in this website layout is striking.

18. Dundelina


Even an ordinary online store can be turned into fantasy world where illustrative elements are combined with real photos.

19. La Tabla De Gisela

La Tabla De Gisela

An abstract geometrical fantasy world? Why not, it also looks nice.

20. Boy Coy

Boy Coy

How do you like this futuristic red sky with speaking android soaring over the clouds?

21. Web Craftsman

Web Craftsman

Looking at the dwarf appearance of this artist and its magic workshop you start to believe that he can create something really wonderful for you.

22. Ernest et Celestine

Ernest et Celestine

Do you know how mice live? Welcome to the mousehole, see its interior with your own eyes.

23. BarCamp


Fantasy has no boundaries. It can take you absolutely anywhere, even to the other planet in the distant galaxy.

24. Equilibrium


What has caused such a mess on the screen? Do you think it was the golden asteroid?

25. Creative 9

Creative 9

If you dreamed to see the outer space with alien airships flying here and there, enjoy the view.

26. Apbaxter


Of course we couldn’t avoid the walking dead. Ladies and gentlemen, here come the zombies!

27. James Garner

James Garner

Don’t you think that this looks like a small cozy place from paradise?


Now, when you browsed fantasy worlds created by other designers, don’t you have the desire to make up your own one? What will it look like? Who will inhabit it? Will it be ancient or futuristic? Utopian, peaceful or hostile to the aliens? Maybe you have already felt yourself a God creating your own fantasy world? Are you ready to share this experience with us? Please leave your feedback and links in the comment section and never doubt that you can fly :-).

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