10 Tips to Design a Brilliant Wedding Website

There is a century-long tradition to get hitched up in June. Why June? The name of this month originated from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. Our ancestors thought that couples who got married in June would be blessed with happiness. That was years ago. Today this month is perfect for wedding thanks to the weather, which is usually not too hot and not cold. So, June is coming, the wedding season is in full swing and the only question I have is – are you ready for it?

In this post I will share a good wedding idea with you – a website. Firstly, I would like to say, that website is a powerful solution in its every aspect. I hope there is no need for me to explain and prove it. Without empty words, we will throw the light on wedding website design right now.

What is a wedding website?

Wedding website is a design impregnated with love. It is a modern tool to save on printing costs and build a planning guide in an eco-friendly way. It is the way to speak loud about your feelings and give a damn about enviers. Someone thinks it is narcissism, others find it a non-standard idea.

What are wedding websites used for?

The first possible aim of a wedding website is actually invitation for a wedding. The most common variant of inviting guests is by post. Many who does so, and it is OK. If your imagination is failing, you probably have to order some classic cards from a design agency, but be careful: impersonal invitations nicely wrapped in lovely envelopes will go to the trashcan sooner or later. Paper hand-made cards are usually very touching, but think how many trees you will save if go without paper. An email with a wedding invitation is very boring, trivial and impersonal though. It shows how you treat your guests (badly I suppose). During the past years video invitations became very popular, but cool they are when look creative. The best solution today is definitely a website. Modern technologies allow us to create whatever we like by ourselves or with external help. An online website that you can share with all of your guests is a great idea. This way of announcing about your big day will be memorable, that’s for sure.

Going further and being more inventive, you can turn a one-page invitation website into your planning project. Thereby, you can keep your parents and friends informed about what is the theme and dress-code of your party, where/when it is going to happen, the directions how they can get to the place, schedule of the day, etc. The most beneficial feature of a website in this case is the ability to update and refresh it, because sometimes troubles happen and you may need to order another restaurant, rearrange the schedule or whatever else – a printing card invitation sent to Florida from New York will be harder to correct than one info-block on a website.

If you have celebrated your wedding day years ago and for some reason you didn’t build your personal webpage, but now you has a strong wish to do it, then you can create a wedding album to refresh memories and let your friends remind those moving moments together with you. (Bonus idea: online album is a lovely anniversary gift!)

Do you know how to turn a wedding website into business? I know! When wedding planning agencies launch websites, they do it for business. These website designs are usually profitable and popular among couples, and of course they are done greatly.

10 Tips to Design a Brilliant Wedding Website

Now I will share with you my ideas on how to design a brilliant wedding website, if you use it as a planning guide.

Tip #1: Give Your Website a Catchy Name

I am sure you wouldn’t like to have a ‘weddingwebsite.com’ or a ‘weddinginvitation.com’ URL, because your website title should be personal and maybe even funny. It is your day, your project and you should do everything to your taste. That is why I think your names will be a top-rate variant for a website title; there are some other alternatives coming into my mind: the date of your wedding, your favorite song, the day you two sweethearts met one another or something very special about your love story.

Tip #2: Stop a Bit Longer on Your Homepage Design

A homepage will greet your guests and it should cheer them up, maybe entertain, touch; anyway it should bring some kind of emotions to their faces.
Imagine that it is already your wedding day and you meet your friends, I don’t doubt you will smile to them, hug and kiss them, so make your homepage smiling too!

Wedding Website Design - Tyler and Tayler
Tyler and Tayler

Tip #3: Develop the Navigation that Won’t Spoil Your Guests’ Mood

Navigation is going to be one of the prior features for you to think over. I’ll explain why. Put yourself in place of your guests: some friends of yours sent you a website invitation. You load it, marvel at a lovely homepage, but where to go further you just can’t understand. There is a ‘creative’ navigation with fly-out top menu bar, heart-shaped menu tabs randomly placed on the canvas or even better – you can’t find the menu. Now imagine what you feel at this moment and how desperately you hate this website. You don’t want such an outcome for your project, don’t you? That is why you need to make your navigation simple. Leave your creativity for some other occasion!

Tip #4: Pick an Exceptional Color Palette

Hey! Here is that fantastic occasion for you to be ingenious. Colors make the atmosphere, they are reference to how you feel about your day. I am pretty much sure that you pick your wedding dresses, cake, decorations and all that wedding stuff carefully and cautiously, why won’t you pay the same attention to your website appeal?

Now, let’s think over possible variants of the color scheme that will make your site.

If your couple is passionate, energetic, lively, maybe you should make your design red?

Red goes well with pink and orange, when the color scheme is analogues.

A triad color scheme with the dominating red tone will also include blue and yellow.

Maybe your wedding day is going to be sunny and smiling? Then you can make your website in yellow shades. Yellow is perfectly combined with green. Just think: you can have a true spring design!

Pastel tones will make a wedding design gentle and touching. Thereby, you can base your project on light pink tones, white and beige.

Here I have found a good collection of wedding palettes, hope it to be inspiring for you.

Tip #5: Define the Amount of the Information

So far as we defined our website design as a planning guide, we need to make it informative and useful (both for you and your guests). The amount of the information should be balanced and every aspect should be taken into consideration. Here I give you the things you definitely need to include to your site:

  • exact date and time when you are waiting for your guests;
  • the schedule of your day (so that if someone can’t come at the appointed time, he/she can join you later and don’t come like a bolt from the blue while you will be making your oath to your sweetheart);
  • where the ceremony will be held and where your wedding venue is;
  • transportation: gather all information on the nearest train stations, bus stops, airports, so that your guests from other cities won’t get lost;
  • dress code: make sure that you have informed your guests to dress up appropriately to your party theme, so that nobody feels ill at ease.
Tip #6: Structure Your Content

Together with navigation, that we have previously discussed and the portion of information you are going to publish, content structure is an important feature to make your site. The content sections must be clear; for this reason you can divide the layout into columns, separate info-blocks or banners. An organized layout is a pleasure.

Tip #7: Create a Guest Book

There are many ideas on how to build a Wedding Guest Book. For example, it can be a tree picture with leaves to write on or a puzzle with one piece for each guest. These are solutions to entertain your fossils and schoolmates at the party and thereby create a memorable souvenir for your entire life. The same principle can be applied to your wedding website. Who knows, maybe there were guests who haven’t left their feedback and wishes to you, but they can do it on a website.

Wouldn’t you like to read some nice words from your dearest creatures?

Tip #8: Make Your Photo Album Unforgettable

What a wedding website is without a wedding album? It is a failure, but not a brilliant website that we aim to build.

So here we will determine three categories of photo galleries:

  • love story, i.e. pre-wedding pictures, where two of you have just met, kissed at the first time, spend your first vacation together, introduced one another to parents, etc;
  • wedding album – this is a gallery of pictures took at your special day. You can halve it with making one gallery with your pictures, and another one with photos of your invitees;
  • and-they-lived-happily-ever-after photo gallery – this is an album with every sweet moment happened to you after the day you were tied to one another forever.

Wedding Website Design - Wedding Website with a Love Story Photo Gallery
Wedding Website with a Love Story Photo Gallery

Tip #9: Design a Clear Contact Page with a Google Map Preferably

Contact page is a needed section on your website. This is where your visitors will look up for the address, your phone number (strange if they don’t know it), email. You can add a Contact Form, where anyone can leave you a message or question they wonder about. But not the Form plays the most important role, a Google Map does. It is a cool tool to use when one needs to find a particular location. Embed a map with indicating your location on it, your invitees will appreciate it!

Wedding Website Design - Contact Form and Google Map
Wedding Website Design with a Contact Form and Google Map

Tip #10: Keep Updating

Here we have come to the last step which is waiting for you after everything is done and the website is ready. I would like to remind you once again, that the wedding day will be gone, but the memories will never, the same as your connection with friends and family. A website will unite you. A website is where you will upload the pictures of your baby in a year or two and your visitors will be happy for you and for that they were with you on the date of your family creation.

Don’t forget about your website, don’t neglect it and don’t make it junk! Keep building your brilliant wedding website during your entire life, you will thank yourself for that later!

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