24 Most Creative Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is a Microsoft Windows application for taking notes and writing down important meeting and time so that you do not forget them. Creative geniuses have created some exceptional and creative designs for the sticky notes that are totally different from the usual designs that we everyday see on our office desks. This creative approach makes sticky notes a fun thing to use. Though, these designs are unusual and unique but they do not compromise on the functionality of sticky notes.

So, without any further ado here we are presenting the complete list of most creative and unique sticky notes designs for you. These designs show that sticky notes do not have to just be in square design.

We hope that you will like this collection and find these sticky notes designs inspiring for you as well. Here is the full collection after the jump. Enjoy!

1. Floppy Disk Sticky Note

Floppy Disk Sticky Note

This interesting design of a sticky note has nostalgic value as it makes us remember playing games on 3.5” floppy disk. Furthermore, it is designed for taking notes – attaching notes to documents and to other surfaces.

2. Woods – Keyboard Memo

Woods - Keyboard Memo

These tree shaped memos are designed in such a way that they can be placed in between the keys of your keyboard and then make your keyboard looks like a forest. Each pack comes with 100 sheets. This is perfect to remember important meeting if you work on computer for long hours.

3. Sticky Note Wrist Watch

Sticky Note Wrist Watch

Wrist watch sticky notes are wearable means you can jot down important meeting and wear it on your wrist, so you cannot forget it. It includes one pad/watch consisting of 100 sticky notes. This makes a good gift to kids as well.

4. Clocky Notes

Clocky Notes

Another brilliant way to add memos and to do lists. This creative design lets you remember all your appointment. It comes in a retro alarm-clock shape. You can write your meetings drawing needles to remember the time and activity.

5. Mini at TV

Mini at TV

Another retro design concept for memo pad that resembles the old color TV. This memo pad comes in 30 color bar sheets and 30 gray bar sheets. This way you can add colorful memos and can set a color sheet for any particular activity.

6. Talk To The Hand Sticky Notes

Talk To The Hand Sticky Notes

This hand shaped sticky notes is designed to convey respect as hand commands respect. Now, you do not have to use the old boring yellow sticky note rather you can ‘Talk to the Hand’ to get your message across. This memo pad comes with 300 sheets.

7. Stone Memo It

Stone Memo It

If something is written in stone, it is permanent and cannot be changed. This idea has been taken to this Stone Memo it design where you can add memos on a stone shaped sticky note.

8. Butterfly Memo It

Butterfly Memo It

Butterflies are beautiful and we all love them. Use these butterfly shaped memo pad to leave your notes, memos and to do list.

9. Suck UK Block Notes Sticky Notes

Suck UK Block Notes Sticky Notes

These block game shaped sticky notes is a great way to leave small notes and mark pages on the books as well. Their vivid colors make them look eye catching and interesting. It comes in different colors and different shapes. Each pad contains 100 sheets, and there are 8 pads per pack.

10. I Am Sticky Drink Markers

I Am Sticky Drink Markers

Use these stylish memo on your drinks to identify your drink in a social gathering so that you don’t just blend into the crowd. Using these sticky notes is very easy. Simply peel the sticker off and stick it to your glass.

11. Cloud Notes

Cloud Notes

Say bye bye to old boring sticky notes, and use these cloud shapes memo to leave your messages. This set of sticky notes that will help you to write and remember everything that goes through your head by creating a nice sky of ideas and reminders around you.

12. Trump Memo

Trump Memo

This playing card memo pad comes in three different colors that are blue, red and black. Each pad contains 90 sheets. This is another interesting way to leave your message and note down important meetings that you do not want to miss.

13. Lovely Animals Sticky Notes

Lovely Animals Sticky Notes

This Lovely Animal Sticky Notes can be an ideal way to interact with children and make them remember about the important activities. They’re also the picture-perfect desk accessory to flaunt your individual style at work, school or use these cute memo-notes to bookmark your favorite book or magazine.

14. Sticky Tapes Cassette Notepad

Sticky Tapes Cassette Notepad

Cassette tapes are out of use these days, but these cassette tape shaped sticky notes creates a nostalgic feeling. This pad of super rad sticky notes is the exact size and shape of a cassette tape. Each pad contains 60 self-adhesive paper notes.

15. You’re On My Shit List Sticky Notes

You're On My Shit List Sticky Notes

Someone offended you? Write his name on this Shit List and let him know that he is on your shit list. Each pad of this sticky note contains 100 sheets that measures 3 inches long x 3 inches wide.

16. Suck UK Silly Page Markers

Suck UK Silly Page Markers

Here is another creative way to leave messages and jot down important meeting that you do not want to forget. These small adhesive notes are designed to mark pages or paragraphs, and comes in assorted colors and shapes. Each pad contains 150 sheets.

17. Post-it Pop-up Notes with Daisy Design Desk

Post-it Pop-up Notes with Daisy Design Desk

With this daisy design desk, all your written messages will always stand out. With these sticky notes, you can keep yourself organized and can multitask as well. Each Desk Grip Dispenser contains 200 sheets.

18. Social Sticky Notes

Social Sticky Notes

These Social Sticky Notes can be a great way to get your message across in a friendly manner. This Social Sticky Notes gives you a fun way to leave your message and interact with your colleagues. There are 100 notes per pack measuring 3 inches long x 3 inches wide.

19. Murder Ink – As if it was a crime scene

Murder Ink – As if it was a crime scene

This Murder ink sticky note comes with a blood spattered pen, and is perfect for pen notes, letters of resignation, hit lists, and office to-dos. There are 300 sheets in this sticky memo pad.

20. Salami Notes

Salami Notes

This Salami Notes comes in very beautiful and pleasing pink color that adds a life to your memos and notes. This particular design will appeal ladies the most.

21. Spoon and Fork Sticky Notes

Spoon and Fork Sticky Notes

Want to leave some message on the dining table? Then use these spoon and fork shaped sticky notes to leave your message. Using this memo pad is very easy as well and looks like as something is written on the utensils.

22. Band Aid Sticky Notes

Band Aid Sticky Notes

Though, these are not the real band aid but can be wrapped around your finger when something very important is written on it that you need to remember at the right time. Plus, these sticky note can be used as a page marker or bookmark.

23. Error Memo It

Error Memo It

Here is another intuitive design of sticky note that makes you laugh because of its design. You can use these sticky notes for creating memos and to do list.

24. Switch Notes

Switch Notes

This innovatively designed sticky note has a very simple yet useful design. It has a hole in the middle, just the right size to fix to a traditional light switch. This is very useful way to let someone remember about the things they are supposed to do.

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