Animal Related Websites – Types, Designs, Uses

We would never have the world and society we live in today, if there were no animals around us. Pets make us, the humans, tolerant, kind and indifferent to others. Animals give us energy and force us to move more, and the everyday walks we have thanks to our dogs are very healthy.

Millions of people all over the Globe are crazy about their pets and treat their cats and dogs as these fluffy creatures would be their children. It sounds weird, but won’t you disagree? Pets are true family members for everyone, who has one. It gives people a motivation to go home faster after work, if there is a nice kitty or friendly puppy waiting for you.

The presence of animals in our life gives more opportunities to people to earn money and start own business. There are many types of animal related businesses today. Here I mean the diversity of pets services – grooming, boarding, medicine, fashion.

I would like to strengthen on the fact, that not only pets play important role in humans’ life, but wild animals too. They are indispensable part of nature, they need to be protected and looked after. Thereby, there are many zoos and national parts, where animals are given shelter and due care. These are places, where animals are the kings and queens, where they can have everything they need. Plus, people may visit such leisure parks and learn more about the fauna of a particular region/country/continent.

In this post we are going to focus on the websites featuring the animal world. Here we will observe real and fantasy websites related to business, movie, charity industries. I hope you will find many interesting spheres where the animal websites are used.

1. Movie Industry

Recently I have watched a funny animated movie Rio 2, and that’s where I got the idea to make a research on animal related sites. Movie industry shows us more fantastic than real world, but it drives inspiration from the reality, that’s for sure.

There are many cute animated cartoons, where animals are main characters. Here I’ve picked a few of the best and latest examples.

Rio 2

Animal Website - Rio 2

This website opens with a trailer video. It is demonstrated in a large format and lets users get acquainted with the movie. Though if you have already watched the video, close it with a cross and move to a website itself. The theme has background Brazil music with an option to be turned off. It is comfortable and gives users a choice. The website has a great photo gallery that opens pictures in a full screen mode. Plus, there is a cool ‘Characters’ page with a moving background image, where you can pick a certain character to learn more about him/her.


Animal Website - Turbo

This website design is a true masterpiece. It is interesting and far from being trivial. The website has awesome sound effects, like the engine roar or voices of the movie characters. Sound may be turned off by demand. Another feature that I like about this design is a navigation menu. It has an original look, plus it is functional and simple.


Animal Website - Khumba

Here we see a pretty good one page website. There are two options of site navigation – scrolling or casual top horizontal menu bar. Both these variants are easy-to-use and won’t get you confused on a site. Plus, there is an up arrow that can move you from the bottom of the page to the top. A background image is marvelous though static. This site is equipped with a jQuery slider with movie screenshots on the slides. A Kidzone is a unique element this website has. By the way, it may be interesting for adults too.

2. Business Websites

There are many ways to get into the animal business industry, while there are many kinds of it. Now I would like to pay your attention on these 8 businesses that are quite popular nowadays.

– Grooming Business

Grooming services are very called-for today, because pet owners would pay someone to do this rather than do themselves. Take a look at a few grooming salons and care centers website:

Joanna’s Animal Grooming Salon

Animal Website - Joanna’s Animal Grooming Salon

This website with a dark gray background and pleasing page design in pastel colors looks nice. Its Header is designed with a large funny image. The navigation and layout structure are plain and simple. On the whole, this site is more functional, than creative.

Lucky Dawg Salon Grooming

Animal Website - Lucky Dawg Salon Grooming

This website design is based on a dark purple background. What we can see here is an uncommon content arrangement. Text blocks, pictures, videos, Google map, sliding gallery, bottom navigation are placed orderly and structurally. This site is easy and pleasant to navigate.

Dog Spa Website

Animal Website - Dog Spa Website

This theme is varicolored and eye-catching. White background makes bright boxes and photo galleries prominent. A home page jQuery slider is filled with cute animal photos, one of them is put on the Header on all other pages.

– Pet Sitting Business

Pet sitting is an indispensable service, if you are going out of town, need a day to rest, whatever. Professional sitters give their little clients love and due care.

Dog Vacay

Animal Website - Dog Vacay

This site helps users to find a pet sitter according to their demands easily. One needs to set a location and start a search, it is not a rocket science. The design of this site is favorable, because of a light color palette. I like this theme for its vivid imagery and creative videos.

Pet Sitting Website

Animal Website - Pet Sitting Website

This black and white site is stuffed with colorful pictures arranged in splendid photo galleries – jQuery slider and grid-based gallery. The website has a well-designed Contact Form.


Animal Website - Petaholics

This green website has a nice-looking Header section with a static picture. There are two navigation menus – the one placed horizontally at the top and the other sidebar with extra menu items.

Gentle Touch Pet Sitting

Animal Website - Gentle Touch Pet Sitting

This compact website consists of 3 pages, which present the most essential infor to users – who they are, what they offer and how to contact them. The background picture portrays five red cats and dogs on a white canvas. The content pages are semi-transparent and the background image disappears nowhere.

– Breeding Business

Who doesn’t want to buy a pedigree pet? I think the majority of people want their small family members to be purebred. That is why there are people who breed animals for sale, it is a good business for sure.

Please, enjoy these websites I’ve picked for you!

Jordyalan Border Collies

Animal Website - Jordyalan Border Collies

Sport Horse Breeding

Animal Website - Sport Horse Breeding

– Horse Racing Business

Many people are crazy about horse racing. Some of them are jockeys, trainers, while others stake great sums of money on their favorite stallions. There are tons of websites featuring hot news, take stakes and broadcast the races. Here you have a chance to see a few of them:

New York Racing Association

Animal Website - New York Racing Association

Equibase Company

Animal Website - Equibase Company

ESPN Horse Racing

Animal Website - ESPN Horse Racing

– Pet Photography Business

Some photographers like shooting models, while many who prefer to deal with couples in love and take photos of their weddings, a handful of photography artists take delight in portraying animals. I’ve chosen these three photography website to share with you, hope you will like them.

Brooke Jacobs Pet photography

Animal Website - Brooke Jacobs Pet photography

A clean website design with cute dog and cat arrow buttons. The portfolio is large and impressive here.

Jim Dratfield’s Petography

Animal Website - Jim Dratfield’s Petography

This theme is designed in clean style, but has an opposite color palette to the previous theme – this design is colored gray. I like the thumbnails bar, it is truly awesome.

New York Pet Photographer

Animal Website - New York Pet Photographer

This is another nice website with minimal and user-friendly design. Its home page is greatly designed with an eye-popping hero area.

– Pet Clothes Business

Pet clothing fashion is a fast-growing industry. There are more and more people who would like to dress up their pets in varicolored suits and tiny boots. Look up here, these sites illustrate fashionable apparel for animals.

Posh Puppy Boutique

Animal Website - Posh Puppy Boutique

Puppy Love Couture

Animal Website - Puppy Love Couture

I can’t help smiling at the sweet pink hearts falling from the top of the page. They are very cute. Women, who have Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise will probably fall in love with site, but I really doubt whether someone would dress Pit Bull Terrier or Rottweiler in this kind of clothes.

Barneys New York

Animal Website - Barneys New York

Funny Fur

Animal Website - Funny Fur

– Dog Training Business

Dog training schools and centers provide people with the ways to exercise their dogs, fulfill their natural instincts, and make their pets obedient. These services are called-for among the dog owners society, so far as nobody wants his or her pet to be aggressive or spoilt by too much care. Check out these websites I have picked for you!

Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Animal Website - Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Who’s Walking Who

Animal Website - Who’s Walking Who

Obedience Training Club

Animal Website - Obedience Training Club

– Veterinary Medicine Business

The veterinary medicine shouldn’t be underestimated. It is the same vital as human health care industry. Animals are living beings, who can become ill and need a dental, surgery or any other help. Tons of vet clinics are located in every city and can be find easily with their websites.

Brooklyn CaresVet Clinic

Animal Website - Brooklyn CaresVet Clinic

Adelaide Animal Hospitals

Animal Website - Adelaide Animal Hospitals

3. Zoos and Aquariums

I have already mentioned about the role of zoos and national parks, here I also add a few websites of popular Aquariums that you may visit once.

Bronx Zoo

Animal Website - Bronx Zoo

This website is nice, but what is more it is useful. The theme provides users with all needed information on the Zoo, its location, animals, etc.

Crete Aquarium

Animal Website - Crete Aquarium

This is one of the best Aquarium I’ve ever visited and to be honest it has a nice websites. The Header is video-based, this gives a certain motion and attractiveness to the theme. The color palette of this design is well done in blue shades.

Basel Zoo

Animal Website - Basel Zoo

It’s a perfect green website. The home page with a large colorful image magnetizes.

Beauval Zoo

Animal Website - Beauval Zoo

A background illustration of this website design is marvelous and looks like a picture from the animated cartoon.

Niagara Falls Aquarium

Animal Website - Niagara Falls Aquarium

Berlin Zoological Garden

Animal Website - Berlin Zoological Garden

4. Animal Charity

This sphere of humans activity, I mean charity, is the most kind, touching and generous/ Fortunately, there are many volunteers who are ready to help poor animals, but unfortunately there is a plenty of those who offend our friends.

So far as this kind of sites aims to help animals, they feature great designs with movable pictures.

Best Friends Animal Society

Animal Website - Best Friends Animal Society

Petsmart Charities

Animal Website - Petsmart Charities

A content rich yet easy-to-navigate website. Plus, there is a clear call-to-action button, it must work well.

Wildlife conservation Society

Animal Website - Wildlife conservation Society

Charity Foundation

Animal Website - Charity Foundation

Do you have more ideas on the animal websites and their applications? It would be a pleasure for me to find out more opinions on this topic, so the comments section is in your disposal, you are welcome to share your thoughts!

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