24 Creative Birds Inspired Products

In this inspiring collection, we have some truly inspired products for you. All of these products are inspired by birds and therefore, they have been given shape of birds. Nature is the true source of inspiration and birds are also a part of nature. Many people love birds and this is the reason why so many products in our daily life are inspired by birds.

In this collection, we are specifically focusing on birds inspired products and we have a good collection on it. Here, you can see 30 most creative and beautiful bird products. Many of them are in bird shape while carrying a lot of charm and a minimalistic look.

We hope that you will like this collection and find these bird inspired products inspiring for you as well. Here is the full collection after the jump. Enjoy!

1. Bird Shaped Lemon Squeezer

Bird Shaped Lemon Squeezer

This lemon squeezer is a stainless steel product which is dishwasher safe also. You can pour fresh lemon juice straight from the bird. A very useful product that can be used every day.

2. Silicone Bird Hook

Silicone Bird Hook

These silicon bird hooks are very useful in your everyday life. You can hang almost anything that you want on the wall and be ready. With these hooks, you can have your own personal flock.

3. Westminster Balancing Bird

Westminster Balancing Bird

This magic balancing bird would make an ideal gift for the kids as well. It balances precariously on the tip of your finger and does not need any adjustment to keep it in its place.

4. Kate Aspen Tweet Baby Mamma

Kate Aspen Tweet Baby Mamma and Baby Bird Stainless-Steel Cookie Cutters

Use these stainless steel cookie cutter to create your kids interest in the cookies so that they can have fun and enjoy their cookies. It is available in pink and blue packaging.

5. Love Birds Kissing on Tree Branch Necklace

Love Birds Kissing on Tree Branch Necklace

This necklace is a 16” white gold plated necklace comes with white matte gold finish. These love birds kissing on tree branch can be gifted to your beloved.

6. The Famous Drinking Bird

The Famous Drinking Bird

This drinking bird fascinates children and they want to play with it which makes it good gift for kids. Therefore, it can be a good choice for educational activities for the kids.

7. iLuv MobiCup Splash-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

iLuv MobiCup Splash-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This marvelous bird inspired product is specially designed to fit in any cup holder perfectly saving your space. This is a Bluetooth enabled speaker are designed in such a way that it fits perfectly into your on the go lifestyle.

8. Wooden Bird Whistles

Wooden Bird Whistles

These wooden bird whistles are painted in vivid assorted colors that attract children and therefore can be good choice for kids’ parties.

9. Cute 3D Cartoon Watch Kids

Cute 3D Cartoon Watch Kids

This red angry bird shaped wrist watch comes with silicon slap that is easy to on and easy to take it off. This kids watch makes up a good gift for student back school, sports, outside, holiday, Christmas and birthday.

10. Fine Porcelain Flights of Fancy Collectible

Fine Porcelain Flights of Fancy Collectible

This bird sugar and creamer set is made up of high quality fine porcelain and ceramic, and have been hand painted and polished that gives it a very fine and eye catching look.

11. Tea Matter Melodic Tea Strainer

Tea Matter Melodic Tea Strainer by Alan Chan

This decorative bird shaped tea strainer is made of stainless steel and have been inspired by landscape and cultural atmosphere. This adds a very warm feeling to your tea table.

12. Birdy Chair

Birdy Chair

This beautiful bird shaped inspired chair can be a fresh addition to any modern interior. It is handmade of wood, liana and leather. It looks extremely stylish and is very durable as well.

13. Birds Paper Napkin Rings

Birds Paper Napkin Rings

These birds paper napkin rings are cut from solid colored cardstock. These birdies can be made in any color and can surely add a fresh breeze to your dining table.

14. Birdhouse Key Ring

Birdhouse Key Ring - Brown House with Green Bird

Here is another stylish and handy way to keep your keys safe and in proper place. It is made of all recyclable materials and can be a perfect gift for students and youngsters.

15. Marina’s Bird Lamps

Marina's Bird Lamps

You would definitely want to lit this bird shaped inspired lamp in your room. This cute Marina Bird lamp not only serves the purpose of a lamp but also gives a new life to your door.

16. Origami Tea Bags

Origami Tea Bags

These origami tea bags have been designed by a Russian designer Natalia Ponomareva as an interesting packaging concept. It is an innovative idea to packed tea bags like an origami bird.

17. Koziol Pip Bird Napkin Ring Translucent Raspberry

Koziol Pip Bird Napkin Ring Translucent Raspberry

You can leave this pip fly over your dining table and keeping your rolled napkins under their wings. These bird inspired translucent napkin ring can be a fresh addition to your dining table.

18. Creative Speakers Wrenz Birdies

Creative Speakers Wrenz Birdies

These creative speakers have been designed in birdies shape and work perfectly with your iPhone and iPods. Further, they add a natural feeling to your surroundings.

19. Koziol Pi Party Set

Koziol Pi:p Party Set

These environmental friendly bird shaped party sets have been made in Germany and comes in different vivid assorted colors. These products have been manufactured without using any softening agents and are ideal for any party.

20. Salt and Peeper

Salt and Peeper

A very cute and fully functional salt and pepper shaker that does its job pretty well. Turn its head to the right and his beak will dispenses salt whereas his eyes change from blue to white. Turning to left change eye color to black and beak pours pepper.

21. Sparrow Clips

Sparrow Clips

These beautifully designed sparrow clips comes in a set of sixteen charming clips in four different colors. You can use these sparrow clips to hang clothes, artworks or even can use them to fasten bags.

22. Angry Bird Wayfarer Sunglasses

Angry Bird Wayfarer Sunglasses

These angry bird inspired sunglasses are made of polycarbonate lens with 100% UVA and UVB protection. These Wayfarer sunglasses comes with funny eyebrows and novelty game inspired shades.

23. Angry Bird Camera Cozy

Angry Bird Camera Cozy

This creative and angry bird inspired camera cozy makes a good gift for photographers. This camera cozy will add new meaning to ‘watch the birdie’.

24. Creative clothesline design: birds on a laundry wire

Creative clothesline design: birds on a laundry wire

With these creative clothesline design that are inspired by bird shapes, you can hang your clothes on a laundry wire in a very pleasing and cute style.

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  1. Inspired! Some great products, the lemon sqeezer and Wrenz birdies speakers were my fave :)

  2. I love birds, and these were all SO cute! Salt and Pepper birds? Yes please. Thanks for this list, made my day:)

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