24 Creative and Cool Office Supplies

In this collection, we want to share with you some very unique and creative office supplies that come very handy in any office environment while giving a new breeze to your working table.

We spend almost 8-12 hours a day in our offices be it graphic designer or any other professional. This means that half of our day is spent in our cubicles that with their same and boring arrangement can make it hard for us to concentrate fully on new and creative ideas because we are so much tired and bored of our surroundings.

These creative office supplies have been designed in keeping this approach in mind, and therefore, they offer creative solutions to office needs while adding a fresh feeling to office tables and cubicles. We hope that you will like this collection. Enjoy!

1. My Document Laptop Case

My Document Laptop Case

A very handy and useful office supply that lets you keep your documents in a proper way while also letting you space to keep your laptop in it as well. In this way, you can carry your laptop and documents simultaneously without creating any mess.

2. Lock Cup

Lock Cup

This is a lock cup which is very a useful office supply for those people who share their workplace facilities like kitchen with their coworker. This cup has a hole that lets its owner only to use the cup by using his shaped key to close the hole and pour coffee in it.

3. Staple Free Stapler

Staple Free Stapler

This creatively design office supply is a staple free stapler. This stapler does not need staples have become a scourge to the office environment, and thus lets you manage your paper in a more stylish and clutter free style.

4. Super Kid USB 4-Port Hub

Super Kid USB 4-Port Hub

This super cool USB port hub hooks up your various USB devices by using his hands and feet. This is totally a new approach of designing a USB hub that looks attractive while keeping the job done.

5. The Butt Station: Tape Dispenser Pen Memo Holder Clip Storage

Tape Dispenser Pen Memo Holder Clip Storage

This is another useful office supply that keeps scotch tape, pen and notepaper in place while adding a cool breeze to your workplace.

6. Mousetail Cordwrap

Mousetail Cordwrap

This cable wire binder keeps all the cables in place that lie under your tables and create quite mess. You can arrange all the cable and make your working area look neat.

7. Like / Dislike Stamp Set

Like / Dislike Stamp Set

Facebook introduces the concept of ‘Like’ and this Like /Dislike Stamp Set works exactly the same way. You can stamp your paper that you do not like with Dislike stamp. While, use the Like stamp for the documents that you refers to others.

8. Desk Cup Holder

Desk Cup Holder

Sometimes, glass on your working table seems to take too much space. Here is the solution for this. Use this desk cup holder to keep your glasses away from your working area.

9. Help! Bookmark

Help! Bookmark

These bookmark helpers are not for your internet browsers rather you can use them in bookmarking your actual books. Now, no need to fold pages to mark them. Use these stylish markers.

10. Libertine USB Flash Drive

Libertine USB Flash Drive

This is a very unique and creative design for a USB flash drive. This Libertine USB flash drive makes up a good office gift and adds a unique feeling to your working table.

11. Balloon AA: Calendar

Balloon AA: Calendar

This creative office supply basically is a balloon calendar that looks quite intuitive and appealing on any office desk. The set contains 12 balloons in 12 different colors to add spark to your desk.

12. Pin Sprouts

Pin Sprouts

These trendy and stylish pin sprouts allow you to pin up important papers and notes so that you can remember important points whenever you glance at these papers.

13. Birds On A Wire Picture Hanger

Birds On A Wire Picture Hanger

These interestingly designed paper clips are basically are shaped in black bird and strung on a 32 inch “clothesline”. This is a fun and easy way to display your photos, tickets, memos, and keepsake.

14. Falling Bookend

Falling Bookend

Falling Bookend is designed in such a way that it gives the impression as if books are going to fall on the man whereas the man acts as a bookend. Creative concept!

15. Memo Elephant

Memo Elephant

This interestingly designed office supply is a sort of memo that is designed in elephant shape. You can write on it whatever you need to remember and it will never forget it until you wipe it clean and start again.

16. Key Pete Super Strong Magnetic Key Holder

Key Pete super strong magnetic key holder

This magnetic key holder is very strong and can hold up to 30 keys plus whatever other metallic objects you want to bung on there. Its cute shape makes it an ideal choice for office as well as for home.

17. Morris the Memo Holder

Morris the memo holder

Another creatively designed memo holder that is perfect for any office as it keeps the memo in his back and his mouth can hold your pencil. When you need to remember something, simply take a note, pencil in and then stick it to Morris mouth.

18. Another Bloomin’ Designer’s Business Card

Another Bloomin’ Designer’s Business Card

This actually is a business card of a designer that has been designed with extreme creativity. The card if used by following the instruction correctly can give you a decent bloom within a week.

19. Rotating Lego-style Sockets

Rotating Lego-style Sockets

This socket has been designed very intelligently that it allows you use all the sockets simultaneously as it can rotate to give space to adjacent socket to fit in properly.

20. Rainbow Highlighters

Rainbow highlighters

These colorful office highlighters come in the form of Rainbow that definitely adds a life to your boring work table.

21. Face Mug

Face Mug

You can use this mug for your coffee as well as for keeping cookies in it. This Face Mug is perfect for serving milk and cookies, coffee and doughnuts, tea and biscotti, or your favorite snack-time combinations.

22. USB Led Beverage Cooler

USB Led Beverage Cooler

USB Led Beverage Cooler is powered entirely via your computers USB port internal blue LED illumination, and can keep one 12oz can of beverage chilly cold.

23. Murder Ink

Murder Ink

This sticky notepad and pen set comes with 300 pages of sticky notes which is packed in a full-color illustrated gift box. It is perfect for office to-do’s, hit lists, pen notes, etc.

24. Waste Basketball

Waste Basketball

With this creative office supply, you can turn your boring office environment into something interesting. Practice a sharp shooting with the provided board and throw garbage in the dustbin.

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