10 Incredible WordPress Plugins for Job Boards

When it comes to job boards, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle amongst available online options. In order to stand out, your board has to be both visually appealing and intuitive in design.

Luckily, WordPress is replete with plugins you can incorporate as a part of your website. Some are paid, while others are free, but all have the ability to take your job postings to the next level.

1. WPJobBoard

instantShift - WPJobBoard

WPJobBoard is a paid plugin that allows you to incorporate both a blog and job board into a single design. The plugin is designed to work with all of the available WordPress themes. You can easily customize the plugin so that the design matches the overall aesthetic of your site. The plugin gives you the ability to decide who can post jobs, has numerous search categories for jobseekers, and even has a feature that allows jobseekers to apply for jobs via your website.

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2. Job Manager

instantShift - Job Manager

If you want to post jobs and handle job applications, Job Manager is a WordPress application to consider adding to your website. It is customizable so that you can make it flow with the look and feel of your site, and allows you to easily post jobs and handle applications from jobseekers. From the backend, you can determine how long jobs remain posted and also handle applications. You even have the option of setting up email lists that send automatic emails to jobseekers who have used your website and may potentially be a fit for a new job posting. Job Manager is a free plugin.

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3. WPCareers

instantShift - WPCareers

Many job boards give jobseekers the option of creating a resume as a part of the board’s features. In some situations, this is something individuals can do even if they ultimately do not apply for any jobs. WPCareers is a WordPress plugin you can use to give this feature to your job board. It gives users the ability to create and manage resumes built on your site. As the administrator of your job board, you can view and manage resumes that users create on your site. With a plugin of this nature, you can passively recruit candidates for positions by merely keeping an eye out for incoming resumes. It is a free plugin.

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4. WP Job Manager

instantShift - WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is a lightweight plugin for adding job-board functionality to WordPress site. Being shortcode based, it can work with any theme (given a bit of CSS styling) and is really simple to setup. The plugin comes with several shortcodes to output jobs in various formats, and since its built with Custom Post Types you are free to extend it further through themes. It is a free plugin.

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5. Resume Submissions & Job Postings

instantShift - Resume Submissions & Job Postings

If you want to post jobs on your website, Resume Submissions & Job Postings is a plugin to consider using. As an admin, you can post jobs to a job board created by the plugin and users can submit resumes in response to those job postings. The plugin allows you to easily set up automatic thank you emails to send to all individuals who submit a resume. It is a free plugin that is simplistic by design, yet still features aspects that make the job posting and application process easier.

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6. WPJobAds

instantShift - WPJobAds

Posting jobs on your website can sometimes be a way to bring in additional income. WPJobAds is a paid plugin that gives you the ability to cleanly present jobs to jobseekers while also bringing in this additional income. If you desire to charge to list jobs on your website, WPJobAds connects directly to PayPal, which makes completing transactions a simple process. If, however, you don’t desire to charge, the plugin does not require that you do so. You have the ability to extensively customize the plugin so that it matches with the look and feel of the remainder of your website.

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7. WPJobboardPro

instantShift - WPJobboardPro

WPJobboardPro is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to seamlessly add a job board to your website. It is a paid plugin, but once installed, you can list jobs and receive applications through the plugin. Jobseekers create resumes in a variety of file formats, and this plugin allows you, the admin, to determine what files types you are willing to accept.

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8. Zartis Job Plugin

instantShift - Zartis Job Plugin

Zartis Job Plugin is a paid WordPress plugin that allows you to easily post jobs on your website. With the plugin, you have the ability to create, edit, and remove jobs, and can also manage individuals who apply to jobs. The plugin is integrated with a number of social media sites, which enables you to cross promote your job postings. The plugin makes candidate management easy because it stores all job applicants in a central location as opposed to sending you an individual email with information on each applicant.

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9. WordPress Jobbin

instantShift - WordPress Jobbin

A paid plugin, WordPress Jobbin gives you the ability to post jobs and accept applications from your website. As the admin, you have the ability to allow outsiders to post jobs with or without your approval. If you decide to allow employers to post jobs without prior approval, you can later go in and remove jobs, should you desire. You also have the ability to customize the look of the plugin so that it matches with that of your website.

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10. CATS JobSite

instantShift - CATS JobSite

If you have a CATS Applicant Tracking System account, the CATS JobSite plugin is something you can use to post jobs to your website. With the plugin installed, jobs that you have listed on your CATS account are automatically pulled into your website. Visitors can then apply to jobs from your website, and you will receive notification in your CATS account. The free plugin gives you two different ways of sharing jobs and receiving applications. Because the jobs are posted in two places, the plugin has a feature that detects duplicate applications.

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Whether you go with a simplistic design or something with a little more of a wow factor, adding a job board to your website can be a valuable tool. The good thing about WordPress job board plugins is that you have a number of different options, and once you install the plugin, you have everything you need to seamlessly create and manage a job board from your existing website.

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  1. Excellent collection of plugins. I know about some job board themes, but I didn’t know there are so many job plugins out there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Jay,

    Excellent write and listing! I think those are really great and seeing the free plugins are not bad at all.

    Thanks for sharing and appreciate it!

  3. Great!
    I’m seeking for a plugin to allow people send application for some job, there should be lots of fields which will be available for editing by this user from his profile page. Which Job plugin is good for this?
    BTW I’d recommend you use wpDiscuz plugin for your comment system, I love commenting on that…

  4. Great list list awesome job creating plugins for wordpress , looks very helpful this post.
    Recently we published a plugin at wordpress.org “Job Board Manager” , easy to use via short-code display job list, job single page, extend as your needs for settings , themes and more.

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