28 Creative Calendar Design Ideas

Usually calendars are designed in a standard linear fashion and we do not get a chance to see some creativity in calendar designs. Agreed with me? Well, it is true but not for this collection, as here we are presenting some of the very creative ideas for calendar designs.

This collection opens up the ideas of designing calendars in more appealing manner. Though, every unusual design does not necessarily a good design, rather for a good calendar design it is important that it remains usable while presenting function in different way.

Here is the full collection. Feel free to browse through this collection and be inspired. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Your comments are always more than welcome. Enjoy!

1. Galery Calender

Galery Calender

This gallery styles calendar not only enhance the beauty of a wall it is hung to but is also gives the room a wonderful feel as well. Different themes for different months work well in creating an eye catching design.

2. Target Practice Dart Calendar

Target Practice Dart Calendar

This creative calendar design comes packed in a mat black wooden box which itself is quite stylish and elegant. The illustrations on calendar’s pages are diagram which are formed as shooting target. It comes with 2 sets of dart arrows in cyan and magenta colors that represent male and female auditory.

3. Wooden letterpress calendar

Wooden letterpress calendar

This wooden letterpress calendar design would be great source of inspiration typography lovers. The interesting thing about this calendar design is that it comes with no expiry as it has typesetting fields of year, month and days that users can once set.

4. Trash Calendar


Almost all calendars eventually get into trash bin but this calendar design is specially designed for this purpose. Every calendar day is a trash bag. This creative design has the power to influence people and their activity.

5. Origami Calendar

Origami Calendar

Another creative calendar design idea based on Origami which basically is a traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The calendar design looks unique and attractive, and thus adds a feeling of live to your desk.

6. Stitched Constellation Calender

Stitched Constellation Calender

This creative calendar design is inspired from constellation and it makes up a fun gift for your friends and family. Each kit comes with 12 calendar cards printed in glow-in-the-dark ink, one embroidery needle, glow-in-the-dark embroidery floss and is packaged in a muslin bag.

7. Magnetic Calendar

Magnetic Calendar

This is another beautiful design for a calendar. This is an eternal and easily customized magnetic calendar. It is designed by Seriy and Igor Chebotaryov, and would be ideal for anyone who wants a creative calendar for next year.

8. 2014 calendar

2014 calendar

Are you a typography lover? If yes, then you will surly like this calendar design. This creative calendar design is a perfect combination of great typography and a creative graphic design that is designed with custom font called Reboot.

9. Bestiarium Calendar 2014

Bestiarium Calendar 2014

Here is yet another appealing calendar design for you which is based on several mythical and mythological creatures. Since it is quite unusual for a calendar design, it will definitely going to appeal masses.

10. Colorful Letterpress Desk Calendar

Colorful Letterpress Desk Calendar

This is another letterpress calendar design. Colorful Letterpress Desk Calendar is printed on pure cotton, extra thick card stock; and it is printed with an old vintage platen press that gives it an alluring visual aspect.

11. Creative calendar 2014

Creative calendar 2014 by Alexander Khomutov

This calendar design is created by Alexander Khomutov and the creativity in this calendar design will surely take your heart away. The artist carefully blended all the element of a good design and come up with this elegant, creative and unique design.

12. A Visual Year 2014 Calendar

A Visual Year 2014 Calendar

Another visually appealing design for calendar is presented here that stands apart from other ordinary designs because of its unique visual aspect. It has been designed in a quite unique manner.

13. My Zoo 2014

My Zoo 2014

This calendar design is a part of a graphic design project and created by Mauresa Hankinson. This calendar design is named as My Zoo 2014 because in this, each month is designed to be a different animal.

14. 2014 Swirl Spectrum Calendar

2014 Swirl Spectrum Calendar

Fraz Khalid has designed this creative concept of a calendar, and as it name indicated it is a swirl spectrum calendar that is simply outstanding.

15. Calendar t-shirt

Calendar t-shirt

This t-shirt calendar design is created not only to show the date rather it is fully useful. Users can wear this t-shirt but its design will expire after one year. A pen is attached so that the owner can fill in one box for each day that the shirt is being used.

16. The World’s First Camera Lens Calendar

The World’s First Camera Lens Calendar

This desktop calendar has been designed in a shape of camera lens that is quite attractive and different approach for a calendar design. This stunning calendar design displays dates from 2008 to 2032, and weighs above 4kg. Focus, shutter speed and aperture rings are used to display the year, month and the date.

17. Ring Calendar

Ring Calendar

This simple and minimal design of a calendar not only looks good on the wall but it also gives you the satisfaction of interacting with its calm composition.

18. An Apple a Day Wall Calendar

An Apple a Day Wall Calendar

Here is another inspiring calendar design for you that remind us of a famous saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

19. Puzzle Calendar

Puzzle Calendar

Different colorful blocks are used to create this creative puzzle calendar. You can rearrange the block to change the look of your calendar every month.

20. Creative Calendar Designs: Chromo-Shredder

Here is another interesting and creative idea for calendar. The Chromo Shredder machine functions similar to those of a calendar and a clock: The device continuously shreds every single day, minute after minute, hour after hour.

21. Office Calendar

Office Calendar

This creative calendar design is best for your office desktop as its design is very simple and takes up less space, while creative enough to give you a fresh wave of inspiration.

22. Ink Calendar

Creative Calendar Designs: Ink Calendar

This Ink Calendar uses the capillary action of ink spreading across paper to display the date. This is extremely brilliant idea for a calendar and has been designed by Spanish designer Oscar Diaz.

23. Coffee Cup Calendar

Coffee Cup Calendar

The Coffee Cup Calendar makes up a good office gift that not only shows the date but can also be used to take a cup of coffee as well. The saucer has dated printed on it and the cup has an arrow for indicating today’s date.

24. Life Calendar: Love Life, Day by Day

Life Calendar: Love Life, Day by Day

This beautiful and inspiring calendar is series of different calendars which highlights an aspect of life. The idea is very cool and heart touching.

25. Typography Calendar

Typography Calendar

Another beautiful calendar design for typography lover that comes with certain fonts that you can mix them up to create a good looking typography calendar.

26. Awesome black Calendar 2013

Awesome black Calendar 2013

This simple and minimal Black calendar would be a perfect choice for those who love black color. The design is awesome and designer has kept is simple yet usable.

27. The Cube Calendar

The Cube Calendar

This creative cube calendar design was created by Philip Stroomberg. This is a fun design for a calendar and can also be given as a promotional gift.

28. Tastee Toaster Desktop Calender

Tastee Toaster Desktop Calender

This is a paper toy calendar that has been given a shape of a toaster. This Tastee Toaster Desktop Calendar Comes with 6 hand-lettered toast slices each featuring 2 months of the year (front & back).

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