15 Good and Affordable Ecommerce WordPress Themes

When it comes to setting up ecommerce websites quickly and without overmuch hassle, WordPress is the natural choice. While large online stores may choose to invest in propriety CMS solutions, WordPress, in most cases, has everything you need.

Designing an ecommerce store can be tough: there are hundreds of small things that you need to get just right, if you want to get the most out of your website. Thankfully, there are thousands of free and paid themes that you can use to set up your store. The best WordPress ecommerce themes will already have all the important features, and they will also have cross-browser and cross-device functionality.

Recently, I was shopping for a few WordPress themes for a client’s ecommerce website, and went through hundreds of themes. Here are the ones I shortlisted. Hope they help you too! Also, do remember that the price listed here is the maximum price: if you can find a coupon code, you can get it for much less.

1. Crux

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Crux

This is a lovely, light and high-performance ecommerce WordPress Theme. It is fully responsive, multilingual, and optimized for digital marketing. It’s got all the key features necessary to get your ecommerce website up and running.

Crux has a feature called Layerslider that enables you to create quick and attractive sliders on the move. Another interesting feature that it offers is unlimited sidebars for every post and page. It is compatible with WPML, Gravityforms and is WordPress 3.8 ready. As it has layered PSD files, any customization can be done quickly and easily. Listed price: $55.

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2. Opulence

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Opulence

This WordPress theme has a very elegant design and is monochromatic. The powerful plug-ins that comes with it will enable you to create a site that offers attractive imagery and quick shopping features: qualities which are essential to make visitors come back to your store again.

Opulence has been designed for merchants selling fashion products and luxury goods. This is a responsive site that looks good on most devices. Noteworthy features that it offers include mega menu with links and images, theme option panel, produce slider. Listed price: $59.

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3. Koorsi

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Koorsi

This WordPress theme has been designed for stores that sell furniture, gifts, craft products and other such items. Some of the features that it offers are specialized theme options, five color schemes, product sliders, blog integration and much more.

The kind of versatile features that Koorsi offers enable you to create a complex and distinct site with rich features that is sure to attract visitor interest. It offers remarkable flexibility in design and is extremely customizable. The single user version is priced at $55.

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4. StoreBox

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - StoreBox

This is an eye-pleasing ecommerce WordPress theme that offers a variety of features through which you can quickly and easily set up your ecommerce site.

StoreBox is completely widgetized: it helps you set up multiple payment gateways, has a catalog mode, can be used to manage affiliates and tax payments, setup promotions using coupons and accomplish much more. This is a versatile WP theme and you can use it to create different types of stores. Listed price: $49.

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5. Intrigue

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Intrigue

This is an amazing ecommerce WordPress theme that can be used to sell all kinds of products. It supports a variety of widgets through which you can implement a different types of features and functionality in the site.

You can use Intrigue to design a highly customized ecommerce website that sells products and one that can be easily traversed by visitor to find relevant information. Some of the features that it offers is choice of color themes, product sliders, custom menus, short code, cross-browser compatibility and blog integration. Listed price: $39.

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6. Lux

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Lux

This theme does not have fancy features and is suitable for professionals and small businesses who want to show off their portfolio through large images. While this theme may not be perfect for a full-fledged ecommerce store, it can be an elegant option for freelancers or small business that are selling a limited number of niche products or services.

Some of Lux’s many features are responsive site design, flex slider, customization for color, ecommerce integration and much more. It enables you to customize the look exactly according to your needs, which is very useful when you want to showcase important projects to impress clients and reveal your skills and personality. Listed price: $79.

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7. Carty

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Carty

This ecommerce WordPress theme is versatile and is quite handy for selling products, showcasing portfolio, blogs, reviews and much more. Since it has a responsive design, it can be seen in any device with ease. Its features enable you to set it up fast and you have access to plenty of customizable features.

Carty is WPML compatible and offers features like predefined skins, styles, wishlist, widgetized homepage, Ajax cart system, and much more. Other interesting features are its 600+ Google font, unlimited colors, and translation facility. The multiple features that it offers enable you to setup a store with attractive qualities and easy functionality. Listed Price: $55.

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8. Chamomile

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Chamomile

This ecommerce WordPress theme is designed for event professionals and for selling stationery, cupcakes, photography or other products and services than can benefit from an attractive display. It’s also suitable for selling items like bay products, paper, gifts, women’s clothing and much more.

Chamomile comes with a responsive design and it has plenty of customizable features. Its multilingual support, cross browser compatibility, custom short codes, featured slider, color wheel picker and more makes working with it interesting and exciting for ecommerce website designers. The sophisticated look and easy navigation features allow you to quickly impress visitors with various products displayed. Listed Price: $79.

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9. Boutique

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Boutique

This theme offers a bucketful of features through which you can set up a store exactly according to your preferences and needs. Updates to the theme can be easily installed and its coding is neat enabling you to easily work with it.

Boutique is a cross-browser compatible theme that also supports multiple languages. It has been designed to incorporate some of the most popular ecommerce plugins which assists you in installing attractive features that will engage visitors and will make them want to come back to your store for their next purchase. Listed Price: $39.

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10. MayaShop

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - MayaShop

This is a refreshing theme that enables you to combine JigoShop and Woo Commerce plug-ins to create an impressive ecommerce store where you can sell a vast variety of products. It’s got a number of layout options and offer unlimited skins that make is possible for the website designer to create a customized store with a unique look.

MayaShop has 50 custom backgrounds, it enables you to change product presentations style, and it offer a variety of sliders from which you can select one for your needs. Listed Price: $60.

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11. StyleShop (part of Elegant Themes)

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - StyleShop

This is a bundle of 87 themes, and many of them are ideal for an online store. While a bundle is of no use when you just need one theme, elegant themes are pretty useful for developers and designers who want to buy a bunch of different themes for several projects.

One of our favorite ecommerce themes in the bundle is StyleShop – it is responsive, makes it easy to create an attractive mobile layout, and offers a lot of color options that make the task of creating a customized store easier. The basic version is available for $39 per year, but the most useful developer version is priced at $89 per year.

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12. Sistina

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Sistina

This is one of the most power-packed all-purpose ecommerce theme you can find online. Apart from all the regular features that you’d expect from an ecommerce theme, it offers a retina ready performance, search engine optimized features and innumerable customization options.

You can get a single-use license for $60. If you are in the business of designing and developing ecommerce stores and create dozens of websites every year, you can go for a much costlier extended license too.

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13. DW Trendy

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - DW Trendy

While most ecommerce themes listed here offer customization options, DW Trendy is one of the most customizable ones. The theme has a simple but elegant layout upon which you can build the online store of your dreams. With complete support for WooCommerce and PageBuilder, and compatibility with WP 3.8, this is one of the best themes around for designing online shopping stores.

It is a responsive theme and works well with all major browsers, right out of the box. The only possible drawback is that it may not be perfectly compatible with older versions of IE. Listed price: $49.

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14. Blanco

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Blanco

One of the more popular themes on WordPress, this theme is a heavyweight that has all the security and other features that you need to build a large online store. The layout can be used out-of-the-box to set up fashion or clothing stores right away. That doesn’t mean that it cannot be used for other types of online stores, though.

The best part of the theme is its simple and powerful admin panel. If you are building the website for someone who’s not very tech savvy, this can be the killer feature. Listed Price: $55.

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15. The Retailer

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - The Retailer

A fully-response, retina-ready WooCommerce-compatible theme, this comes with an abundance of customization options. Created specifically for online stores, the theme is translation ready, has a dependable documentation and a good support team. With features like built-in coupon system, intuitive admin panel, one page checkout, order tracking system, access to performance reports and optimization for search engines, this theme is quite popular among ecommerce web developers.

What sets The Retailer apart from most other themes is the amount of detailing that has gone into the design of every single page. When you factor in the support provided by the author and the launch of new features on a regular basis, this is a pretty good option. Listed Price: $55.

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Bottom Line

There are tons of awesome themes that ecommerce web designers and developers can buy for less than $100. Many of the themes also offer extended licenses – if you plan to use the same theme several times to create websites for different clients, extended licenses offer good bargains.

With the wealth of ecommerce WP themes available online, it doesn’t make much sense to build a design from ground up. A little digging will help you find a theme that can best suit your purpose. You can customize the theme of your choice to your heart’s content and create an original-looking website for your clients.

I would love to discuss these best ecommerce website themes in the comments and get your insights. So please tell me, which themes do you like to use the most and why?

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  1. Great list! Out of the items listed I have used MayaShop, StyleShop and Sistina. My favorite out of those 3 was Sistina as it was easy to work with and I really love the design and simplicity. Another fav of mine for eCommerce and reasonable price is the Cherry Theme. In my mind it is well worthy of a place on this list http://worldwp.com/cherry-theme

  2. Great themes! I too believe that Blanco WordPress theme is suitable with regard to clothing store, style store, apparel, local mall shop and just about any WordPress stores. I would say if someone is looking for a simple and expert layout that is also Mobile and Tablet friendly, then Blanco Theme is definitely the particular theme for them.

  3. Indeed now in wordpress after version upgrades there are great change in the security peculiarity of it. Numerous would recommend that wordpress is bad for ecommerce due to security issues. Anyway now with version redesigns it getting stronger now for ecommerce shopping as well.

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  5. Good themes!

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  7. not so bad…

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