12 Remarkable WordPress Sites That Leap Out of the WordPress Character

Riding on undiluted fuel of ingenuity, WordPress has successfully transcended the pulp and the fluff of the web verse. While it continues to provide you a platform that lays foundation to create the most imposing and inspiring websites, WordPress also kicks in a few extras (actually, a lot of extras) to inject the website with more colors and vibrancy.

There isn’t a need to hold back when you are building your website on WordPress, since any attempt to keep strains of sophistication and effervescence is met with a nod that you can dictate the design of your website they way you wish to. That said, however, there are too many WordPress-powered websites on the Internet that irrespective of how many plugins and extensions they use for their appearance, end up looking like a rehashed version of the most academic WordPress site.

Blame the developers or designers or simply the owner of the website who isn’t bothered that his/her site fails to look distinguished and doesn’t conceal the fact that every last thread of it is made using WordPress, but the cynicism around creating a website using this hotly pursued CMS is growing at an unbridled rate.

But, behind all the creaking doors, lies the fact that if you make a serious attempt to make sure that all the patchiness is removed and your website soaks in savory uniqueness, you will be created a revered product. If you are still under the shade that WordPress site can go as far as looking like a blog, it’s time to let the myth leak out of your technology wisdom and pay attention to the following websites that are purely WordPress, yet keeps you blissfully unaware of the fact.

WordPress Sites that Don’t Look Like One

1. Trevor Hoehne

WordPress Site - Trevor Hoehne

You might go nitpicking for finding some shred to establish that Trevor Hoehne is indeed a WordPress site, but you are likely not to meet with any luck. This is a beguilingly beautiful site for portfolios that braches out to make sure there is no WordPress-ian element to it (despite the fact that it is complete powered by WordPress). While the home page is bathing in colors, but those colors come from images, rather than being from the fancy designs and forced hues. It simply contains thumbnails of several projects on the homepage and you won’t find a widget anywhere.

2. UpperCup

WordPress Site - UpperCup

While the website is dedicated to the unique reusable coffee cup, the developers and designers haven’t left any avenue unmarked to sure the uniqueness slips onto the overall design of the website. This mobile ready site boasts of an innovative WordPress theme that doesn’t look like a WordPress theme at all. The grid layout displays a list of recent posts and as soon as you click on it, the content of the post simply glides down to appear below the menu. It also serves as an eCommerce site for the fact that you can buy the UpperCup through the shopping cart made available to you on the site.

3. Wolverine Worldwide

WordPress Site - Wolverine Worldwide

It isn’t what you might be tempted to believe, it isn’t the official website of Wolverine series. It rather is the website of the shoe retailer that sells shoes of several top-notch brands like Cat, Harley-Davidson, etc. it looks like a custom-made non WordPress site with four categories at the top and a menu at the footer. The website looks incredible and combines great responsiveness with fast loading times.

4. Hey Papa Legend

WordPress Site - Hey Papa Legend

This website is everything that a doctor ordered. Out of WordPress’ character, this one leaves you revered by its montage and vintage aura. Yet, there is a craziness that underlines the jazzy, funky aura it weaves around. It happens to be one of those websites that can make WordPress proud of what it does with what WordPress provides. The rollicking disco-era visuals take you along in a journey to days of yore.

5. Ghosthorses

WordPress Site - Ghosthorses

Ghosthorses keeps it subtle with colors and still makes sure you sure it makes you turn around (rather navigate back to it after you switch to the other windows) just to catch the glimpse one more time. While the backend uses WordPress, the typical WordPress widgets do not make it to the front. the website isn’t unique per se, but keeps things interesting nevertheless. While there are the trademark sliders, it still isn’t easy to figure out for everyone if it is made on WordPress.

6. Profoundly Disconnected

WordPress Site - Mike Rowe Works

The developers and designs of this website have totally gone unbridled with their creativity and madness for the site that is tailor made to bring forth the personality of Mike Rowe.

7. Liechtenecker

WordPress Site - Liechtenecker

Playfulness is abound on the site that is about a rather serious business. A beguiling mix of colors and an ingenuine design help this website stand out, not only from the typical WordPress sites, but also from the standard herd on the web-verse.

8. Think Space Gallery

WordPress Site - Think Space Gallery

There is nothing slack to this headstrong website that craftily displays the Culver City’s Thinkspace art gallery with strains of art and longing. This one is a relatively new site that remains atypical of a WordPress site and still proves to be wholly dimensional. It is again a responsive site that doesn’t make use of any fluff.

9. Voile Blanche

WordPress Site - Voile Blanche

Another one for the keeps, VoileBlanche.com is a website for the Italian brand of the same name. It is a fashion brand that is quite revered in the country and on their website, they have made sure the brand voice is heard loud and clear through the ensemble of pictures and an infectious blast of sleek responsiveness. The jaw-dropping virtuosity is more than apparent.

10. Travelogic

WordPress Site - Travelogic

With travel websites, it is easy to fall into the trap of bathing your site with stunning images, and WordPress offers all kinds of plugins and widgets to let you go bonkers. And in that ambition, you include things that scream loud enough that your site is a WordPress child. Travelogic however defies the norms to an extent and uses large images in the background to circle containing content that gives you information about a particular place.

11. Yeti Spotter

WordPress Site - Yeti Spotter

Another website that hardly offers a hint that its owner used WordPress while building it. The whole layout is atypical of a WordPress site and the way it displays the content and other information doesn’t bear any resemblance to the other WordPress sites.

12. Protest

WordPress Site - Protest

It’s important for an eCommerce website built on WordPress not look like a WordPress enabled portal. Not only the home page, but when you navigate more, you realize that the website contains no pages or posts that give any WordPress-like appearance. While there are widgets on the footer, there are a lot of improvisations too.


There is much to choose, and much to reject in WordPress. While some tools are priceless, there is no dearth of stuff that’s purely fluff. The above sites will become the forebears of un-WordPress-ian WordPress sites; and if are vying for something similar, you have quite an act to follow.

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