How to Use WordPress Plugins to Enhance the WordPress Menu System?

Are you running WordPress based website? Are you looking to improve the WordPress menu system? If yes, it’s time to make use of some plugins that allow you to improve the current WP menu system with advanced menu system.

Using plugins, it is also possible to boost the amount of content and various types of information that you can easily display in your drop-down menus. You can easily make them useful as well as helpful for your readers and website visitors.

On the web, there are lots of plugins that you can download, but make use one of those plugins as it can change the functional menu system with powerful menus. You can also customize any plugin as per your business requirements and fit it in your website with most of the themes.

If you are quite confused with different plugins, here I have listed some major WordPress plugins that you can use and improve the WP menu system of your site.

WordPress Menu System Plugins

Are you looking to download some feature-rich and exclusive WordPress plugins to improve WP menu system? If yes, in this compilation below I have listed 7 excellent WordPress menu system plugins to enhance menu system of your site.

JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget

WordPress Menu Plugin - JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget

jQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget is one of the most powerful and cool plugins that enable users to generate a widget, which can make fly-out vertical mega menus. Using this exclusive plugin, you can add a vertical menu either to the right or left side of your website.

When it comes to widget options, it includes animation speed, animation effect, animation direction, skins, number per row and more. The sidebar widget menu of this plugin can easily display its contents with the help of different columns.

For showing links to many pages on your website, it is ideal for it. The options of this menu plugin enable you to change the speed of the slide-out, the colors of the menu and the transition animation effect.

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WordPress Menu Plugin - UberMenu

Another great WordPress plugin is UberMenu, which is considered as WP Mega Menu Plugin. Till today, more than 23000 downloads and continuing. On the web, it is one of the most popular and premium quality plugins that obtainable at Code Canyon. Being a premium quality plugin, it is obtainable at $16 price tag and it should be an affordable option for website owners.

It wonderfully upgrades the all WordPress menu options and this plugin will bring some new features and functionalities to the table irrespective the type of theme. Along with it, the navigational menus on your website can also contain some more content types than earlier one.

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WordPress Menu Plugin - Kodda

Kodda is also an excellent responsive, modern, clean and highly customizable WP menu that allows to style almost anything from the settings page.

Being the most powerful plugin, this menu plugin comes with numerous features like beautifully coded, Great UI, responsive, lightweight, adaptable design, KIK A$$ admin options panel, fully customizable, simply easy to use and many more.

Apart from this, users of this plugin will also get an ability to style almost everything without any hassle. Being a completely mobile ready, it adopts to any device without facing any kind of difficulty. However, it is also possible to change the size and color of the arrows.

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WP Sticky Menu Plugin

WordPress Menu Plugin - WP Sticky Menu Plugin

WordPress sticky menu plugin has various styles and sticky menu optional panel that allows you to give your menu system a great look and more powerful features than before. The best thing about this plugin is that it is extremely easy to manage and very flexible sticky menu.

All the WordPress website owners can use this plugin on top of any theme as an extra menu to provide extra content for your visitors or customers. WP sticky menu plugin offers many features including optimized CSS, responsive, settings panel optimized, optimized JS, 10+ New styles and more.

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Modern Admin

WordPress Menu Plugin - Modern Admin

If you are looking to personalize the look of the admin menus of a WordPress website, this premium quality plugin can easily convert the current design into a flat style design, bringing the WP dashboard up-to to date.

Modern Admin is one such plugin that changes the color of the menu items through five color schemes or by generating your own custom scheme. Users will get lots of options of icons to choose from and can give the menu items a custom look. Beyond the current design, there is still one option of customizing the current design, which comes with the WordPress.

Above mentioned 5 WordPress plugins are completely best that can easily improve the WordPress menu system. Using these five plugins, it becomes easily possible for you to give your WP menu system a completely new and advanced updation.

However, it is also possible for you to develop your own WP plugin that has your desired features, you just need to hire WordPress developer, who has hands-on experience. For information on WordPress plugins, you can click here.

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Path Style Menu

WordPress Menu Plugin - Path Style Menu

Path Style Menu is one of the ideal WordPress plugins for those WordPress users, who are looking to replace the conventional and horizontal navigation menu system with something else altogether. This plugin allows you to add an icon to one of the four corners of your website as per your selection.

When you pressed and clicked, the menu items expand and fly-out, generating a curve effect across the main button.

When it comes to the arc positioning of the buttons, it is the default option, but they can be showed in a circle or either a vertical or horizontal line. Path style Menu plugin uses icons for the menu system and it also comes with lots of features.

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MashMenu WP Plugin

WordPress Menu Plugin - MashMenu WP Plugin

The MashMenu WordPress menu plugin is known for its excellent performance and functionality that allows WordPress website users to enjoy some exclusive features.

It features widgets and sidebar to menu, Ajax loading content, change main colors, image lazy load, change logo design, two sub-menu and more.

Make sure, you use this plugin that is inspired by Using this plugin, you can give your website a beautiful yet effective menu designed by Mashable with a flexible customization ability.

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Summary: Above listed are some feature-rich and exclusive WordPress plugins to improve WP menu system. You can also share your views on these plugins, through commenting below!

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  1. The best wp menu plugin i’ve used is Ubermenu. It’s premium but really worth it.

    Another nifty menu plugin not listed here is responsive select menu. Turns your nav into a select dropdown.

  2. Great list and they are beautiful but in my opinions, the WordPress Menu Plugins are only best choice for non-coder because it has a lot of bloat scripts, stylesheet. It’s decreasing your website performance

  3. great post and work keep it up dear :)

  4. I would like to add myStickymenu to your nice list, it’s my favourite cause it’s really lightweight – .

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