Not a Great Museum Goer? View Some Artistic WordPress Sites and Change Your Mind

When did you visit a museum for the last time? Ages ago? Can’t remember that time? We are not surprised with the answers as it becomes obvious that museums began to lose their popularity and this tendency is not recent. There are so many contemporary, extreme, exotic entertainments and learning possibilities that tedious monotonous narration of an old museum-keeper can hardly attract a lot of listeners (if they are not four-eyed nerds cranky on studying, of course).

Today, young people are more likely to choose going to the movies, play computer games or just have a nice chat with friends online rather than staring at motionless exhibits.

If you are one of these average youngsters, the fact that people ceased to be interested in their past doesn’t bother you much. But if you are a museum keeper, knowing real price of the objects of art people ignore, you should be interested in cardinal change of this disappointing situation.

What is the easiest way of solving such kind of problem?

Maybe it’s time to get closer to targeted audience, to make your services more convenient and accessible? Build the fallen tower of Babylon again; learn how to speak modern language, shake the dust covering your exhibitions, and make them look cool and appealing. How? Of course with the help of internet. Online presence is the necessity of time and many museums and art galleries already understood this. They launched their sites and enjoy the benefits of 24/7 open hours. Why does this trick work? Because everybody searches for information on the internet. We got used to that comfort. Need to know something? Just ask any search engine you like to use, and voila, here is full information on the subject on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone screen.

Sounds good, yea? Let’s suppose that you decided to demonstrate your rarities online but don’t know where to start. First of all, please, view some decent WordPress museum and art gallery websites we managed to find on the web.

Why WordPress?

Reasonable question. If you know something about web design and development, this question doesn’t need to be answered. As WordPress is the most popular, functional and user-friendly platform, exploited by millions of website owners worldwide. There is nothing impossible for WordPress. You can realize even the boldest dreams in virtual reality, than change and modify them at your wish. The CMS is so flexible that it doesn’t restrict you in the means of expression. The software is open source, so numerous mega creative minds work hard on its improvement day after day. But what does this give to you personally? The possibility to expand functional features of your website with the help of free and paid plugins and extensions available on the net.

Here is a short list of WordPress pros for your convenience:

  1. Easy to use and update.
  2. Dynamic.
  3. Looks terrific.
  4. Interoperability.
  5. Not writing code.
  6. Easy to contribute.
  7. Start up can be fast.
  8. Content population can be easy.
  9. Adding and detailing resources is easy.
  10. Changing entire look is easy.

Get tired of our tale? No problem, to make a long story short, here are the best WordPress museum and art gallery websites we thoroughly picked to feast your eyes upon. We hope their designs and exhibitions will raise your interest and turn into great museum goers.

Please, don’t forget to drop us a line in the comment section and share your thoughts and impressions on the topic. We would appreciate if you answer the following questions. Which website did you like the most? Do you think that each museum should have its own site to draw visitors’ attention? Do you believe that WordPress should be number one choice for a museum or art gallery site?

Have a good time at the WordPress museum sites below!

National Academy Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - National Academy Museum

The Colburn Earth Science Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - The Colburn Earth Science Museum

Art Box

WordPress Museum Sites - Art Box

Art Dog

WordPress Museum Sites - Art Dog

American Museum in Britain

WordPress Museum Sites - American Museum in Britain

Exploring the California Missions

WordPress Museum Sites - Exploring the California Missions

National Art Gallery

WordPress Museum Sites - National Art Gallery

Toledo Museum of Art

WordPress Museum Sites - Toledo Museum of Art

National LGBT Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - National LGBT Museum

Chinese American Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - Chinese American Museum

Waiuku Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - Waiuku Museum

Margate Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - Margate Museum

Museum 140

WordPress Museum Sites - Museum 140

Oktibbeha Country Heritage Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - Oktibbeha Country Heritage Museum

The Museum of America

WordPress Museum Sites - The Museum of America

Valdez Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - Valdez Museum

Shetland Textile Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - Shetland Textile Museum

Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum

Midway Village Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - Midway Village Museum

The Fauquier Historical Society’s Old Jail Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - The Fauquier Historical Society’s Old Jail Museum

Online Vintage Bicycle Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - Online Vintage Bicycle Museum

The Bay Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - The Bay Museum

The Akron Art Museum Online Collection

WordPress Museum Sites - The Akron Art Museum Online Collection

Beck Isle Museum

WordPress Museum Sites - Beck Isle Museum

Taiwanese Lacquerware

WordPress Museum Sites - Taiwanese Lacquerware

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  1. really some of the websites are attractive and i wish to take these as references in designing website.

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