46 Funny and Incredible Optical Illusions

Here, we are presenting some cool and funny optical illusions for you. What makes optical illusions so interesting is that it always leaves you perplexed and questioning about your eyesight. You keep thinking about the photograph and wondering if it is real or not. Although many people find optical illusions so frustrating while many other find it so much interesting and enjoy it.

Basically, optical illusions are the images that differ from the object reality. There are some famous examples of optical illusions that include the classic young girl that turns into an old lady portrait, sets of geometric figures that turn out to be of a different size than it appeared.

Here, we have gathered some interesting and funny optical illusions for you that will surely mesmerize you. Let us have a look at this collection and enjoy!

1. Fixing the WA Monument

Fixing the WA Monument

In this picture it is shown that a crane is working around a tower, giving the impression that it is trying to straighten the tower.

2. I eat soldiers for breakfast

I eat soldiers for breakfast

Excellent illusion is being created in which a soldier lifts up his face with full open mouth and nearby some other soldiers are making try to move down from an army helicopter. It looks as an army soldier in the air is in the mouth of soldier on the earth.

3. Good taste?

Good taste?

Wow, an exclusive kettle is overflow with smoke of clouds. In fact kettle is empty but in the close-up it looks as the clouds are there at the pinnacle of cattle.

4. Little Push

Little Push / Empurrãozinho

What a magnificent finger that is touching the air balloon people are going to sit in.

5. Yawning Dog

Yawning Dog

Beautiful optical illusion in which a dog picture and a man picture are placed very beautifully that they give the impression of a single picture.

6. “Scara perfecta (a perfect stairway)”

“Scara perfecta (a perfect stairway)”

WOW! Stairs on wall and young woman is trying to step up the staircase.

7. Candy Clouds

Candy Clouds

What a scene, man is trying to eat up cloud on the sky.

8. A Giant Amongst Women

A Giant Amongst Women

View of the day, a young girl is standing far away the rope bridge and looks in a close-up scene touching the bridge with her hand.

9. My Rides

My Rides

Interesting optical illusion in which a large wood trolley is carrying a car.

10. Shoot it!!

Shoot it!!

Wow, In the picture of sunset a man is attempting to pinch throw the smallest sun on his palm.

11. Splitting headache

Splitting headache

Here, two men are lying down on the staircase and at upper stairs two women are peeping down.

12. Weird


What a superb panorama, a hand pump is covering up the whole grassy ground.

13. P o o l. X

P o o l. X

This illusion is being created by rotating the picture clockwise so that it gives the impression as if the people in the picture are sitting upright and water is flowing perpendicularly.

14. Forced Perspective

Forced Perspective

Great optical illusion in which babies are trying to get a hold of their parents in a picture frame.

15. Monty Python

Monty Python

Unexpected sight, a shoe is trying to hit up a man and woman and they are trying to save themselves.

16. Crossing my fingers…….

Crossing my fingers.......

This picture gives the impression as if the plane’s fumes are emerging from the man’s fingers.

17. I Guess I Overpacked…

I Guess I Overpacked...

Lovely scene, a man on ice standing with his luggage bag and it looks that the bag is providing support to the man.

18. Scara perfecta (a perfect stairway)

Scara perfecta (a perfect stairway)

Fabulous, a young woman is sitting on the poolside and a fountain is sprung up from her mouth in the mid of water pool.

19. At the Lake catching some Rays….

At the Lake catching some Rays....

Awful surprise, the whole sun is in the circle of thumb and finger of a man.

20. Forced Perspective


What a technique of camera, a woman is standing far away the lying man but grab hold of man’s foot.

21. Picc station 2


Really superb, man is touching his pen to the mirror of his office looks touching impact on the bus.

22. SKYraker……..


Terrific, a man is making strings on the clouds through his tool.

23. Nubes de paz/ Nuvole di pace

Nubes de paz/ Nuvole di pace

Superb picture, gun machine is set up on the earth and clouds are spreading on the sky looks machine is being on the fire.

24. Kicking the barn down

Kicking the barn down

Splendid view, a boy is lifting up his leg ahead a house but it looks as he is hitting roof of the home through his foot.

25. Children steal huge island from Firth of Forth…..

Children steal huge island from Firth of Forth.....

Wow, babies are standing on the coast and trying to pick up the sandstone far away in the sea with their tiny hands.

26. Pillada infraganti

Pillada infraganti

Marvelous photography technique in which it is shown that a woman is trying to kiss the statue.

27. Forced Perspective

Forced Perspective

Most amazing, a hand with a light drink tin pack is attempting to fill up the thirst of man, it is entirely a work of camera close-up.

28. It’s too big for the hole!

It's too big for the hole......!!!

Wonderful Camera performance, a man is trying to stair up and catches a ball in his hands at a grassy ground.

29. Schnipp


Magic of the Camera, hand is attempting to push up, throw a young man in the seawater and at last it is successful.

30. 188/366


Wow, what a scene, the sunset is shown in the fist of a man. Isn’t it an incomparable view?

31. Stupidi giochini

Stupidi giochini

Most amazing view, in a close-up scene it looks that hand is grasping the apartment building, what a twist?

32. I need TIME…………

I need TIME............

Astonishing, a man is standing with his storage bin and his shadow is attempting to catch the clock.

33. Perspective gourmande ~ Greedy Perspective

Perspective gourmande ~ Greedy Perspective

Wonderful view, a young girl is shouting on the ice ground and nearby a motor vehicle is passing, it gives the impression as the girl is trying to eat up the vehicle.

34. Twin Soul

Twin Soul

Unimaginable, a pinch of hand is picking up a man standing beside the wall. In fact hand is far away the man.

35. Humor


What a view, a man is trying to light up his cigarette with the fire of declining sun putting in the hands.

36. Stickman3


An outstanding look where a boy and a girl are positioning with the half of drawing sketches on a wood shutter.

37. Flying south for the winter


Really superb, Bird is flying in the rows of fuel strings of an aircraft.

38. SunBall


Fantastic sight, a man is lifting up his foot but the optical illusion makes this picture as if the man is playing with the sun.

39. How warm is the water……???

How warm is the water......???

Wow, what a wonderful close-up, a man is indicating something but looks like as he is making whirl in the water through his finger in the pool.

40. “Baskeeeeett:))”


Top view, players are playing basket ball with the moon.

41. Who needs Photoshop?

Who needs Photoshop?

Spectacular view, Girl’s face is hidden behind the camel’s baby face and looks a unique scene of affection for animals.

42. Moon

Left a bit, right a bit, perfect! Moon appears to be carried by crane in stunning optical illusion

Fabulous view, it looks like the moon is hanging with the fastener of crane.

43. Fake perspective

Fake perspective

Beautiful mode, A young man is throwing sand in the air and this attempt makes a wonderful depiction in the desert of sand.

44. Sun-gulping coyote

Sun-gulping coyote

Fantastic and eye catching optical illusion in which a man is seizing the declining sun in the pinch of fingers.

45. God’s Canvas

God's Canvas

What a spurt, a man is holding the spray bottle in hands and lift it up in the air, on the top clouds are passing and it looks clouds are coming out of bottle.

46. Perfect soapy bubbly timing

Perfect soapy bubbly timing

Excellent scene, a girl is making bubbles through her plaything and two of bubbles are fixed on her glasses. This formed a really beautiful view.

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