Questions To Ask When Hiring A Graphics Designer

During your career as a marketer, you will have to work with a wide range of graphic designers in order to design a number of graphics pieces. If you have worn a graphic designer hat before, then understanding the perspective of a graphic designer is far simpler.

As a marketer, you are expected to produce quality work that shall lead to great results and also increase your revenue. Hiring the right Graphic Designer, a freelancer or an agency, to assist you with your marketing efforts is very important. And it is also important to figure out your needs and look for a person who can really fill you fit your bill and can give you value for money not only with the budget’s perspective but the services obtained should enhance the success chart and there should be a noticeable change in progress just after the release of your new graphical promotion and presentation to the world.

The look of the company’s presentation is indeed important because a person could only go to a place of which he or she will be attracted and to attract anyone the presentation is the only thing that matters. So a person should always be sure that if the presentation which includes logo, banners, websites, billboards, interior decoration is not good then you have only one chance to impress people and that is good service and commitment but let me tell you something that how it could be possible for a person to impress anyone directly from services unless the business man can attract a person to the shop or other franchise.

Thus, asking the following questions when hiring a graphic designer is very crucial:

1. What Experience Does The Graphic Designer Have?

Explain the designer what your business goals are and check if he/she has experience in a similar area. What do you need the designer to create for your company i.e., a logo, website, logo, toll show booth, or brand identity, which shall be used during the upcoming years? Figure out the designers’ experience by asking the questions and simultaneously define your requirements and goals to the graphic designer in order to avoid any experimentation process, or wastage of time in figuring out the best way that matches the company’s requirement.

If you will ask an expert you will come to know that in any type of business experience does matter and there is no match of an experienced person and one who does not have any known how in the field so a person before hiring should be perfectly aware of the experience of the designer and what were his past customers or the companies that have been served before by the customers. It is often seen that the designer rejects to share past experiences saying that it is confidential and sometimes it is a truth so one must be confident in asking the designer to show some of the previous works of the designer because this is how a person can have an idea that by putting the money on the line finally what type of services he will be getting.

2. Ask Your Graphic Designer For References And Portfolio

Every designer has a portfolio that displays all previous work samples, thus it is important that you make sure to see this before hiring a graphic designer. Obtaining references of previous employers from the graphic designer helps in understanding his/her work. In other words, you can verify about his/her quality of work, working under pressure, taking constructive criticism and lastly meeting deadlines. It is the portfolio that speaks in favor of the designer because there could not be used anything more as a reference than previously done work and experience in providing quality services.

3. What is the design process

An indeed important thing is to get the notice of the design process that will be followed by the designer and what you are going to experience. There is no doubt whatsoever that a person should ask the designer and a professional designer will not take any definite time to impress you by telling the process while on the other hand the unprofessional fellow will stammer and say that we get on to the computer table and open the software to make the designs and then provide it to you but with a rather professional and quality company you will something in very contrast. A professional company will follow a process which makes possible to provide a design worthy to be used for a small company and that the same design could also be used for a multinational company. The usual process that is used by the experts is that first the designers try to ask questions to know the firm and ask enough questions to know whatever unique in your business. A good designer also asks about the competitors of your business so never hesitate to tell them because only a designer knows that how much it matters because their weaknesses could easily be used as your strength and then you could find yourself as a unique contender in the business. Then they left it to the think tank to create some of the creative ideas and then it is left up to the designer to bring his magic but still it is not done because after it there is a quality management cell for revisions because every minor detail is critical and important and then the design will be issued to you as a final draft and there is your chance to have your say. Make sure that before the final draft it is checked by you and also ask the designer about the no. of reviews and revisions you will be getting. Never imagine that for all this purpose there must be a team of at least 20 men because you are not working with any multinational company. All this process could be followed by just a few people but each of the steps should be followed to get a well deserved design.

4. Can The Graphic Designer Complete His / Her Work To Meet Your Business Deadline?

A few designers will present their drafts of work to you within a day or two, while other designers would take several days or even weeks at times to show you their drafts. A potential designer shall be quite responsive to your e-mails, calls, or editing of drafts. Today almost all of us are under tight schedules and thus it is crucial for the designer to keep up with your pace of your business. Sometimes it is possible that the person could afford over months of time to get the services but still it is very important to discuss a certain deadline and only a reasonable time to the designer should be given because too less time and too much time both will cause serious harm to the quality of services. If a service requires 3 hours of work so you give the designer 2 to 3 days, never say give it in 1 day or take 15 days because in 1 day you will be getting a design made in a hurry and in the case of 15 days the designer will work in the very last moment by delaying your job in all of the first 14 days.

5. Can The Graphic Design Work With Your Budget Constraints?

Generally, the fees charged for graphics designing ranges between $20 and $200 on a per hour basis. What is the fee charged by the designer or his/her firm? Do they bill your company on an hourly y or monthly basis? How experienced is the graphic designer, this is important because an experienced designer shall do your work in less time and charge you more, while an inexperienced/fresher designee shall take some time in understanding your requirements and charge you lesser for his/her work. It is preferable to choose an experienced design professional who not only agrees with your budget but also begins and finishes your project on time.

6. What Design Plan Is Proposed By The Graphic Designer?

It is important to learn what type of design plan the designer wishes to use. Is he/she planning to use custom-art, or royalty-free art? Custom-art can cost your company thousands of dollars, while royalty-free images can cost you as little as $5-$10.

7. Ask for copyrights

Anyone in this world will not like to get copies work because if you are paying real money than you should be getting real and self worked services. And secondly no one in this world wanted to be copied because in business if people are copying you then it is not good instead you are welcoming a contender inspired by yourself. Be sure that what you are getting is unique and you have the all rights reserved by you and all the copyrights should belong to you and only you. On the other hand you have to hold the copyrights so that the services made for you should only be used by you and the designer have no authority to use it anywhere else not even as a sample because anyone could use it and your money is used by many so be sure and 100% sure and sign a contract that the copyright belongs to the buyers.

8. What Type Of Programs Does The Graphic Designer Wishes To Use?

Most designers prefer using industry-standard programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and many others. This helps you in understanding that the designer follows market standards and is up-to-date with industry standards, apart from this it also eases the load on the new graphic designer when the current designer decides to part ways. Sometimes if you are willing to be very strict in the business then you should also seek the registration condition of their software because services made on unregistered software’s are not perfectly viable to use and if a designer is asking you for hundreds of dollars then he or she must have to pay at least a couple of hundreds to the software makers.

Most graphic designers are ardent about what they do and plan to offer the best work they can at a nominal price. Nevertheless, asking the six above-mentioned questions up front will assist you in hiring the most potential and skilled graphic designer who comprehends your company’s challenges, budgets and business goals. Getting innovative designs is what you deserve because that is what is required for your company to prosper.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this useful blog. There are many important things that you must keep in mind when hiring a graphic designer. The graphic designer you hire should be a professional, experienced and knowledgeable in the field of graphic design.

  2. I love your post Rachael! These questions are exactly what I expect from clients. Based from my experience, skills, background and portfolio plays a big role. The graphic designer must also be knowledgeable on different software and tools to finish projects right on time.

  3. Amazingly informative! Thank you for sharing Rachael.

    One question I always like to ask is…. I’ll show them one of my designs and ask “what would you do to change this?” I get their answer. I then reveal that its one of my designs. You need to see the expressions on their faces.

    Keep up the great post!

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