Inspiring Ways to Showcase your Products for E-Commerce Websites

The formula to create eye catching and business generating websites is quite similar. However, the recipe to design an E-Commerce Website may be a little different from other traditional methods of designing websites.

The main emphasis of any E-Commerce website is on its products which will be sold to the buyers. In order to promote these products, an online retailer needs to design its website carefully and meticulously so that it can properly showcase a wide range of products.

The showcase must be free from any glitches and must contain nice images of the products. Upon clicking the images or drop down menus must provide sufficient information to its visitors conveying the price and usage information of the products. All shipping guidelines must also be mentioned on the website. A little web design mistake can drive potential customers away from your site.

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Here are some of the showcase designs of famous E-commerce Websites:


Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Rayban

Rayban has one of the most user friendly e-commerce websites on the internet. The website offers clear and hassle free information about the broad range of sunglasses and features the products along with prices. The sunglasses are categorized into different classifications from new prints to rare designs. The users can also browse through the products depending on the frame material or view the popular ones which are highlighted on the website. The shipping and return policy is clearly mentioned on the top slider and the images are large and nicely photographed to give a slick look to this beautifully designed and extremely user friendly website.

Kershaw Knives

Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Kershaw Knives

This brand has been in the manufacturing business since 1974. The designer and front-end developer John Sowers along with his team and Kershaw generated a website following aesthetics to exhibit their products. According to Sowers, learning to organize and present a massive amount of information regarding E-commerce while taking care of responsive designs, good timing and and flexibility, a lot can be achieved and created. The variety of products are displayed and benefit from the well created separating system on the catalogue page. To make the best use of the website space, filters are listed across multiple columns on large viewpoints. The list filters can then be translated to displays which are small and can be folded down into a horizontal list that can be scrolled. It is an easy way to view the products and leaves a great impression on the user.

The Raffaello Network

Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - The Raffaello Network

The website for the Raffaello Network boasts a spectacular showcase for its customers. The broad range of men, women and kids accessories from famous and well known brands are listed on this e-commerce website. Once a user clicks his preferred brand, the nicely placed big and colorful images of the products appear along with their prices. It is a very basic yet a comprehensive online store from where you can easily purchase your desired products for yourself or for your loved ones.


Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Storyville

This website is a treat for all users. Although it is specifically for Coffee lovers, the website is a wonderful exhibition of the company products shown on big sliders. The catalogue page can be viewed easily with product pictures and price details. Warm colors and soothing tones make the design a success and complies with the theme of the products.

Beurre & Sel

Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Beurre & Sel

Showcasing the delicious gourmet cookies by the famous Dorie Greenspan, the website is a basic but beautiful display of services and the featured product. The slideshow presents a brief intro about the culinary expert and shows colorful images of the deliciously baked cookies. The users can easily access the navigation bar on the top. As you scroll down the website, you can view the colorful cookie images which also serve as buttons. When you click on these buttons, you can get all the information about each type of cookie’s ingredients with nice subtle images of the cookies. The website grasps the attention of the user as soon as he opens the website and the images of mouth-watering creations by Dorie win the hearts of the user instantly. The website also narrates a story as to how Dorie started baking these cookies with her mother giving the website a very sentimental touch.

Juliana Bicycles

Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Juliana Bicycles

This bicycle e-store employs a unique and unusual design. The website is categorized in four sections. The Bicycles, The Story, The People and The Store. Each category has few medium sized pics attached with it. Upon clicking these images, information related to each category is displayed. The color tones of the website are rich and warm. The images of the featured bicycles have a 3-D hovering effect. With all the relevant information being mentioned on the website, it lights the hearts of its visitors with its warm environment and welcomes its users with nicely placed images and text used throughout the website.

Nerve Music Store

Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - SourceBits

With the vertical and horizontal sliders providing easy and appealing navigation, this e-music store’s website showcases the CD covers as displays. Large buttons are displayed on the slider to show how navigation works. The transitions are smooth and the slider is easy to use. Each item is highlighted with a lightning effect when you hover over them. The CD covers can easily be dragged into the cart available on the right making the design of the website a hit and extremely easy to use.


Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Gucci

The expensive and fabulous range of Gucci products are displayed very nicely with a horizontal gallery. The navigation is a bit different but the images are close-ups of the products designed by the brand. The items are classified into women, men, kids, gifts, icons, collections and world of gucci categories and you can access these from a bar on the top. The categories are further divided into sub categories for detailed product information and descriptions. The main slider in the middle of the website also displays the beautifully designed items. The website has warm color tones and the the overall appearance is very soothing to the eyes.

Levi Strauss & Co

Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Levi Strauss & Co

The Levi Strauss & Co. website does not only possess a strong sense of style but it also spells out the history and culture of the brand. The company’s extraordinary moments can be viewed by hovering over or clicking the images to know more about the brand’s past, present and future prospects. Levi’s pulls the visitors towards its rich website by creating an overall welcoming ambiance. By clicking Brand on the top, you get to see the different brands under the Levi’s banner and can go to their respective websites according to the country you live in.


Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Adidas

Adidas has a grid design which displays the name image and price of each product. When a product image is clicked the user gets to see more information about the product with ratings and reviews. You can also submit a review by clicking on the “Write a review” link. The website is huge but this fact makes the product showcase a treat for the Adidas lovers as they can discover, explore and give their opinions about their favorite Adidas products.


Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Apple

Apple boasts one of the most functional and user friendly websites on the internet. High resolution graphics makes the website extremely appealing to the visitors all over the world. The navigation bar on top takes you to the Apple store and also highlights the magnificent ipods, ipads and iphones. The website displays every feature of all of its products and spells out the use and advantages of the items by detailed descriptions of the products with price and other details. The large images do the trick while the text is basic and to-the-point delivering the marketing messages effectively. For such a famous brand the website is relatively simple but it follows the ‘less is more’ technique and focuses on the core message which should be delivered to the users that is the function, availability and the price of each product.


Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Sony

Sony comprises of thousands of products. Therefore, the the brand might have ended up creating a confusing website which was sure to be a turn-off for its customers. On the contrary, thanks to Sony’s meticulous efforts towards their site’s information architecture, the website offers swift and easy navigation. The main navigation bar on the top has drop down menus for every Sony product. Ranging from products related to electronics and entertainment, Sony displays it all. Each product series is nicely displayed and the product description and price information is also available along with each item. Nice color tones and a basic outlook to the website makes it very user friendly.


Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Hommard

Hommard is a fashion e-store for men. As claimed in their website, Hommard is a brand for the gentleman and the website displays it very well. The feel of the website is very mature and displays Cashmere sweaters for men. The different types of sweaters are categorized by different styles like V-Neck, Cardigan and Scarfs etc. This men’s fashion site provides its users with the freedom of navigating the website from the side of the page or by clicking the images in the center of the page to go to their desired item of clothing.

Skinny Ties

Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Skinny Ties

An online retailer for merchandising only retro-styled ties, this store has been in this business since 1997. Nicely structured layout of the website with articulate use of photography makes the website a good example for all e-commerce websites. Brief but helpful information about each specific product allows the users to search their preferred skinny tie in their favorite material or color. The ties are displayed according to their material that is from cotton to silk and different designs ranging from black to striped. The website is informative and a nice display of ties for tie lovers all around the world.


Inspiring E-Commerce Websites - Nixon

One of the few famous brands to be ahead of their times by possessing a responsive e-commerce store which is also fabulously done, Nixon has a minimalistic layout but is well liked because of its catchy color tones and attractive images. The site is splits into Men or Women products which are displayed in a grid design. With price and product information, the items are well placed in the site and are not difficult to find. The website is equally effective when viewed on small screens.

How E-Commerce Websites should showcase their Products

A proper display and arrangement of products compel the customers to purchase or carry out valuable transactions. Whereas, poor arrangement of product images or a cluster of small product images repels the customer from. Researchers show that customers are driven to a website which has a welcoming effect on them. A soothing layout and large images of products along with adequate information regarding the price and shipping policies are the criteria for making any E-commerce website to appear effective. The“less is more” approach is extremely important while showcasing products in an e-commerce website. The presentation should not be messy and must be well organized. De-cluttering irrelevant material gives room to the user as he can make a choice in a calm and peaceful state of mind.

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