25 Best Free Fonts for Print and Web

A good designer knows that print design and web design are like apples and oranges-what works for one medium may not work for the other. Nowhere is this more apparent than with fonts. Due to the limitations of some imprint methods, there are certain fonts that simply will not print correctly.

There’s little to worry about if you are going to be working exclusively with digital media, but chances are you will eventually encounter clients who want a uniform brand identity across all media platforms, print and web alike.

Finding the right font for your cross-media design project also means looking for typography that will make an impact on your audience-not on your budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of free fonts for print as well as fonts for the web. These versatile fonts are great to use when a campaign spans multiple mediums.

Bold Fonts

Since bold fonts are thicker than normal, they print extremely well no matter which imprint method you choose. Likewise, the added girth makes them eye-catching in both web and print designs, making them perfect for headlines, subheadings and logos.


Cubano font

Chunk Five

Chunk Five font


Lot font


Bemio font


Commando font

Elegant Fonts

Fonts are an important tool for creating a brand identity, and designing for high-end brands often require the use of fonts that have a simple sophistication to them. Elegant fonts can be on the thin side, so whenever you use one for a print design, make sure that no part of the font is ever less than 1.5 pt think.

Caviar Dreams

Caviar Dreams font


Vevey font


Raleway font

Alex Brush

Alex Brush font


Sofia font

Sans Serif Fonts

Serif fonts can be problematic in print because the serifs themselves are often smaller than 1.5 pt, which is difficult to properly print. Sans serif fonts are much more likely to be print-friendly, and are often used as headlines and titles in both print and web designs.


Governor font


Sansation font


Days font


Coolvetica font


Code font

Retro Fonts

Designing with retro fonts is a great way to evoke an emotional response from your audience by triggering feelings of nostalgia. Best of all, retro fonts are perfectly suited to print since their design aesthetics are often drawn from a time when all designs were print designs.


Airstream font


Ranger font

Hamburger Heaven

Hamburger Heaven font


Highlands font


Saniretro font

Modern Fonts

If you want your print design to speak to a young, modern audience, then it’s crucial that you choose a corresponding font. Modern fonts can range from hip and trendy to forward-thinking and futuristic. However, since many modern fonts are created with only digital design in mind, you have to be careful which ones you choose for your print designs. We’ve selected several that are designed to work with most imprint methods.


Pricedown font


Blackout font


Furore font


Homestead font


Franchise font

If you’re struggling to get your printed typography to look as good as it does on the web, don’t be afraid to seek out tips for printing fonts. Got any particular questions, concerns, or favorite fonts you’d like to share? Please leave them in the comments below!

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