Showcase of Creative Smartphone Chargers You Might Not Have Seen Before

This is the twenty first century and everyday so many new, stylish and advanced technologies are introducing which surprise us. In this assortment, we are going to showcase some wonderful smartphone chargers that you have not seen before.

All these smartphone chargers are stylish and eco-friendly and they keep your smartphones battery alive. So you do not have to keep your charger along with you all the time because now you can easily charge your smartphone anywhere with these superb chargers. Come and check out these awesome and cute smartphones chargers and get to pick one.

We hope this list would be of great assistance for the all of you. Grab this amazing chance and start browsing through this cool collection. Do let us know what you feel about this collection. You can also share this post with your social networking friends. Full list after jump. Enjoy and have fun everyone.

Smartphone Chargers You Might Not Have Seen Before

1. Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow

Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow

This is specifically designed for Nokia Lumia and it is a perfect wireless charging pillow.

2. Window Solar Charger

Window Solar Charger

Window solar charger for your smartphone. This is the sleekest smartphone charger we have ever seen so far.

3. USB Flash Charger

USB Flash Charger for Smartphones & Tablets - Assorted Colors

Another beautifully designed USB flash charger for your smartphones as well as for the tablets. Moreover, it comes in different colors to choose what you like the most.

4. BrightBox


BrightBox is an interesting idea and a perfect solution for restaurant and pub owners. It allows them to charge their customers’ mobile phones and since the users need to use a card to open the chamber, it is completely secure.

5. Emergency Dynamo Solar Self Powered Radio Charger

HY-88 Emergency Dynamo Solar Self Powered AM/FM Radio Charger

This one is a lightweight and compact charger with a hand crank in order to generate power.

6. Epiphany onE Puck

Epiphany onE Puck

This is a sleek portable gadget that lets you enjoy your hold or cold drink while charging your smartphone. You can visit its kick starter page here.

7. Electree


This is a cute bonsai that you can use for charging your smartphone as well as for decorating your house.

8. Energizer Dual Inductive Charger

Energizer Dual Inductive Charger

Enjoy the ease of wireless charging with this charger for all Qi-enabled devices. It also comes with a charging case for smartphones with large charging zones.

9. PowerKiss


This is another wireless charger for those who are tired of using wired chargers.

10. POP


If you have multiple devices that you need to charge at the same time, you can use this smart portable energy charger.

11. TYLT VU Wireless Charger

TYLT VU Wireless Charger

This is another Qi compatible charger for those who are looking for a wireless samrtphone charger. It comes with a 45-degree angle platform so you can read your screen easily while charging.

12. Solar Sunflower

Solar Sunflower

This is a solar energy charger that you can use to charge your smartphone. Simply out it near your window and enjoy free energy courtesy of the Sun

13. Orange Power Wellies

Orange Power Wellies

This is something very interesting. This smartphone charger converts heat that generates from your feet while walking into an electrical current that can be used to charge your mobile phone.

14. Cube Magic

Cube Magic

This is a conceptual charger by Zheng Weixi hat converts the movement into energy juice while you are playing with the cube.

15. Hand Turbine Smartphone Charger

Hand Turbine Smartphone Charger

This one is perfect for outdoor use as it comes with a AM/FM weather alert radio. You can charge you smartphone with this cool hand tribune.

16. Mini Kin Wind Powered Charger

Mini Kin Wind Powered Charger

This smartphone charger is really amazing as it allows wind to do its part. Have a look!

17. Everpurse


Everpurse is a smartphone charger that is ideal for the ladies who keep their phones in their purse.

18. Phorce


Use this smart bag to simultaneously charge up to 3 USB devices.

19. PowerTrekk


This is a 2 in 1 solution as it is a portable battery pack for charging your mobile and also a fuel cell. This makes it an ideal choice for travelling and also in emergency situations. It only requires water to work.

20. Ray Solar Charger

Ray Solar Charger

Here is another solar energy charger that you can keep while travelling. It works by capturing the maximum amount of sunlight while kept on a window to charge up your smartphone.

21. CampStove


CampStove is a thermoelectric device that is suitable for camping purpose when you are away from the electricity grid. It converts heat into electricity.

22. PowerPot


Here is another great concept to generate energy. Simply fill the PowerPot up and start a fire. As the water begins to boil, it converts heat into electric that you can use to charge your phone.

23. Solarmonkey Adventurer

Solarmonkey Adventurer

Another solar energy charger but this one is an award winning solar charger that is suitable for adventurers.

24. WakaWaka Power

WakaWaka Power

This pocket sized solar energy charger is meant for the smartphones. It comes with 40 hours of reading light.

25. Soccket


This smartphone charger works by storing the energy during the soccer play so that you can use it to charge your USD devices.

26. Energi+ Backpack

Energi+ Backpack

This sleekest backpack comes with an amazing charging system that is enough for all your device charging needs.

27. InStep NanoPower

InStep NanoPower

Now you can use the energy of your workout for charging your mobile phone. Simply walk or run to produce energy source for your smartphone.

28. Orange Power Pump

Orange Power Pump

This is a green energy generator that is powered by foot air pumps.

29. Gotwind Dance Charger

Gotwind Dance Charger

Use your muscle power during dancing and exercising for charging your mobile phones.

30. The Universal Battery Line

The universal battery line

Here comes a versatile universal battery line that is designed to be used on the go and to provide enough power that you make through the busiest day.

31. Battery Power USB Charger

Battery Power USB Charger

With this Battery Power USB charger, you will be provided with everything you need to keep your phones alive.

32. Solar Phone Chargers Free in New York

Solar phone chargers free in New York

Here is another solar phone charger for your smartphone. New York City parks are filled with such newly installed solar charging stations.

33. USB Flash Charger For Smartphones & Tablets

USB Flash Charger For Smartphones & Tablets

Though smartphone case chargers are now become a trend but this one is unique and different from others.

34. How to Keep Your Smartphone Charged During a Power Outage

How to Keep Your Smartphone Charged During a Power Outage

Keep your phones charged with this smartphone charger. Although these days, solar-powered chargers are quite common but they won’t be of much help if you are in a rainy area or in low light area.

35. Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System for iPhone

GIVEAWAY- Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System for iPhone 4/4s @Duracell

Duracell PowerMat has launched a new line of on-the-go smartphone chargers in collaboration with McDonald’s Tri-State area restaurants. New Yorkers can take benefit from this collaboration.

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