Things to Keep in Mind for Small Business Owners: Web Designing To Conversion Optimization

Just like the constantly changing fashion trends, the trends of website designing are also changing. Gone are the days when building a website was just an optional thing for an entrepreneur.

Today, creating an online presence is as essential as breathing itself. I know how difficult it is to build a great website. But, there is something more challenging to it and that is making the website usable. Websites fail drastically because the designers fail to understand that the website was build to solve a user’s query, not for his personal likes and dislikes. However, I am going to cover 13 major issues that entrepreneurs need to overcome.

1. Unattractive Web Design

To win against your competitors, it is necessary to have an attractive website, which not just looks professional, but offers a great user experience. There are enormous web designing and publishing platforms, where you can get your website designed. With such professional options available to you, there is no excuse you can ever give for building an absolutely unattractive website. If you are new to this, you can hire a professional web design and development company for your requirements.

2. Poorly Readable & Illegible Text

There are many things which are considered crucial to web designing. One of those is having a properly readable and legible text. No doubt a it is important to have a goof interface, but it is also equally important to have text which is readable. Therefore, you must carefully choose the font type, font size as well as the color scheme to improve your website’s text readability.

3. Over Use of Flash

Flash is good, but over use of flash is definitely worse. It is important that you use animations and flash to its limit. There is no doubt that flash enhances your website’s liveliness. However, over using it can act as an about turn. It may irritate the visitors and be a major turn-off for your website. Therefore it is necessary that use animation and flash appropriately and try using alternatives if the limit exceeds.

4. Poor Navigation

Navigation is also one of the most important things that determine whether the visitor will stay on your website or leave. Navigation should be as smooth as possible. It should aid the visitor to the landing page smoothly and effortlessly without having him struggle through the path. It is always better to use text to describe all the links. If you have images on your website, it is good to provide alternative text for those. Keep the navigation as simple and clear as possible.

5. Vague Call To Action

Considering that you have taken utmost care in designing your website, it is necessary that you determine the next move. Ask yours whether you want your visitors to any action when they land up on your website. If yes, then it is important that you have a website which has a strong call to action for the visitors to act accordingly.

6. Color & Contrast

Many entrepreneurs get carried away with the vibrant color combinations that make your website look cool. Using flashy colors is not a sin. But the challenge is to use flashy colors effectively, so that they do not make your website look cheap. Moreover, you also need to use colors in a way that brings the text and images to focus. If you are not sure which colors to use, try different combinations and contrasts, till you have effectively arrived at the one that perfectly fits your website.

7. Clutter

Determine the purpose of your website so that you know what content to include in the website. Keeping your website as simple as possible will help in maintaining sophistication as well as elegance. Do not clutter your web page with unwanted things. Keep it clean and organize. This will motivate the customers to stay on your website and look things in detail.

8. Unfriendly Screen Resolution

Gone are the days when websites were designed just for the sake of it. Today, web design has to be strategically planned, before you actually start designing one. Keep a vertical scrolling screen instead of horizontal scrolling one. Also make sure that the design of your website fits the screen size. Using a responsive web design definitely helps.

9. Inconsistent Interface Design

We understand that designers need to be creative while designing. However, creativity needs to be used in a limit when it comes to website designing. Many designers like experimenting on web pages and give different designs to different web pages. Entrepreneurs must understand that although it looks visually appealing, it breaks the consistency that a website needs to maintain throughout. Use consistent design throughout the website for the visitors to feel connected with every page turned. Also avoid using complicated designs.

10. Good Content Missing

Many websites score high on designing but fail on the content aspect. It is necessary that your website content is well written to attract visitors on your website. After the content is written, get the content proofread by some experts in the field. Make sure your content is informative and answers the common questions of visitors. If you are not a writer yourself, do not try to write the content yourself. There are many professionals who specialize in the same and can offer exceptional services.

11. Poor Programming

There are times when people can make use of the simple websites that are free with domain name. While other times, the business needs are such that there needs to be a properly designed and well-programmed website. Well programmed means an effectively customized website that is fit for impressing a client.

12. No search option

We know that there is a heap of information on the web and every netizen has the right to search for any information he likes. Therefore, your website must essentially have a search box, to aid visitors in searching for the archives on your website. You also want to add a search engine search box that can help the visitor search for a particular thing on the entire web and not just on your website.

13. Neglecting SEO

Many entrepreneurs try to cope up with the website designing and ensure good programming. However, what they usually tend to ignore is the optimization part of it.
Including SEO strategies along with the designing elements will ensure your website gets the maximum traffic deserved as well as will rank high on priority on top search engines.

Running Successful SEO Campaigns

Mentioned above are the errors made by entrepreneurs and lessons to learn from them. Well, this is about the designing and visual aspect of a website. However, there is more to the strategic process – from designing to optimization and further leading to conversion.

What we just read was entrepreneurs ignoring SEO. Now, let me first take you through a few tips on run successful SEO campaigns that enhance the entrepreneur’s online presence.

  1. Identifying the niche is probably the first step in starting a successful marketing campaign. The same rule applies with SEO.
  2. Every web page must be appropriately connected to each other. This ensures a better domain authority.
  3. Keep a keen focus on the keywords of your project.
  4. Run social media campaigns and actively participate in social media efforts. It helps spread your website’s popularity.
  5. Formulate your keywords on the basis of the search trends. It always succeeds in bringing maximum traffic on your website.
  6. Don’t try to target the keywords that have high competition. Rather choose those that can help you reach the goal faster.
  7. Update your website with fresh and unique content regularly.
  8. Use PPC campaigns to attract traffic on your website.

Enhancing the Immediate Outcome of Visitors – Conversion Optimization

There are a lot of tools that help in innovating the entire process of optimization. These are the digital tools enhance the process from the beginning till the end. One of the most essential tools has been conversion optimization which can help the entrepreneurs calculate the number of visitors who closed the deal with them. To define conversion optimization in simple terms, it is a factor that determines whether or not the visitor took an appropriate action after having landed on the desired page. Well, there are three major things that play an important role in letting you achieve great conversion optimization.

1. Value of Analytics in conversion optimization

Analytics help you keep a track of the user’s actions on your website. With the help of analytics, you can find the loopholes in your website design as well as the content. In short, you get a clear idea of what the visitors like in your website and what not. By tracking the visitors viewing pattern, you can modify your website to attract highest traffic.

2. Value of professional design in conversion optimization

An analytic system is obviously essential, however, the thing that is even more challenging is the website design. If your designer does not know who you are targeting, he will never be able to customize the design as per the user’s requirement. This involves designing proper landing pages, ensure great UX, UI, call to action and more.

3. Value of social business development in conversion optimization

It is essential for every entrepreneur to develop his business keeping in mind the social and innovative aspects. This helps in publicizing the business through different types of marketing strategies. In fact, you can also rely on testimonial from your loyal customers. Social media gives you the opportunity to update your content regularly and reach to millions without putting much effort.


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