10 Worst Web Design Ideas to Apply to Your About Us Page

There are so many guides and quick tips on how to create an About Us page for your website that it’s hard to find something new. But if you consider yourself a progressive business person/designer you should pay attention to this subject.

So we decided to have some fun and to create a list of 10 bad web design ideas to people who are planning to create an About Us page of a website.

Bad Idea #1: Disregard Fresh Trends of Web Design

Forget about web design trends – they are just bugging you and distracting your mind from a masterpiece creation. You have a strong vision of how your About Us page and the entire website should look and nothing can change this vision you.

Your target audience’s needs and preferences also don’t matter all that much. They must follow you, but not make you adapt for them. Remember that it’s you who rules the market supply, so you know better how and what to do.

Bad Idea #2: Write Big Chunks of Boastful Texts

It’s a fact that people only care about you, they don’t care about themselves. So follow this rule and talk about your company as much as possible. People should know why your mom doesn’t like a guy from your sales department. Your history from the first step till today’s morning meeting should also be displayed on the About Us page of your corporate website. The more information you give the more trust you get.

Bad Idea #3: Color the Truth

Use general phrases to describe your goods/services without saying anything clearly. Emotional speaking with a lot of adjectives in the superlative will also work well. Act like a politician – people like promises about better living and the highest quality.

Don’t say things your audience wouldn’t appreciate. Some facts are better to be kept secret – perhaps nobody will catch you.

Bad Idea #4: Tell People How Much You Need Them

When your business goes down don’t feel shy to ask for help. Your About Us page is a perfect place for it. People like sad stories about loser companies just like soap operas, so let them know how much you need their attention! Perhaps some visitors will feel sorry for you and will buy something or at least give you a ‘Like’ as a sign of sympathy and compassion.

Bad Idea #5: Don’t Show Your Contact Details at All

If you want to talk with someone you will contact them yourself. Don’t let accidental site visitors interrupt you with silly emails and phone calls. Who the hell do they think they are to annoy you?

And don’t bother answering people’s questions and queries. Their feedback is unnecessary because it’s always full of negative thoughts and complaints. People are not inclined to say compliments on the web. So live a positive life without all that mess.

Bad Idea #6: Use As Many Site Wide Links as Possible

Google likes site wide links, so if you want to make your site easily visible on the web try to fill your About Us page with them. You should also use a lot of keywords in each sentence to let search engines understand what the page is about. Never mind the keywords density, exact match keywords, etc. Leave it for those dummy site owners who don’t know how to run their business on the web.

Be sure that after these manipulations you’ll be safe from a Google penalty.

Bad Idea #7: Use Rich Colors Palette

When you create an About Us Page (or any other site element) don’t be afraid to use a variety of colors. 8 or 10 tones will probably be enough, maybe more if you’re a big corporation – you can try to overcome all the expectations and to use even more colors on one design.

And one more thing: use gradient effects and textures (even on texts). It’s trendy!

Bad Idea #8: Use Pictures from Google Images

Is it illegal to use pictures from Google Images? Everybody steals pics from the web, so don’t worry. In case of any claims from the picture owner you can always say that you found it on other site and know nothing about it.

Moreover your business is more important than some copyright claims from people you don’t know. As long as nobody’s suing you – you have nothing to worry about.

Bad Idea #9: Create Lots of Testimonials by Yourself

Testimonials are something that people are looking for every time when deciding to make a purchase. They work like personal recommendations of good friends, so people are inclined to believe them.

If there is nobody around to say something good about your business – just go ahead and do it yourself. Don’t be shy to lie and write like a professional journalist. Use hyperbolas and write in superlative degree. You’ll get the most creative and natural testimonials ever. Site visitors will line up for a chance to read your testimonials. So let’s play big! Create even more testimonials to prove that you are oh so cool. Thus potential clients will trust you more.

Bad Idea #10: Add Advertising Flash Banners to the About Us Page

Don’t be afraid to confuse site visitors with excessive animations. Make your About Us page colorful and informative. Thus people will see who your partners are and will click the banners to know more about them. And don’t believe those weird people who say that banner blindness is real! The more obtrusive your banners are the more people will appreciate them.

So don’t think for too long when somebody wants to place a banner ad on your About Us page – it will increase the page’s bounce rate. Moreover people will see that you’re worth working with.


Now that’s all! We hope you enjoyed the list of bad web design ideas. Of course the only reason we put so much emphasis on them is to make sure you never follow these ideas. Also, we just wanted to entertain you and give you some info to make a good use of. Let us know if it was interesting for you.

What Next?

While creating this post we couldn’t decide what kind of About Us Pages to showcase here. The worst pages seem to be a suitable variant. But it’s not good to say that some sites or pages are really bad just because we think so. We don’t want to offend site owners, so we’d like to show you some impressive and memorable About Us pages, the good examples to follow. Authors of these pages took into account all good wishes of experienced web designers, other site owners, current and potential clients and created these amazing designs. Learn from them and design good and useful pages. Good luck!

1. Tumblr

Good About Us Page

Let’s start with Tumblr. As you probably know this site allows us to share all types of content (photos, texts, links, icons, fonts, quotes, music, videos, etc.) – so it’s a social network in a way. The upper part of its About Us page clearly explains what the site is all about. Below there are also additional interesting facts that will draw visitors’ attention.

2. Pulp Fingers

Good About Us Page

This orange single page website has a small About Us section that is yet quite effective. It is well highlighted with contrasting colors. There is a minimum of text, so it can be read in a few moments.

3. Pursuit Yourself

Good About Us Page

Here is an About Us page of the online store that sells business, wedding and casual suits and accessories. A good combination of creative images, texts and texture backgrounds make the whole thing look rather impressive, it’s definitely worth viewing.

4. Eight Hour Day

Good About Us Page

This About Us page will bring a romantic feeling into your working life. This page simply describes people (husband and wife) who you’ll be working with if you choose their ‘design boutique’. That’s a great example of a storytelling type of page.

5. Less Films

Good About Us Page

You will hardly forget this About Us page once you see it. The photo of a huge wrestler with a tattooed body and a painted mask decorates website pages and it will impress you greatly. Vivid impression is a good start for the further cooperation.

6. I Shot Him

Good About Us Page

Original hand-drawn images of this page will please you a lot. Information about this design studio is split between About Us page and the home page where you can find a ‘Who We Are’ section.

7. Andrew Reifman

Good About Us Page

Here is a graphic designer’s About Us page created in gray tones. Short and laconic texts can be read (even scanned) in no time. Several animated elements (social media icons, CV) make the design look just lovely. Moreover, this freelancer made a good use of his own photo, so that his online business look more personalized.

8. Get Me Fast

Good About Us Page

A bright background with a drawn header illustration brings an adorable user experience. It is divided into sections like “who we are”, “what we do”, “our values”, etc. This surely helps to scan information quickly and easily – which is exactly the goal of any About Us page.

9. Pro Security

Good About Us Page

Here is another design with a large background photo. The black color is very prominent for this kind of business and it even helps to tell more about the company.

10. Gummisig

Good About Us Page

This About Us page combines several interesting elements to engage visitors and make sure they read the info to the very end. Here you’ll find nice textured background, designer’s photo, creatively written text and testimonials from satisfied clients.

11. MotoCMS

Good About Us Page

At first glance this About Us page surprises with a lot of text and a couple of similar images. However a creatively written copy makes it quite complete. Visually structured text paragraphs favor you to scroll down.

12. Joe Payton

Good About Us Page

This web and graphic designer demonstrates his skills on every page of his portfolio website. Perfectly drawn design elements and the guy’s own portrait look incredibly great and help build initial connection – and that’s not an overstatement. A user-friendly copy completes a good design.

13. Toby Powell

Good About Us Page

Toby Powell uses a delicate palette to design the About Us section of his single page portfolio. The great thing about this page is that all you need to know about the freelancer is written in several short paragraphs. Thus you can see that a proper info presentation does matter.

14. Ghost Horses

Good About Us Page

“Less is more” – this phrase perfectly matches this About Us page. Light and dark gray tones are mixed in this design so there is nothing distracting site visitors from actually reading the content. Small paragraphs, bulleted lists and different type faces increase texts readability.

15. H-ART

Good About Us Page

A full-screen background photo gallery decorates this About Us page. While scrolling down you’ll find a lot of interesting facts about the company and their work.

16. Mostly Serious

Good About Us Page

This About Us page is probably one of the most remarkable ones. It showcases a team of professionals in a quite creative way: cartoonized portraits of employees turn into real photos with descriptions when you click every single picture.

17. Fifty Three

Good About Us Page

Large typography of different formatting pleases the eye. Scroll down further and you’ll see website designers. It’s a good way to show people who stands behind the project.

18. Oliver Russell

Good About Us Page

Beautiful typography and warm colors make all of the on-page information neatly categorized. Moreover, the pastel tones please the eye and favor cooperation.

19. Trailer Park Truck

Good About Us Page

Here you’ll find a retro look of the About Us page. Recently it was quite popular to place texts on a photography background without any bottom layers. Here is an example of this kind of design. What’s also interesting is that this page looks differently from the entire website look.

20. Blind Pig Design

Good About Us Page

A well done photo of this site founder leaves a lasting impression in visitor’s minds. The ordinary picture brings personalization into the design. There is also a nice right side bar menu with a cute mascot.

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  1. “Bad Idea #1: Disregard Fresh Trends of Web Design”
    Are you actually serious with this one? So you think that being trendy is the key to having a good about us page?

    And then, under Use Rich Color Palette you say, “And one more thing: use gradient effects and textures (even on texts). It’s trendy!” If it’s trendy then you should use it because that’s what you say to do in #1, right? Not to be fecicious, but you’ve got quite a few colors and gradients going on here: http://www.motocms.com/about/

    Your about us page should follow the rest of your site design. If you do something different just to follow the latest trends, it’s going to look completely out of place. Most of the examples you give are great, but it’s not because they are following trends.

    • I think you have a misunderstanding of what is presented here as he suggests to stop following the web design trends that are on rise today. He says that you have control over your own design and that only you knows what you will place in your web design layout content.

  2. @Tim thanks for your attention to my post. Frankly speaking, I don’t think that some will become popular in no time just by following trends. What I was saying is that web design trends are good guides on what to do and what to ignore. There were times when GIF-animated site backgrounds were very popular. But today it’s considered to be tasteless.:-)

    • That’s fine, but you still shouldn’t contradict yourself within your own article, which you’ve done between #1 and 7.

      • @Tim I’m really sorry, but you got it all wrong. It’s really not what was meant. I didn’t mean to contradict between statements. Ultimately, I just want people to pay more attention to their About pages. That’s all.

  3. These are really awesome ideas. i will consider when i will be having my own website or own business.

  4. These are some great tips, I definitely need to revise my about us page. Will for sure keep your tips in mind, Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for posting, those are very useful for me! :)

  6. Wonderful advice on about us pages, Thanks for sharing!

  7. Friends thanks a lot for all the kind words. I’m glad that there are a lot of you who like the post :)

  8. I definitely need to revise my about us page. Will for sure keep your tips in mind, Thanks for sharing!

  9. Now a day, there are too many techniques being used for about us page where company or people provides HD video of their working environment, job roles and responsibilities of each and every member of company with visual identity etc. You should always bring transparency about your company and team in your about us page so that users or visitors can easily understand what your company is doing and what’s the strength of your company.

  10. This post really made me laugh. I always read articles with a serious tone but it’s hard not to laugh at some of these things.

    • @Margate what made you laugh in the post?

  11. I think you have a misunderstanding of what is presented here as he suggests to stop following the web design trends that are on rise today. He says that you have control over your own design and that only you knows what you will place in your web design layout content.

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