Top 30 Fabulous jQuery Sliders for Free

If you are looking for ways to spice up your website design, then jQuery objects are definitely a must to include. These simple scripts not only improve the design of your site’s pages, but they also offer a more unique functionality.

Sliders are some of the most versatile of these jQuery objects and here are some of them that will surely look great on your web site.

Free jQuery Slider

Let’s have a look at top 30 jQuery sliders which are fairly easy to use and quite flexible to handle.

1. Basic jQuery Slider

jQuery Slider - Basic jQuery Slider

This is surely the most common slider you will see in many sites. It is also one of the simplest in design, with just numbered tabs and simple backwards and forwards buttons. However, the simple look of the slider actually lends it easily to a variety of site designs. Also, because of the simple design the slider can be easily customized to suit any specific site style users have in mind.


2. Royal Slider

jQuery Slider - Royal Slider

One of the best things about the Royal Slider is that it is able to display a variety of content. Whether it is text, images, and even videos, the slider will be able to display it. Bonus points go to the fact that you can display several different types of content simultaneously in one slide. And if you want to come up with a unique slide to fit your site’s layout, the Royal Slider package comes with over 50 different options, including 4 skins and 9 prebuilt templates.


3. jQuery Slider Shock

jQuery Slider - jQuery Slider Shock

jQuery Slider Shock is one of the most features-packed sliders available for users. Aside from being able to host a variety of different contents like images and videos (which can be brought in either internally or from external sources), the slider comes with over 30 different transition effects which will definitely jazz up the presentation. These can be further customized to suit your taste. jQuery Shock also comes with a WordPress support which is ideal for bloggers.


4. Responsive Slides

jQuery Slider - Responsive Slides

This jQuery slider uses a plugin that provides for a responsive slider that comes with an element that is within a container. The slider is highly compatible with multiple browsers like the Internet Explorer 6 and higher. If you are using a native browser that does not support the slider, the plugin comes with a CSS max-width support to optimize the browser’s ability to display the sliders. The slides are displayed either in automatic fading of images or shows the images in pagination and navigates to fade between the slides manually. You can also wrap the images on links, write captions, show multiple slides and set up the transition and the timeout duration for each slide show.


5. iView Slider

jQuery Slider - iView Slider

iView Slider is a good pick if your site is focused more on delivering content for mobile users. The slider is in fact designed more for mobile devices, particularly those with touch screens. It is also compatible with responsive layouts and comes packed with 35 different transition effects you can use.


6. Adaptor

jQuery Slider - Adaptor

Adaptor is great if you want to add a nice 3D effect to your site’s design. The 3D effects feature set can be easily customized to suit your intended look, such as increasing or decreasing the speed of the transition. For what seems to be an intricate effect, the slider is actually lightweight and easy to adapt. Note though that the 3D effect is currently supported only by Mozilla browsers, which the plugin reverts back to the standard transitions for others.


7. Refineslide

jQuery Slider - Refineslide

Refineslide is great for web designers looking for a quick way to integrate an image based slider to their site layouts. The package is quite lightweight at just 4 kilobytes, though it is by no means bland. The slider uses CSS3 transitions and 3D transforms to create the effect.


8. Unoslider

jQuery Slider - Unoslider

Unoslider is all about simplicity, using a basic sliding effect. But this is actually why the slider is particularly great for mobile devices. The slider is very responsive and is easy to tweak and is optimized for mobile devices. It also supports limitless transition, which is great news if you want to create multiple layouts.


9. Likno Web Scroller Builder

jQuery Slider - Likno Web Scroller Builder

One of the best things about Likno Web Scroller Builder is that you are able to create any slider that you want without having to go through a lot of code. The application has an easy to use interface for creating any slider you like. This is great if you want to quickly churn out different slider designs for different sites.


10. Nivo Slider

jQuery Slider - Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider is a great alternative if you want a good WordPress slider but don’t like all the paid plugins available for WP. The slider is quite easy to implement in your site and is very responsive. It also has a nice, clean look to it. On the downside, this doesn’t have as much transition in its library compared to others, only having 16 effects though they are more than enough for most parts.


11. Rhinoslider

jQuery Slider - Rhinoslider

The biggest draw to Rhinoslider is its flexibility. Aside from being able to present a variety of different HTML content like images and videos, it has a large library of transition effects that you can choose from for your specific needs. Another great thing is that your effects library can be easily expanded by adding new effects right off the net. All of these can be further customized to come up with every possible slider variety.


12. Camera: jQuery Slider with Touch Support

jQuery Slider - Camera

This is another jQuery slider option for those who are working on mobile websites. The Camera slider allows for easy integration to responsive layouts, particularly those seen in touch screen devices. The final interface also looks great with plenty of features you can customize to create the specific look.


13. Flow Slider

jQuery Slider - Flow Slider

Flow Slider is a nice throwback to older Flash-based sliders that respond to users’ mouse interactions. The plugin works by converting an unordered list into slides for displaying. All of the included transitions and effects can be easily customized for the specific website design you are gunning for.


14. Craftyslide

jQuery Slider - Craftyslide

If you want a slider that only has the standard and commonly used features, Craftyslide is perfect. As it is stripped of many unneeded features, the package is very lightweight. But that does not mean that you are limited in functions that you can use, as these can be customized for your needs. Another great thing about Craftyslide is that it supports captioning which is great for presentations.


15. RSlider

jQuery Slider - RSlider

RSlider is another great option for those looking for a simple slider. The plain look makes it great for a wide variety of designs. It also automatically fits to the width of the site you are working on. It is also able to handle a wide variety of categories.


16. JCoverflip

jQuery Slider - JCoverflip

This is a great jQuery carousel slider that you can use on your website. You can customize the number of items that you want to display on the slider, change the fonts, colors and the style of your slider using CSS. You can even run the content using a Drupal module or you can choose to keep it as a standalone module to use.


17. Slidedeck

jQuery Slider - Slidedeck

You can easily organize your website content using this slider in order to create a beautiful website presentation. If your website is designed in presenting visual and content presentation such as sharing an idea and how to do it, this jQuery slider will be best for you. You can post header on your slider and it can automatically animate your sliders for an entertaining viewing of your visitors.


18. Liquid Slider 2

jQuery Slider - Liquid Slider 2

The slider is optimized for HTML5 allowing you to create a slide that could easily adapt to the width of the screen. It is also supported with advanced CSS3 transitions. Using the slider is very easy with an API that allows you to get the codes that you only need with regards to the specific features that you want for your slider.


19. Parallax Content Slider With CSS and jQuery

jQuery Slider - Parallax Content Slider

Add animation on your content sliders with a parallax background effect. Using CSS you can add animation on the different elements of your slide as well. You will have a moving background on your slides, making your website provide a unique featured slider to display and view your contents.


20. Rotating Image Slider

jQuery Slider - Rotating Image Slider

This is a great jQuery slider for photo blogging. You can captivate your viewers by showcasing images by displaying them for a slideshow presentation. The way the images are displayed will come with a twist as each transition of the slide, the image will be slightly rotated and it will delay the sliding of each element.


21. Bxslider

jQuery Slider - Bxslider

Whether you want to view the slide vertically, horizontally or in fading mode, this slider can easily adapt through its responsive feature. It uses CSS for animated slide transition. You can easily navigate through the slide with a touch slide support. You can display any content on the slides from videos, text contents and images.


22. Fullscreen Slit Slider

jQuery Slider - Fullscreen Slit Slider

You can create a unique slide for your website with a twist. This jQuery slider allows you to create a full screen wide slideshow where the image splits as one slide transition takes place in another. The elements of your slide slice open when the content element changes.


23. Simple Multi-Item Slider

jQuery Slider - Simple Multi-Item Slider

This is a jQuery slider that creates a simplified slider based on a category. Display your images with a minimalist design using CSS animations with jQuery. It is perfect for someone who wants to display content or images according to specific categories.


24. SlidesJS

jQuery Slider - SlidesJS

This comes with a CSS3 transition where you have the control of stopping and playing the slides and to show multiple slideshows in the gallery. It is simple to manage and navigate through the menu, allowing the user to customize their slides easily.


25. Lean Slider

jQuery Slider - Lean Slider

This jQuery slider is created to remove the fancy coding that one needs in order to create a beautiful slide. It simplifies the use of the slider using a Javascript framework that optimizes the navigation control, slideshow functionality and callback options.


26. Easy Rotator

jQuery Slider - Easy Rotator

You can create rotators for your web pages easily with this jQuery slider. You can use the slider as a standalone application but it is also optimized for WordPress and Dreamweaver extension. You have a lot of applications to use for customization with access codes that you can easily integrate on your pages and 45 flexible templates to choose from.


27. Slicebox

jQuery Slider - Slicebox

Create a three dimensional slider using this jQuery slider plugin. If you want to bring a new twist on how your slideshow presentation will appear to your viewers, use this 3D image slider that uses CSS 3D transforms. Transform your website sliders with a unique effect that comes with a 3D effect that rotates and reveal another 3D object.


28. Swiper

jQuery Slider - Swiper

This is an ultra lightweight jQuery slider that is loaded with fabulous features. It provides a one-on-one touch movement but you can adjust its configuration in the setting. The slider can respond to the movement of a mouse click when the slides are viewed on a desktop. It also comes with a scroll prevention feature with a built-in pagination control. You can also configure the slides to display automatically or activate the loop mode in order to get an infinite scrolling movement on the slides. Swiper provides great touch interface features that you can enjoy of using when creating your slides.


29. Elastic Image Slideshow

jQuery Slider - Elastic Image Slideshow

The slideshow will display your featured images or content with a thumbnail preview. The slideshow has the ability to adjust easily to the automatic container as you navigate through the slides. You can easily view a thumbnail preview as well as to automatically play the slideshow. It uses a CSS and Javscript technique in order to tweak some of its features and functionality.


30. jQRange Slider

jQuery Slider - jQRange Slider

If you want a flexible slider where you can customize the value ranges for your slides, this is a jQuery slider for you. It can support numerical values, date and time ranges. You can easily create a time frame slideshow with two theme options to use without the need of using hard codes.

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