50 Corporate Landing Pages for Inspiration

Landing pages have many uses. You could use a landing page to showcase your products or services. In some instances, they could also be helpful in showcasing your personal information. As such, landing pages are quite useful.

However, the best landing pages are those that help you convert your visitors into sales easily. They are well designed and compatible with most Internet browsers. Below, I have compiled 50 landing pages to use as inspiration.

1. OkidoApp


OkidoApp is a classic style landing page for app or product landing pages.


2. Reydeo


Reydeo is a landing page for software.


3. Dilemma


Dilemma is a single responsive Landing Page HTML theme designed specifically for business purposes.


4. Premi


Premi is premium business landing page template that built with very cool responsive template with cool design, clean template, elegant color and a slew of features.


5. Wrapix


Wrapix is app showcase landing page template that built with very cool responsive template with cool design, clean template, colorful and a slew of features.


6. Eduka


Eduka is a single responsive Landing Page HTML theme designed specifically for business purposes.


7. iFive


iFive is a responsive, single page website template for Apps that allows you to quickly and easily setup a site for your next project.


8. Twone


Twone is an easily editable responsive HTML landing page made with personality.


9. SweetDate


SweetDate is a unique, clean and modern landing page mainly useful for dating sites


10. App Shopper


App Shopper is a responsive theme for apps and software products.


11. Reprise


Reprise is a clean, pixel-perfect responsive landing page which will help you turn your visitors into subscribers across any device.


12. Marketex


Marketex is a multipurpose landing page based on bootstrap framework.


13. Studio


Studio is a single responsive Landing Page html theme perfect to promote your work, your business or yourself.


14. eBookie


eBookie is book landing page. It’s great for selling your ebooks as well as your real, printed books.


15. Woody


Woody is responsive site template that could be uses as your software page, portfolio page or personnel page.


16. Socializer


Socializer is a responsive landing page based on bootstrap framework perfect showcase for your Software/App.


17. Sampler


Sampler is a creative landing page.


18. Sapphire


Sapphire features W3C valid HTML Code, a responsive layout and HTML5 & CSS3 clean coded structure.


19. Visceral


Visceral is a responsive and premium landing page.


20. Varient


Varient is multipurpose landing page template that you can use for portfolios and business.


21. Events


Events HTML5/CSS3 template is the best solution to share and promote your events whether they are sport events, techno events or music events.


22. ShowPro


ShowPro is a responsive landing page based on bootstrap framework and perfect showcase to sell your product.


23. Kubik


Kubik is landing page for app products or basic products. It is interactive, responsive and ready to convert visitors.


24. Petrichor


Petrichor is a landing page that features multiple color variations.


25. Happy Hour


Happy hour is a one page shopping landing page.


26. Attraction


Attraction is a responsive one-page/multi-page landing page, built for promoting and selling products, services or events.


27. Dragness


Dragness is business landing page template that is built with a very cool responsive template with cool design.


28. Booker


Booker is a responsive HTML5 website template built for selling eBooks.


29. Pixelmatic


Pixelmatic features flickR and twitter plugin, great menu loading image for page transition and multi change background.


30. Appt


Appt is a great looking landing page for your new mobile app.


31. Softcase


Softcase is a responsive landing page based on bootstrap framework perfect to showcase for your software/app.


32. Godo


Godo is a unique design based on Bootstrap, is sensitive and is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices.


33. Appfusion


Appfusion features multiple color variations, and testimonial rotation capabilities.


34. Cuvapag


Cuvapag is a responsive HTML5 website template built for featuring software products and applications.


35. Bonna


Bonna Responsive HTML Landing Page Template is an elegant and responsive app landing page.


36. Arrival


Arrival is a clean and responsive landing page with maximum focus on your product, it’s features and benefits.


37. Strippin


Strippin features 2 sliders as wells as a responsive layout.


38. Lister


Lister is the utlimate email list builder landing page.


39. Smartland


Smartland is a perfect start up template for companies, individuals and professionals.


40. AppLander


AppLander is a simple yet elegant responsive landing page perfect for advertising or selling your app, software, retail product, service, e-book or audio book.


41. Simplify


Simplify is a retina ready landing page based on bootstrap framework, which is simple, clean and easy to customize.


42. Scotty


Scotty is primarily intended for mobile apps, but with a little modification it can have many uses.


43. First Date


First Date features a Valid HTML5 / CSS3 structure, a responsive modern design and an animated responsive image grid.


44. MeetMe


MeetMe is a responsive social & dating landing page.


45. Eventcamp


Eventcamp is a fully responsive landing page with multiple home pages.


46. PixelPerfect


PixelPerfect is a responsive, retina-ready landing page template intended for mobile apps


47. D’lite


D’lite is a responsive html landing page template.


48. Fantastico


Fantastico Landing Page is a simple one page HTML/CSS template with beautiful and fantastic design.


49. Landconvert


Landconvert is a landing page template built with twitter bootstrap and designed for multi usage such as product promotion, general sales page, and marketing.


50. Appsolute


Appsolute is a responsive landing page especially designed for showing user the product’s video first.

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  1. Perfect landing pages. Really simple and easy to digest. Great share.

  2. Awesome themes. I like Happy Hour, Fantastico, Varient and Sapphire the most.

  3. I really like some of them, thanks for sharing.

  4. Sometimes, people don’t see that a landing page could be a huge dealbreaker in converting a prospect into a customer. And it all depends on how well you plan and design the page. It is Landing Page 101 that the landing page cannot have the exact same color/format /content as your home page and should be much more specific in its purpose.

    Each seasonal promotion, each weekly sale, or each giveaway should have its own landing page. That way, customers can distinguish what exactly is the newest product or sale that your company is having, as well as have clear directions on how to purchase or even subscribe to your email newsletter. That is the main purpose of a landing page.

    But to even further drive traffic to your site, you can combine it with email marketing to maintain a relationship with your new landing page subscribers to ensure continuous sales. You can try Unbounce-Benchmark’s plugin, you can use customized landing pages to help grow your email lists.


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